Na Ha Eun, 6-Year Old Girl Intense Dancing Skills on SBS “K-Pop Star 4

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Six year old girl Na Ha Eun made an appearance on the premiere episode SBSK-Pop Star 4, in hopes to be chosen as the next biggest K-Pop star in Korea, where she stole the judges’ hearts with her skills and the audience with heraegyo smile.

The premiere episode of the popular audition survival show aired on November 23rd following Inkigayo, where JYP and YG Entertainment artist Baek A YeonAkdong Musician‘s Suhyun and Chanhyuk, who all hail from past K-Pop Star seasons, Wonder Girls’ Yeeun (also known as HA:TFELT), and Sunmi were present in the audience

Na Ha Eun had already tugged at the audience and judges’ hearts with her adorable appearance and smile, and completely won them over with her cute performance of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from the Disney FrozenOST album.

Just as the judges believed her performance was over, Na Ha Eun shocked them as she began dancing to a hip-hop choreography, showing off her swagger and throwing her hat offstage for the end.

Na Ha Neun on SBS K-Pop Star 4


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Aiza Seguerra, Jon Santos and Solenn Heussaff {Filipino Stars} To Perform In California

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Aiza Seguerra & Jon Santos w/ special guest Solenn Heussaff

Aiza Seguerra & Jon Santos w/ special guest Solenn Heussaff

Saturday & Sunday, December 6-7

Join us for two exciting nights with these Filipino stars!

Saturday  $65 / $75 / $89

Sunday    $55 / $65 / $79

Showtimes ~ Saturday 8 p.m. / Sunday 4 p.m.


Contact Us

14455 Highway 16 (at the corner of Wintun Road)
Brooks, California 95606

Telephone Numbers:
(530) 796-3118 – General Information
(800) 452-8181 – Toll Free California
(800) 992-8686 – Toll Free Nationwide
(530) 796-2112 – Facsimile

Park Ji Hun {Former V.O.S Member} and Seo Myung Sun Welcomes 4th Baby

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Former V.O.S member Park Ji Hun‘s first daughter and fourth child has been born today!

After marring his long time sweetheart Seo Myung Sun last April following a 22 year relationship, the couple has announced the birth of their first daughter and fourth child.

Park Ji Hun first announced his wedding, after revealing the surprising news about his wife and first child in 2010. In addition to that, Park Ji Hun he left V.O.S in 2010, but recently there have been talks of him returning to the music industry and with V.O.S.

Since then, Park Ji-Hyun’s family has grown to include two more boys, bringing his family up to six members.

Congratulations to Park Ji Hun and Seo Myung Sun on their new daughter!




Park Ji Hun's Family

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Spellbound – “Whatever Makes You Happy” {New Video}

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You May Follow Spellbound on Twitter and Purchase Their Music


Bobby Moon – 


Whatever Makes You Happy” from Spellbound’s latest CD ‘Iluminados’ (Selfish Recordings 2012) – This video was directed, filmed & edited by Scott Feingerts, sharing his particular vision of this upbeat song. Filmed in various locations all over Los Angeles between summer & fall of 2014.





Spellbound:  (Paul): The two of us have known each other since high
school. We started out way back in the 20th century, with a band called
Life After Death. After an intense year or so, Bobby convinced me that we
needed to do something more substantial musically, and polish up our
sound. We also realized that we probably would feel weird putting on black lipstick and ‘guyliner’ playing this hardcore Post-Punk style of music
when were were in our 40s! Still, it was a major decision to quit Life
After Death, as the band was trendy and gaining exposure, and there were
girls lining up at our doors practically every day!

Bobby was living his’Elvis’ fantasy at one point, with a buddy acting as doorman, ushering girls in and out of his bedroom: “One at a time , please,” – that sort of thing. Amazing as it all was, the band members had very different ideas as to our musical direction, and Bobby and I just loved Funk, R&B, Latin and World Music, and we started immersing ourselves in those scenes. The other guys got more into Hardcore and Techno. That’s how Spellbound started its long, sometimes-rewarding, often-painful Independent musical career.

We loved recording studios, so our first approach with Spellbound was to make a demo and shop for a major label – very typical. Many demos later, we had lots of songs, but no label. Eventually the decision was made to just put out our own album. It was a fairly big deal back then for an Indie band to have their own Compact Disc (oooh…aaaah..), so we generated enough heat to continue to the next album and the next, and on and on! Soon there was no turning back. Many excellent musicians and interesting characters have passed through the band over the past twenty years, but the nucleus of Spellbound has always been Bobby Moon and Paul Thomas. (Bobby): Yeah, and as far as the name Spellbound,
I remember we decided we wanted a name without any
heavy philosophical meanings…something to reflect
our change in direction.

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[Vid] 141121 Tohoshinki – ‘Chandelier’ PV (Short Ver.)

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Paul Mason, 40 {Obsessive Stalker} Promised Actress Brooke Kinsella “You will be my wife”

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Actress Brooke Kinsella was hounded by an obsessive stalker who visited the grave of her murdered teenage brother, repeatedly sent her unwanted messages – and said he had bought her a wedding dress, a court heard.

Paul Mason, 40, constantly tried to meet the star and penned numerous fantasy love letters to her during a 15-month ordeal, promising her: “You will be my wife”.

The former EastEnders’ star, 31, described his behaviour as “scary” and “odd” as he was convicted yesterday for stalking between January 1 and April 4 last year.


Shindong {Super Junior} Postpones Military Enlistment Due To a “Herniated Disc”

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On November 21st it was revealed that Super Junior‘s Shindong postponed his army enlistment due to a herniated disc.Shindong was initially supposed to enlist on November 25th and because of this he would not be able to attend Super Show 6. However in statement by SM Entertainment they revealed, “Shindong had planned to enlist in the 306th reserve this coming November 25th, but because of health reasons, particularly his herniated disc, he had to postpone his entry into military service.”

Furthermore, they added that after he recovers he will enlist and they think that he will be entering the military sometime early next year. For now, he plans to focus on his health before entering the military.

Meanwhile, Super Junior recently released a shot PV for their Japanese version of “MAMACITA-AYAYA-.”


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