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By:  De De Tillman


SOAPnet is coming to an end!   Fans of Daytime drama will no longer have SOAPnet that spot will be occupied by families.   All My children has moved from New York to California which was a big mistake,  now there are talks of ” One Life To Live” moving  to California.    If this is the case,  there will be no more soaps in New York.

I am going to miss SOAPnet,  I guess for those who are unable to view their favorite show will have to find them online. Maybe I should get a head start and stop watching  Daytime Drama all together due to the fact they are ending anyway.  My favorite Daytime Drama  is “Days Of Our Lives” and  “One Life To Live”

The Actors on Daytime  Drama are FAST LEARNERS , very smart and hopefully they will find work right away.  My lifetime dream was to be a Star on one of the Soap Operas then I found out how fast they had to learn those lines. YIKES lol  No problem!  I will continue Acting and writing my films.. lol  I think I could handle the “FIVE LINES OR LESS” on Daytime Drama lol

My favorite one to be on would be ONE LIFE TO LIVE…. Wow, that would be a wonderful dream…  Okay!  I have to wake up now and stop dreaming.  Why?  because,  Daytime Dramas Are Ending.


Actress Betty White Not Happy With Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen Behavior

Actress Betty White is so disgusted with the behavior of Actress Lindsay Lohan and Actor Charlie Sheen,  White said that Lohan and Sheen should be grateful to have such a successful career and they should get their act together.   White went on to say that back in the days,  they were all too happy to go on auditions and work.  Lohan is sad that White has spoken out.  Maybe and just maybe this is what Lohan and Sheen need to hear. 

 Betty White is a legend and it would be very disrespectful for Lohan and Sheen to speak out anything nasty to Mrs. White.   Sheen has been known to lash out at his father Actor Martin Sheen however,  I just can’t see him doing that to Betty White,  that would not be a nice thing to do.  Hopefully someone can reach Lohan and Sheen before they are another Hollywood statistic.


De De Tillman.

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Ex- Idol Pia Toscano Lands A Record Deal

After American Idol eliminated Pia Toscano,  Randy Jackson,  Jennifer and Steven Tyler were extremely upset when Toscano was eliminated.  After Lambert it was not Idol for me.  If she was a great singer,  It had to be something else.   Does Pia have the wrong last name?   Did she say something wrong?  Was she hanging with another favorite Idol Contestant,  for example  in season 8  the fans got upset with Alison when she was too close to Adam…

Lil Round was not a threat to the fans because, she was married with children,  on the other hand,  Alison was young and wild,   the chat room and message board told their reasons why they did not like Alison, as a matter of fact the fans are still upset because,  they were waiting to see what kind of CAKE Adam was going to bake.  Alison was having a play flour fight so,  Adam left! 

Pia Toscano has been approached with a record deal however,  she has to wait until her contract with Idol ends.

Please leave a comment on why do you think Pia was eliminated and Thanks

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BY: De De Tillman

Photo Assistant By: La Tray



It’s a pleasure to be able to interview the band “Spellbound” I’ve been in contact with the band for a long time and thanks to Musician Robert Watson who gave me a chance and granted me my first interview,  I got the courage to ask “Spellbound” If I could interview them and they said “YES”


De De:  Where did you get the name Spellbound?

Spellbound:  Well we were originally called “The Spellbinding Sounds And Enchanted Rhythms Of Bobby Moon, Paul Thomas, And Assorted Guest Artists.’ Someone wisely suggested that we shorten it to just ‘Spellbound.’

De De:  How many members are in the band? What are the names of the members?

Spellbound:  Spellbound is based on the songs by Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas and Bobby Moon. Throughout the history of Spellbound, we’ve performed anywhere from a duo all the way to a 10-piece band. Recently, we’ve been performing live as a quartet (4-piece). Also, in addition to Bobby and Pablo Spellbound has a revolving group of  musicians and guests which include:

Mike Daigeau (trombone); Candi Sosa (vocals and percussion); Johnny Polance (tres guitar); Art Webb (flute); Plas Johnson (sax); Mike Turre (sax); Asdru Sierra (trumpet); Roger Joseph Manning (keyboards); Mark Adams (vocal); Sonora (vocal); David LaFlamme (violins); Linda LaFlamme (vocal); Question Mark (vocal); Papo Rodriguez (percussion); Rudy Mangual (percussion); Manny Silvera (bass); Jack Gold (congas); Bartel Diks (percussion); Charo Salinas (vocal); Anthony Gil, Jr. (sax) and others..

De De:  Who plays instruments if any?

Spellbound:  In addition to those mentioned, Bobby Moon on vocals, percussion and some keyboards with Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas on guitars and keyboards.

De De: Where is your hometown?

Spellbound: Los Angeles, California.

De De:  What material do you have out or currently working on?

Spellbound:  Our current album is ‘United Front’ (2010) and Funqueros (1999); Respete El Pasado/Respect The Past (2001); Tropicalifornia (2002); Spellbound Sampler: Assorted Spanglish Favorites (2003); Encantos (2005); Poolside Fiesta (2007); Brighter Days Ahead (2008).

6. Where can your fans find your music? What genre is your music?

Spellbound: The CDs mentioned above are all available on CD Baby (see:

Also, all the titles mentioned above can be downloaded on iTunes. Our music’s genre is Funk with Latin influences.

De De: Are you performing anywhere?

Spellbound:  Our next scheduled show is on Sat., July 2nd, 2011 at Buffalo Fire Dept. in Torrance, Ca. From 6-9pm. Check our website as the performance date approaches for more info!

Thank you so much guys, It’s been a lot of fun interviewing you, good luck with the show,  your tours, most of all I wish a successful music career.

Spellbound: We thank you for the interest and the support.

De De: You are most welcome and thank you for this interview.

Spellbound: Keep in touch!

De De: I certainly shall.

The End:

Photo Credit/Courtesy By: SPELLBOUND

Who Should Win American Idol Season 10?

Season 8 was my last time watching Idol  When ADAM LAMBERT lost to kris allen,  I made myself a promise that I would NEVER EVER watch Idol again and I have made good on that promise. I put  allen’s name in same text because that’s the way I feel about what happened in season 8.  For those of you watching Idol,  It is going your way so far?  Who do you want to win?


De De Tillman

Actress/ Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger

Britney Spears New Husband

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

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Updated: Monday August 30, 2011 @ 11:40 pm PST

Singer Britney Spears is heading down the aisle for the 3rd time very soon,  It’s just a matter of time until Spears and former agent Jason Trawick say “I Do”  For Britney it will be “I do, I do, I do”.   Let’s hope this time around she will have a prenup and,  if more children is on the way hopefully Trawick will be able to take care of them… Spears 2nd ex-husband Kevin Federline is making a fortune  off her for child support of their 2 children.  I wish her all the best,  I just hope she this time she will not be stupid.  Some may say that marriage number 3 is a stupid move on her part.



Robert Watson Music Climbing The Charts (Interview & Links)

Blogged By: Celebrity Blogger – De De Tillman

Blog Source: Robert Watson – De De Tillman – Reverbnation

Photo Credit: Robert Watson

Posted: Wedsnesday April 6, 2011 @ 5:55 pm PST

Updated: Sunday November 27, 2011 @ 1:50 pm PST

Topic: Robert Watson

Robert Watson

OMG!  I am so thrilled to be able to interview you again Robert!  Your fans have been asking me about you so what’s been going on since our last interview?  I see your music is climbing the charts.

De De: What is the title of your song that’s climbing the chart?

Robert: She Went To Be With The Angels In Heaven

De De: How excited are you to be on “Reverbnation” Music Chart?

Robert: I’m very excited to be on the “Reverbnation” music chart.

De De :Where can your fans purchase your music?

Robert: My fans can purchase my music on iTunes as well as the “Reverb Store” on Reverbnation.

De De: Do you have a music video? if not,  will you be working on one?

Robert: Probably one of these days.

De De: The ladies want to know if you are single?

Robert: Yes, I am single.

Robert!  Once again Thank You so much for this second interview,  I have more questions however,  I know you have a tight schedule and maybe in the future you will grant me another interview,  I would love it and I know your fans will as well..  Thank you and good luck with the music charts and the sale of your album… It’s been a pleasure…

Robert Watson Reverbnation Link:

Robert Watson iTunes Link:

Hollywood’s Most Gorgeous Eyes

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Updated: Saturday August 6, 2011 @ 6:00 pm PST

Topic: Adam Lambert – Boy George – Rob Lowe – Stacey Dash – Shannel

It was so hard to come up with the top gorgeous eyes because they are so many stars out there with drop dead / dreamy eyes,  To be fair I had to think about both the past and present stars,  so many of our stars are gone much too soon and I don’t want them to be forgotten…. So,  we came up with 5 people who have/had the most gorgeous eyes ever!

1. Rob Lowe  Is on Brothers and Sisters

2. Stacey Dash Is an Actress

3. Boy George Is a Singer, Songwriter and DJ

4. Shannel  Is a Drag Queen from Rupaul’s Drag Race

5. Adam Lambert Is Everything!  Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor and Hopefully Model some day.


Photo Credit/Courtesy :Google Images / (shanel)> /(stacydash)> (roblowe)> (adamlambert)> / (boygeorge)>

Jalen Rose Intoxicated

By: De De Tillman

Photo Search: By La Tray

Hollywood, California

Detroit, Michigan_   Former NBA Star Jalen Rose was driving while under the influence of alcohol.  Current ESPN Analyst Rose was pulled over by Police and was asked to take a breath test, Rose refused instead he submitted to a blood alcohol screening.  Rose admit what he had done was wrong,  he apologized to his employers,  friends,  family and those who look up to him as a role model,  this is why former NBA  Star Sir Charles Barkley said ” I am not a role model,  do not look up to me as a role model,  look up to your parents”  Well spoken from Charles Barkley because,  if you are a role model and someone sees you sneeze in public, it will be everywhere ” so and so sneezed in public”  he/she is a role model so now we have to make sure he/she never work again,  I know this is how the  media / Americans are so,  it’s best not to be a role model.  Hopefully, Rose and others will  take driving under the influence serious.  It is NOT COOL to drive while under the influence of anything,  too many people has been injured and killed to do someone else drinking and driving.

If you know you are going to drink, do drugs etc,  put down the d-amn keys,  don’t be stupid! Let someone who is sober and clean do the driving. Yes Rose is filthy rich, however,  all the money in the world could not bring back a life had he hit and killed someone.


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Snoop Dogg Joins Charlie Sheen In Detroit

Rapper Snoop Dogg will be joining Actor Charlie Sheen in Detroit, Michigan Saturday.  Sheen will be on a one month 20 city tour, he’s telling his side of the “Two In A Half”  story.  Let’s hope the networks and Sheen can come to an agreement and get the show back on air.  

De De Tillman Actress / Scriptwriter/ Celebrity Blogger


Apparently Adam Lambert was with Lady GaGa for her birthday bash and was having a good time,  according to US Magazine, an eyewitness claims Adam was drunk and acting like an animal.  Perez Hilton reported on Morning Dish Radio that claims  Lady GaGa threw Adam out of her party also Hilton said Adam was singing at GaGa’s party and that Lambert was so drunk he sound like he was auditioning for “American Idol” . Apparently, he was sounding d-mn good to me.   This was a radio interview and printed.  This is what “I” De De Tillman has to say I was not at the party, don’t know what happened however,  If  Hilton is supposed to be a friend,  you don’t dish the dirt. I don’t want to speculate on GaGa if she ask Adam to leave or not. I only know that Adam and GaGa know the true story. However, Adam MUST be extremely careful on who he hangs out with and where he hangs out. He’s a target for backstabbers and negative publicity.  ADAM WATCH YOUR BACK.   Your fans love you.


De De Tillman /Actress/ Scriptwriter /Celebrity Blogger

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All My Children Susan Lucci Speaks

According to Actress Susan Lucci (erica kane) has said,  All My Children,  has her schedule for the remaining of the year,  that’s a good thing however, I am in the industry as well and the networks can still cancel the show and the stars not know it,  the only thing is,  the stars will have to be paid if they have a contract and we all know Lucci has a hefty contract.   Let’s hope the show remains….

This is Susan Lucci’s Official Web Site

Photo Credit/ Photo Courtsey by: Google Images

De De Tillman

Chris Brown “Dancing With The Scared Stars”

By: De De Tillman

Subject Title: By La Tray

Chris Brown is due to perfom on“‘Dancing With The Stars” tonight, instead of worrying about spots on the floor, dust on the chairs etc, they are going nuts and scared s-hitlless about interviewing Brown. Host Tom Bergeron told producer that he “DOES NOT WANT TO INTERVIEW BROWN”   The network want Brown to perform now they are scratching thier head to come up with a plan to keep the audience from booing him.   ABC is using Brown for their ratings however they are giving the staff high blood pressure about what to do with him.  ABC invited the guest unpredictable guest not caring about the dancers and stars. Dancer Cheryl Burke is not in favor of Brown on the show.  Let them deal with it and “Run It Run It” as one of Brown’s number one song says to do.

Jessica Simpson and Jim Toth Kicks The Goal

Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Jim Toth kicks the field goal for an unquestionable marriage,  ever since Simpson and Lachey got divorce she has been looking for long in too many places.  I know Simpson and Lachey love each other,  the problem was, the reality show, they should have never brought their personal life to television,   the same thing happened to Hulk  Hogan and Linda.  If  Hogan get married again,  his heart will be with Linda.  Simpson should not be in a hurry to catch up with Lachey,  his love life is a mess anyway, so,  she should just go out with friends, not get serious and enjoy herself.  I did have the honor of meeting Nick Lachey and I taked to Drew on the telephone, both guys are so sweet.

