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Wanna One‘s Sungwoon To Return As A “HOTSHOT” Member. Wanna One To Disband

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Posted: Friday November 30, 2018 @ 10:15 pm PST

According to reports from The Celuv, Wanna One‘s Ha Sungwoon will be making a comeback as a HOTSHOT member in the near future.

Following the completion of Sungwoon‘s Wanna One activities, he will reportedly be returning to HOTSHOT joining membersTimoteo, Yoon San, and former UNB‘s Go Hojung, and former JBJ’Roh Taehyun.

As 6 members, the group is rumoured to released a studio album in June 2019.

Although Wanna One is scheduled to disband on December 31, 2018 — there are still talks happening regarding the potential extension of their contracts.

This may be the reason why their comeback with Sungwoon has been planned for a bit later in the year.



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iKON! And The Women They Are Attracted To “B.I’s Type Is Kim Ji Won

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Posted: Friday November 30, 2018 @ 7:00 am PST


Have you ever wondered what type of characteristics your favorite group, iKON, looks for in a girlfriend? Well, look no further, because we have compiled a list of each iKON member, and what type of woman they are attracted to!


The leader of iKONB.I likes a woman who has ambience around her, and strong eyes. He also shared on an episode of Get It Beauty that his ideal type is someone who is “cheerful and comfortable to be around.”

B.I’s ideal type is actress Kim Ji Won. He has openly admitted that she is his muse, and he will often think of her when he is composing a song.


Junhoe likes girls on the taller side, who also have a neat, tidy appearance. A girl’s smile is very important to him, because he wants to be able to make her laugh with his aegyo!

On a prior episode of MBC‘s Brother’s Thoughts, Junhoe revealed that the celebrity that best fits his ideal type is actress Kim Tae Ri. She does have a nice smile, too.

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NU’EST’s JR And SHINee’s Key Rare Special Relationship

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Posted: Friday November 30, 2018 @6:28 pm PST

NU’EST W appeared on 2pm Cultwo Show for a special radio interview about their latest album, “WAKE,N”. While introducing the guests, guest-MC Key from SHINee revealed that he’s actually quite close to the NU’EST W members.

When MC Kim Tae Gyun pointed out the age difference between the two friends, JR quickly clarified that he doesn’t feel any pressure about age. He doesn’t have many friends in the industry, so he’s very happy to be close friends with him.

“I really like [Key].

I’m glad I can call him hyung. I don’t know many people in the entertainment industry, so he gives me a lot of strength.”

— JR

Ren also added that Key is a good friend, as well as a good senior, because he gives them a lot of good advice.

“[Key] always gives us very good advice.”

— Ren

When asked which advice he remembers the most, Ren revealed an advice that was most fitting to Key’s personality!

“He told us, ‘That’s just life.’”

— Ren

Although JR may not be well connected in terms of celebrity friends, it’s good to know that he has someone like Key on his side!


shinee key nuest jr jonghyun

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Shin Eun Soo Responds To Rumors

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Posted: Friday November 30, 2018 @ 5:18 pm PST

Actress Shin Eun Soo opened up about the possibility of debuting as a member of the new girl group JYP Entertainment has in plans for 2019.

During a recent interview, she confessed that she had been training both as an actor and a singer under JYP Entertainment.

“It’s true that I initially began diligently training with both possibilities of debuting as a singer or an actor. I continued to train in dancing and singing even while promoting as an actor.

I’m still debating about it a lot right now.”

— Shin Eun Soo

Although the possibility of debuting with the new girl group is still on the table, Shin Eun Soo believes she just needs time to continue training in both areas while contemplating about it with her family.

Shin Eun Soo is a child actress who is best known for her roles in the movie, “Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned”, and the drama Legend Of The Blue Sea.

She’s currently focusing on her latest drama, Bad Papa, where she plays the role of Yoo Young Sun, the daughter of an incompetent husband and dad, who turns to illegal boxing matches after getting suspended from his job as a detective.

shin eun soo jyp girl grou

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PRISTIN’s Kyla Sister Karisa Speaks Out About Rumors Surrounding Kyla

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Posted: Tuesday November 27, 2018 @ 1:30 am PST

After a year passed since Kyla took an indefinite leave from the group’s promotions, rumors arise that she officially left PRISTIN and their label, Pledis Entertainment.

