Skylar Neese Murdered (Star City, W.Va.) “20/20″ July 18, 2014 at 10 p.m ET

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Source:ABC News

Posted: Thursday July 17, 2014 @1:39 a.m EST


16-year-old Skylar Neese snuck out of her Star City, W.Va., home after midnight on July 6, 2012, she never returned.

Watch the full story on ABC News’ “20/20″ on Friday, July 18 at 10 P.M. ET


Lucy Mecklenburgh {TOWIE} Posing Topless For Ellesse Campaign

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Posted: Wednesday July 16, 2014 @7:39 p.m PST


Former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh sizzles in neon prints for Ellesse’s new campaign.

The 22-year-old has modelled for the comeback brand before, but is seen posing topless – bar a yellow strobe light – in the sports brands latest campaign.



“Younha” {“Yubikiri” 2014} Japanese Comeback September 10th

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Media: Koreaboo

Posted: Wednesday July 16, 2014 @ 7:11 p.m PST


It’s been two years since Younha’s last album in Japan, and now she will be making a comeback!


Younha debuted with her Japanese debut with single “Yubikiri” in 2004, and became known as “Oricon’s Comet” for killing charts in Japan. Now, for the first time in 2 years, she will be making a comeback on September 10th.

This upcoming album will be remakes of her Korean songs. The title song will be, “People”, and the album will also include a bonus OST track from the popular drama, “You Who Came From The Stars”.

During her break from Japan, Younha has been working diligently in Korea and has advanced her work as a singer songwriter, showing her wide range of genres and skills. Especially, as this year will mark her ten year anniversary, netizens have been anticipating her future promotions.

Younha’s company, Wealive Company, stated, “We have organized and planned many promotions for Younha during the second half of the year. During the long break, this album has been prepared carefully to present this to the Japanese fans who have been waiting. Also, in the second half of the year, we ask from the fans for lots of anticipation and encouragement for Younha’s Korean album, which both Younha and all the staff have been carefully preparing this project.”



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Baekhyun {Kpop EXO} Sincere Apology To Fans

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Posted: Wednesday July 16, 2014 @ 6:50 p.m PST


Since news broke out of EXO Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s relationship, EXO has been on tour and Baekhyun had not released a message to fans.

Now, he has left a message to fans on Instagram.


Hello, this is Baekhyun. Although it’s very late.. I’m leaving these words here to tell all the fans that I’m sorry for the disappointment and pain I’ve given you. 

I’ve written and erased my words many times, but I felt as if I was just making excuses and didn’t have the courage to express my heart and resolve the misunderstandings.. I also thought that just saying this would also be meaningless.. So even now, I’m worried and my heart is uneasy that you might be hurt again because of this post and that I might regret putting this up.. But, I really wanted to express my sincere feelings so I’m writing this post. 

I’m so sorry that I caused pain to fans who have always been precious to me. And I’m sorry again that I hurt you more through the misunderstandings that came from this situation. 

I wish that.. our fans will no longer hurt.. Although I’m really undeserving, I will do my best to slowly approach you all again.. And EXO is a name that is so precious to me. I want to tell you that I’ve never thought of EXO lightly.

I will continue to strive to become EXO’s Baekhyun who does his best on and off stage. I hope that these words at least will come off sincere.



Jang Yoonjung and Do Kyunghwan & Baby To Leave KBS2’s “Superman is Back” August 20, 2014

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Source:Koreaboo -  TV Report

Media:Koreaboo -  TV Report

Posted:Wednesday July 16, 2014 @ 6:27 p.m PST


Jang Yoonjung and Do Kyunghwan will be leaving KBS2’s “Superman is Back” on the 10th of August.


According to a representative of the show, the couple have completed filming their 8 episodes for the show on the 16th, and thus their last episode will be aired on the 10th of August.

The couple’s sections during the show had shown the audience an glimpse of what it was like to be expecting a baby, in which the episode aired on the 6th of July even showed the audience how their first born child was born.

The sounds of Jang Yoonjung going through labor were all broadcast, in which her husband, Do Kyunghwan, was shown nervously waiting outside.

Upon hearing the nurse telling him to come in, Do Kyunghwan and Jang Yoonjung both cried tears of joy upon seeing their baby for the first time, thus deeply moving the audience.

With the audience having grown attached to the couple in this way, many netizens are sure to miss this couple and the moving episodes they have always aired.



“TVXQ” {Kpop} 3-Volume Photo Book Set {10 Year Anniversary} On Sale July 21, 2014

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Source:Koreaboo - SMTOWN GlobalStar News

Media: Koreaboo - SMTOWN GlobalStar News

Posted: Tuesday July 15, 2014 @ 10:15 p.m PST


In celebration of their ten year anniversary, TVXQ will release a three-volume photobook set on July 21st.


SM Entertainment revealed through their official Twitter account a preview of the three photo album covers. With a total of 430 pages as well as a DVD and poster, fans are sure to enjoy every photo of the members Yunho and Changmin.

The three photobooks are titled “La Via Della Liberta,” “La Via Del Romanzo,” and “La Storia,” meaning “The Way Of Freedom,” “The Way Of Romance,” and “The History,” respectively.

The photobooks will go on sale on July 21st online and in stores.


Kelly Lin {Taiwanese Actress} Husband Ken Zhu and Girlfriend “Jiang Xinyu” {Chinese Model}

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Posted: Tuesday July 15, 2014 @ 7:55 p.m PST @ 7:56 p.m PST


Last Saturday, the 35-year-old singer-actor finally admitted to a new relationship, since his separation from Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin in 2011.

Before dawn this morning, netizens uploaded two intimate pictures of Ken Zhu and his new girlfriend with a congratulatory message, “Congratulations Ken and Xinyu, be together and love each other courageously”.

Ken’s manager, however, refuted claims that the woman pictured was Chinese model-actress Jiang Xinyu, and clarified, “The woman in the photos is Ken’s ex-girlfriend who cannot be named since they have already gone separate ways.”




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