De De Tillman /Actress / Scriptwiter/ Celebrity Blogger

X Factor Puts Red Flag On American Idol

By: De De Tillman /Actress/Scriptwriter/Celebrity Blogger

HOLLYWOOD_  Simon Cowell new show X Factor puts RED FLAG on American Idol.  Cowell received many boos on American Idol and you either hate him or love him. The Brits are known for being upfront, honest, direct and not 2-faced like Americans.  Many disappointed American Idol fans will be watching X Factor which means American Idol may get canceled.  So many American Idol fans were deeply hurt when their favorite Idol did not win, great talents such as Adam Lambert,  Melinda Doolittle, Elliott Yamin, Mandisa and others,  Lambert did not get the title because he is gay,  Doolittle did not win because she does not look like Halle Berry or Beyonce,  Yamin lost because he’s Jewish, Mandisa did not make it because her dress size was not a 2. Yamin and Mandisa have marketable sound but not marketable looks.  American Idol should announce that they are looking for LOOKS not TALENT.  Hopefully, The X Factor will be fair in judging and voting. I’m sure the X Factor will be a lot harder for the contestants to compete for the grand prize of 5 million dollars.  The viewer will probably enjoy the wide age range of the X Factor.  I am not a Paula Abdul fan due to the fact what she did to my buddy however,  she does bring in the ratings.  Welcome X Factor,  American Idol will be evicted!

Will Adam Lambert Sing Happy Birthday To Lady GaGa?

Today March 28th is Lady GaGa’s birthday I wonder if Adam Lambert will give her a call to wish her a Happy Birthday?  Better yet,  He might take her out to dinner,   Adam truly love her music and is a big fan of GaGa.  I know Adam bought GaGa a nice gift!

Happy Birthday Lady GaGa You Are Awesome! Keep Up The Good Work

De De Tillman / Actress / Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger 

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Show Aretha Franklin Your Love

My Interview With Musician Robert Watson

Interview By: De De Tillman

Idea By: La Tray


I am so EXCITED!  I have been granted an interview with Musician Robert Watson, what an honor this is.

Here Is The Interview:

Hi Robert,  I want to thank you so much for granting this interview with me,  I know you are a busy man so,  let’s get the interview started so your fans will know what to expect.
De De: When did you first have an interest in music?
Robert: I’ve been interested in music ever since I was a kid.
De De: Do you play and instruments? 
Robert: I play guitar, bass, and keyboards.

 De De: How many songs do you have out?

Robert: I have three releases out right now available on iTunes. “Balance,” “Music To My Ears,” and “The Eclectic Music Man.”

 De De: Which one is your favorite? 

Robert: My favorite song of my own is called “Dagmar’s Song.” I met her in high school. I was thinking about our friendship that lasted for years. We saw each other at our 20th high school reunion. That song is very special to me. I love all of the songs that I wrote so far.

 De De: Who inspired you in music? 
Robert: Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Harris, Robin Trower, Isaac Hayes, Donny Hathaway, Jerry Garcia, and Miles Davis.

 De De: Will you be performing in public?
Robert: I’m not sure about performing in public right now. However, I would love to write music for independent films.

 De De: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would it be?

 Robert: Lenny Kravitz, Chely Wright, Mike Phillips, Darius Rucker, and Jimi Hazel from 24-7 Spyz.

Thank you for this interview Robert and please keep me updated on your work, as a matter of fact I have a couple of films in progress, I will talk to you about working with you.

As you can see, the interview went extremely well so, please check out and buy Robert Watson Music


De De Tillman /Actress /Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger

Interview Idea: By La Tray

Photo Credit/Courtesy: By Robert Watson

Actor Jensen Atwood

Actor Jensen Atwood      I have to give a shout out to Actor Jensen Atwood.  What I love about Jensen is he interact with his fans.  When you read his tweets,  he invites his fans to come see him , say hello and don’t be afraid to approach him…. I just love his work and as a matter of fact I am working on a project with his name on it….  I cannot see anyone else playing the part.  Now here is the thing,  It should be against the law to be so dang fine… Oh Merc … Read More

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Lindsay Is Like A Madonna And Cher

Lindsay may soon give daddyMichael a gift!  It’s something he gave her when she was first-born,  the Lohan name,  We have a lot of ONE name celebrities out there and soon LINDSAY maybe all we see,  of course she’s known all over the world and YES she can do that. I truly wish Lindsay find true love and happiness, something is really bothering her, she’s a sweet young woman who is seeking something, something is missing in her life.  I wonder if I could use one name?  De De! lol  Of course not! I’m not known lol

PLEASE CLICK ON  “LEAVE A COMMENT”  Let me know what you think about Lindsay, I want to hear your view. 

De De Tillman / Actress/ Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger

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