Without the agency making an official statement regarding her status, netizens soon began believing the rumors after seeing recent photos of Kyla enjoying her time with family and working at a local carnival.

Meanwhile, Kyla’s younger sister Karisa started chatting with fans on Instagram Live, when a fan asked if rumors of Kyla’s departure were true.

Karisa took one moment to explain it all with an expression fans can all agree on, before confirming that “It’s all rumors

There you have it! Pledis may continue to keep shut about the rumors but Kyla’s sister confirmed that she has NOT left the group or the label.

kyla sister rumor left pristin 2

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HyunA And E’Dawn To Make First Official Appearance Together November 29th

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Posted: Tuesday November 27, 2018 @ 12: 01 am PST

It has been reported that HyunA and E’Dawn will be making their first official appearance together since leaving Cube Entertainment.

HyunA and E’Dawn will be attending a luxury brand event held in Gangnam on November 29th. This will be the first time the two will be appearing in an official setting as a couple since they left Cube Entertainment.

HyunA and E’Dawn’s dating rumors began in July when they were promoting as the group Triple H. In August, HyunA revealed that she had been dating E’Dawn for years through her Instagram account.

Since HyunA’s confession, the activities of both HyunA and E’Dawn were suspended. In September, Cube Entertainment announced that both idols could be removed from the agency and eventually, both HyunA and E’Dawn canceled their contracts with Cube Entertainment in October and November respectively.




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SHINee’s Onew To Release His 1st Solo Album Bofore His December 10th Training

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Posted: Monday November 26, 2018 @ 1:18 am PST

He hopes that the album will comfort the fans who will be missing him while he’s in the army!

SHINEE’s Onew has announced that he will be releasing a solo album for the first time ever, after 10 years of debuting.

Though he has released several songs under his own name and through collaborations with others, this will be his first solo album.

Onew is scheduled to begin his army training on December 10.

The album will be released in the beginning of December, and will be Onew’s final gift to his fans before he begins his mandatory military service.

He hopes that the album will comfort the fans who will be missing him while he’s in the army! His expected discharge date will be July 20, 2020.


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Microdot Has Withdrawn From All Broadcasts

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Posted: Monday November 26, 2018 @ 12:34 am PST



The fraud scandal involving Microdot’s parents has brought light to similar scandals of other celebrities, some of whom include iKON’s B.I, actresses Lee Yu Bi and Lee Da In, and television personality Kim Na Young.

These celebrities have recently been correlated with the term “stolen spoon”, rather than “silver spoon”, due to the fraud scandals their family members were involved in.

Microdot’s parents were recently accused of stealing almost $2 million USD from their acquaintances and the rapper has withdrawn from all of his broadcasts as a result.

Another celebrity who has been involved in a similar scandal is iKON’s B.I. The idol had been known to come from a wealthy family since his days on the hip-hop survival program, Show Me the Money.

Before iKON’s debut in 2014, however, B.I’s father was charged on suspicion of embezzling 2.4 billion KRW ($2.1 million USD) from his company. He and an accomplice raised 1.8 billion KRW ($1.6 million USD) from investors by making fraudulent company statements and shared 2.4 billion KRW ($2.1 million USD) for personal expenses.

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Cherry Bullet {New K-Pop Girl Group} Meet The 10 Members

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Posted: Monday November 26, 2018 12:01 am PST


It’s been 6 years since FNC Entertainment debuted AOA, and now they have officially announced the upcoming debut of their next girl group Cherry Bullet.

“Cherry Bullet” means that the group will be lovely like cherries, and will shoot the public’s heart with their energetic charms!

They released the members’ identities through social media starting on November 20. Are you ready to meet the girls of Cherry Bullet?

Jiwon was born in 2000, and also was a model for SMART Uniform — proving her stunning visuals.


May was born in 2003, and is part of the maknae line. She is from Japan and was spotted performing at KCON Japan in 2017!


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GOT7’s BamBam Siblings’ Names Are So Long He Has Trouble Remembering Them!

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Posted: Saturday November 24, 2018 @5:55 pm PST


When many people first here GOT7 BamBam‘s name they assume it’s just his stage name, but in reality, it’s his real name! As every Aghase knows, BamBam has two names, Kunpimook Bhuwakul and the shorter BamBam.

This isn’t all that uncommon in Thailand as parents generally give their children two names because the names are always so long.

BamBam’s siblings’ names are so long that even he has had trouble remembering them! Fans first learned of this during an episode of Knowing Brothers, when BamBam revealed he struggled with memorizing his oldest brother’s full name.

“Honestly, it’s too long. I can’t memorize it. It’s even longer than mine! But, he has a short name as well, it’s Beer.”

— BamBam

So to put it to the test, when GOT7 appeared on Idol Room Defconnand Jung Hyung Don proposed a special challenge for the idol. While each of the members had to face their own unique challenge to move onto the weird showcase, BamBam was tasked with correctly saying his siblings’ full names.

Image result for familia de bambam got7

bambam now

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Red Velvet Members Without Makeup

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Posted: Saturday November 24, 2018 @ 4:35 pm PST


SM Entertainment is known for having some of the best visuals. Every group seems to be made up of stunning individuals and Red Velvet is no exception. The girls have captured hearts with their music and their extreme beauty.

While we all know how beautiful they are with makeup on, it may come as a surprise that they are equally gorgeous without makeup on. Seriously, do these girls even have flaws?

Irene is the official visual of the group and her perfect looks have always amazed fans. When she wears makeup it’s always just the right amount to highlight her stunning features.


This idol brings some joy with her lovely looks. She’s most likely to change up her lip color and every color seems to suit her cupid’s bow lips. No wonder she’s called Joy!


Each member has their own unique style and beauty. Wendy likes to play with her eye-makeup to draw attention to her dazzling eyes. Her particular beauty leaves fans breathless.

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IZ*ONE Japanese Band Is NOT On Music Bank’s ‘Restricted Persons List’

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Posted: Friday November 23, 2018 @ 4:20 pm PST

Viewers of Music Bank have recently uploaded posts requesting that IZ*ONE be banned from appearing on the program due to their alleged right-wing controversies.

IZ*ONE, the girl group created through Mnet’s Produce 48, was involved in “right-wing controversies” as soon as they debuted. It began when a photo of one of the Japanese members began to spread. The photo showed the idol singing “Kimigayo” (the Japanese national anthem) wearing a costume with the rising sun flag at the Yasukuni Shrine during her promotions with AKB48.

After seeing the photos, the public began requesting that IZ*ONE be banned from appearing on numerous broadcasting stations including KBS and a Blue House petition was even filed in regards to the issue.

“Please ban the right-wing Japanese group IZ*ONE from appearing on public broadcasting

On November 22, Music Bank responded to the post from KBS’ Viewer Rights Center website titled, “We request that the group IZ*ONE, which was produced by a right-wing producer and has a right-wing member, be banned from appearing [on the show].”

“In regard to matters of IZ*ONE, we have not been notified by the Review Board of any guidelines on their appearance or regulations and in terms of the songs to be broadcast, all songs excluding ‘Your in Love, Right?’, which is written entirely in Japanese, has been qualified as ‘appropriate for broadcasting’. None of the performers of Music Bank including the group in question are on the ‘Restricted Persons List’ set by the Review Board.”

ㅡ Music Bank

They added that they do not deem it appropriate to regulate the appearance of certain performers without clear regulatory basis and guidelines.

“We do not believe it is appropriate to regulate the appearance of specific performers based on the arbitrary decision of the program staff without clear regulatory basis and guidelines on the music and cast.”

ㅡ Music Bank



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Block B’s Zico Leaves The Group

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Posted; Thursday November 22, 2018 @ 4:25 pm PST

In an exclusive report, The Fact has reported that Zico will no longer be a part of Block B. An insider has told The Fact that Zico will be leaving Seven Seasons after spending 5 years with them, and 7 years with Block B.

For the time being, the 6 members (Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-Kwon, Park Kyung, P.O) will be focusing on individual activities instead of group promotions.

Zico will also take a short break to work on his own music, before planning on making his comeback as the artist “Zico” instead of “Block B’s Zico”. He does not have any specific timetables or plans yet.

Zico’s last promotions as part of Seven Seasons was his King of the Zungle world tour, and he has no more scheduled events as a part of Seven Seasons. This makes Block B’s comeback in January 2018 with Re:Montage their last official promotions as 7 members.


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Wanna One Likely To Conclude Their Activities Through a 3-day Concert January 27-29

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Posted: Tuesday November 20, 2018 @ 3:33 am PST

There were a lot of things discussed on Wanna One’s press conference as they start their comeback promotions.

