Someday We’ll Be Together Not!  Okay Diana….. Time is up!  The Supremes should have performed for their fans a long time ago,  they were working things out however, Mrs Ross The boss was getting  a lot of money while Mary and Cindy was getting bird seeds…..  I know Diana sing lead in every song and the other 2 only sing “doo d wop”  however they need a decent pay.   Maybe Mary should have not written her book don’t know,  Diana had her faults as well,  she slept with a married man Berry Gordy and had a child by him “Rhonda”  not pointing fingers at Mrs Ross but,  she cannot point a finger at Mary because, she will have  fingers coming back at her….  Berry’s biggest mistake was calling the group “Diana Ross” and The Supremes… It’s funny how the late Super Beautiful Florence Ballard was the one to name the group The Supremes and could not use the name herself because Motown took ownership of the name…  Diana went to Berry to have Florence removed from the group!  Of course he did why?  Diana was his bedmate!  Still,  Diana owe her fans a concert!   Mary and Cindy are ready!  The Boss is the hold up!  If you want a concert from the Supremes go after Diana’s behind….  Diana DOES NOT owe Mary and Cindy a darn thing it’s the ones who made her stick nose attitude behind who she is.. HER FANS…. I am a huge fan of The Late Great Beautiful Talented Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong.



De De Tillman;  Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger