SPICA {K-Pop} Returning With 4 Members

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Source:Koreaboo – Ten Asia

Media: Koreaboo – Ten Asia

Posted: Tuesday September 2, 2014 @ 6:54 p.m PST


SPICA will be returning as a four-member unit group this month sans Boa, who is preparing for a solo debut. Named SPICA.S (“S” for special), the remaining members will be collaborating with hit producer Brave Brothers for their comeback.

On September 3, SPICA.S released additional image teasers for Juhyun, Narae, Jiwon and Bohyung via their B2M Entertainment’s Twitter account. Wearing thigh-high pantyhose and beige, chic body suits, SPICA.S exudes maturity and sexiness.

It has also been revealed that SPICA.S will be working together with producer Brave Brothers for the title track “Shameful Man?”

The single’s first teaser is set to be released on September 5 with the actual release scheduled for September 12.


Kim Hyun Joong {SS501} Admits To 1 Of 4 Charges Filed

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Source:Koreaboo –  StarNews

Media: Koreaboo –  StarNews

Posted: Tuesday September 2, 2014 @ 4:41 p.m PST


Kim Hyunjoong admits to one of the four assault charges made against him by a former girlfriend.

Earlier today, Kim Hyunjoong makes a public appearance as he made his way to the police station for the official investigation of the assault case made against him.

The inquiry lasted for more than four hours and Kim Hyunjoong headed straight home to avoid the reporters. The investigation led to Kim Hyunjoong admitting to one of the four charges filed. However, it was stated that he denied allegations about such abuse being habitual and confessed that he was unaware of the rib fracture. He says that the rib fracture occurred when they were playing around and had no idea about the injury right after.

Kim Hyunjoong only admitted to be guilty of the charge where a physical fight ensued during their break-up.

Investigators plan to proceed with the cross-examination and has summoned the plaintiff for her testimony.

The plaintiff, Kim Hyunjoong’s girlfriend, filed a lawsuit against him claiming that he was habitually abusive towards her from May to July, revealing the medical proof of injuries as evidence.

Kim Hyunjoong presented himself at the Songpa Police Station today after being summoned for an inquiry.


Lee Sojung and Kwon Rise {Ladies’ Code} Critical Condition {EunB} Is Dead

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Source: Koreaboo – Star News, Asiae, FN News, JongA Ilbo

Media: Koreaboo – Star News, Asiae, FN News, JongA Ilbo

Posted: Tuesday September 2, 2014 @ 4:23 p.m PST


More details about the serious car accident involving Ladies’ Code are pouring in, just minutes after the news of EunB’s untimely death.

Around 1:20AM at the Singal Intersection of Yeondong Expressway heading towards Incheon, near the 43km point, Ladies’ Code’s van slipped down a rainy road, hitting the expressway’s wall. The van held seven passengers including the driver.

The car crash brought the devastating news of member EunB’s death at the site of the accident, while members Lee Sojung and Kwon Rise are being treated for critical injuries  at a nearby hospital.  Ashley, Zuny and their stylist are reported to have sustained minor injuries.

According to current reports, Lee Sojung and Kwon Rise are currently in surgery.

An official from Polaris Entertainment said, “Ladies’ Code were in a car accident on their way back from a schedule. We are still grasping the cause of the accident and will update on the situation as quickly as possible.”

Stay tuned for more developments in this story.


EunB {Ladies’ Code} Is Dead Age, 22

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Source:Koreaboo –  Star News, MBC News

Media: Koreaboo -


 Star News, MBC News

Posted: Tuesday September 2, 2014 @ 4:12 p.m PST


YTN News is revealing some heartbreaking news: Ladies’ Code member, EunB has passed away at the age of 22 after enduring a terrible car accident.

The team’s van slipped while driving down a rainy road, around 1:20AM in South Korea. The girls’ van ran into a wall at the Singal Intersection of Yeondong Expressway in the direction of Incheon. EunB passed away while the six other passengers were injured and rushed to hospital.

Police are currently investigating. Stay tuned for details.







BREAKING: Ladies’ Code member EunB passes away in car accident

Lee Byunghun Rumored To Be Blackmailed By Kim Mo,21 & Lee Mo,25 {Rookie Singer}

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Source: Koreaboo –  WOW Sports, and OSEN

Media: Koreaboo –  WOW Sports, and OSEN

Posted: Monday September 1, 2014 6:12 p.m PST


Korean media news portals have recently speculated on rumors of popular actor Lee Byunghun being blackmailed by a rookie female singer.

According to a news article by WOW Sports, two women in their 20s were arrested on September 1 after blackmailing Lee Byunghun for well over $100,000+ USD with a video.

The Seoul Gangnam Police revealed that Kim Mo (21) and Lee Mo (25) were arrested for suspicions of attempted blackmail and threatening the actor for a large amount of money towards the end of August.

According to reports,  Lee Byun Hun allegedly went out for a drink with the two women where he was taped dishing out obscenities. The two women used this video to blackmail the actor to pay, threatening to release it on the internet.

In particular, Kim Mo’s threat was given special attention during the investigation as she is set to make a debut as a singer.



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Lee Yoonji {Actress} To Marry Her Friend of 10 Years September 27, 2014 {In Yeouido}

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Source:Koreaboo –  OSEN , Sports world , No-Cut News

Media: Koreaboo –  OSEN , Sports world , No-Cut News

Posted: Saturday August 30, 2014 @ 3:33 a.m PST


Actress Lee Yoonji is getting married on September 27th to a man she has been friends with for more than 10 years. Her marriage will be held in Yeouido.

On the afternoon of August 29th, actress Lee Yoonji uploaded a photo on Twitter of herself with a wedding present that she had received. The wedding gift she received consisted of cosmetics for both men and women. Lee Yoonji commented on her Twitter that she was touched by the sincere gift. She also added that she will make sure to deliver the present to her future husband.

Fans have been commenting on Lee Yoonji’s wedding gift and beauty. “Congratulations on your wedding,” “You have gotten prettier,” “Your skin is flawless” and “Your wedding is coming up soon!” are some examples.

Meanwhile, many other actresses are getting married in September. For example, actress Lee Youngeun is getting married on the same day as Lee Yoonji, September 27th.



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Dee Hsu {Here Comes Kangxi} Collapsed

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Posted: Saturday August 30, 2014 @ 3:21 p.m PST


Dee Hsu, the host of Taiwanese variety show Here Comes Kangxi, collapsed suddenly on Wednesday when filming the programme due to giddiness. The 36-year-old was believed to have begun filming from noon till evening when she felt uncomfortable and fell to the ground in spasms.




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