The most asked about topic was the fact that they were nearing their inevitable disbandment, with rumors of possible contract extensions. However, the members revealed that they haven’t discussed anything yet.

“We thought it was too early to discuss the end because we were preparing for a full album. We decided to focus on our activities first and talk about it afterwards.” 

— Lee Daehwi

Kang Daniel, on the other hand, is having mixed emotions on having to end activities as a group. 

“I am upset and it is hard to say. Sometimes it seems to be good or sad. It’s a little complicated…” 

— Kang Daniel

Wanna One’s contract is set to expire by the end of this year but was revealed to have been extended until January 2019. After their comeback, the group is likely to conclude their activities through a 3-day concert on January 27-29, 2019.



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SHINee Jonghyun’s Family Is Celebrating His Life At SMTOWN Theatre December 17th

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Posted: Tuesday November 20, 2018  @ 1:50 am PST

SHINee Jonghyun’s family is celebrating his life through art in a festival organized by their charity, Shiny Foundation. A post on their official Instagram alerted fans to the information and application process for the festival.

The concept of the festival follows a theme on “the story we will fulfill together”. They’re asking aspiring participants to tell the story of what Jonghyun had left behind for them, as well as the story that they will continue to write about.

The event will be held at SMTOWN Theatre on December 17th, the day before Jonghyun’s first death anniversary.

Since the announcement, fans have been brainstorming possible stories to join the cause as they fondly remember all that Jonghyun has done for them.



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HyunA 100% More Beautiful Without Makeup

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Posted: Tuesday November 20. 2018 @ 1:20 am PST


“She looks so much better without makeup”

HyunA, who generally opted for a darker makeup look, often emphasized with bright red lipstick, has shown a different side of herself through a new photoshoot for Grazia.

HyunA boldly removed all makeup down to base makeup for the natural concept of the photoshoot.

While HyunA’s image has thus been more on the sexy side, these photos show that she can pull off basically any look she wants!




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G-Dragon’s Weight Gain

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Posted: Tuesday November 20, 2018 @ 12:54 am PST

Recent photos of G-Dragon has shown that the idol has put on some weight since his enlistment.

While fans were relieved that he was looking healthier, one cannot help but wonder how he suddenly gained this weight.

According to fans, G-Dragon had such a busy schedule with his solo tour that it was only normal that he looked so thin during this time.  Moreover, he had done a total of 138 concerts from 2015 until his enlistment.

According to a chart for the biggest tours by South Korean artists, BIGBANG was also placed in the top ranks from 2013-2017.

gdragon new photo weight 2



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BIGBANG’s Seungri Apologizes For Disrespecting Sejeong & Promoting A Maxim Model

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Posted: Tuesday November 20, 2018  @12:28 am PST

Seungri conveyed an apology to his fans for his recent actions that caused quite a controversy in Korea. During a recent speech, he began by personally apologizing with sincerity.

“I am sorry to make my fans feel uncomfortable with my recent actions.”

— Seungri

He recently received criticisms for a number of issues including disrespecting Sejeong in an episode of Salty Tour and promoting a female friend for a Maxim Contest.

He reflected on his actions by referring back to BIGBANG’s ‘Last Dance’. He advised the audience to follow his lead and learn from your mistakes to better yourself and learn to love yourself more than the materialistic values.

“‘Last Dance” represented memories for us. We released it as a reminder to remember the last dance we had together.

If tomorrow is the last, how should we live today? I think it’s very much possible to love yourself more than to have lots of money… How you lived with precious people around you.”

— Seungri

After reflecting on his past, he ended his talk on a bright note where he revealed his plans to become a content creator on Youtube. He even enlisted his fans to send any good ideas through his Instagram!



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Girls’ Generation Hasn’t Officially Disbanded

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Posted: Monday November 19, 2018 @ 4:18 am PST

Fans are always disappointed to hear the news of their favorite group disbanding, but fans of these former girl group members can take heart to know their friendship will be forever! Although it’s been a while since these girl groups disbanded, they continue to show their love for each other and will always support each other in new ventures.

Even though Girls’ Generation hasn’t officially disbanded, with several members leaving SM Entertainment since 2014, the girls haven’t been able to perform together for a while. That doesn’t stop them from catching up and hanging out whenever they can!

“Soshi is heavier than I thought!” — Sunny

“Soshi’s friendship is forever.” — Yuri



yoori hyoyeon sohyun

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