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Actress De De Tillman On Youtube

Hello everyone!  Check out Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman on Youtube… The first video was on The Late Great Singer Teena Marie I was in tears while I was speaking….  The second video was just saying hello and inviting everyone to my blog site…..

Here is the link:

De De Tillman Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger

Singer Teena Marie Dead Age 54

I have a lump in my throat reporting that Singer Teena Marie age 54 has passed away.   This is so so so sad to hear,  Teena was just a baby.. She was very much-loved and appreciated,  she will be truly missed……. My love and prayers goes to Teena’s family…..  I will miss you Teena

RIP Teena,  We love you sweetie

With Tons Of Tears

De De Tillman

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OJ Simpson Wants Out Of Jail

O.J. Simpson was once on top of the world. Now he’s unable to get a job not even in broadcasting. England wanted O.J. to move to London when he was released from the The Brown-Goldman Case. Simpson is fighting to get out of the Nevada Prison. The woman he was dating has moved on to someone else. Do you think O.J. killed Nicole and Ron? Should he be released from jail?  A Poll has been set,   Please go to Poll and comment…..

De De Tillman  Actress/ Scriptwriter/ New Celebrity Blogger

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Why Boo LeBron?

I can totally understand where you are coming from when you boo someone who has betrayed you.   I am a Libra and booing is not the way to get back at LeBron…. Look at this!  When you boo him what good does it do?   You are the ones that bought the ticket to go to the games,  when you  leave the game where do you go?  LeBron goes home to a mansion that you help brought, that right!  Here is the way to get back at him from leaving Cleveland….  Let me add this by saying he has a right to make his up his mind as to where he want to live/ play etc….. The  point I am trying to make is booing is useless! Pointless!  To get back at him STOP buying tickets to see him play,  just do not go to any Miami games when he comes to town STOP buying products he endorse on TV Remember!   LeBron is getting MILLIONS for doing commercials so  just stop supporting what he’s doing,  you will hurt him more by hitting him where it will hurt “The Wallet, The Money”   So,  stop booing ok!   Stop going to the games…..

De De Tillman  Actress/Scriptwriter/ New Celebrity Blogger

Ron Artest Auction Ring

Wow! Talking about a big heart!  Laker’s Ron Artest auction off his championship ring for The Mental Health Awareness,  he does not care about the ring knowing that ring will help bring awareness to mental health.   THUMBS UP FOR RON….  Thank you  Ron and please keep up the great work…. My heart goes out to children in school and homeless women with children….  I was once homeless myself so,   I know the feeling and that’s why I am giving back to help others….  I have come up with the De De Tillman Adopt A School  Program also,  I am working to help single women with children,  This includes Domestic Violence against Women and Children….. It’s a lot to be done out here and Ron Artest is well on his way of doing such great work….  Let’s all get in line behind Ron and help with our favorite Charity/Charities…..

Let’s work together to help others

De De Tillman / Actress/ Scriptwriter/ New Celebrity Blogger

You heard it here Hot Off The Libra Scale

Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay..Lohan

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Posted December 25, 2010

I am still trying to figure out what can be done for Lindsay.  Missing court dates, no attorney at times, accused of attacking someone, someone is stalking her, lost driver license got driver license,  With Sam,  not with sam,  want to move to England to find another woman.

With all this activity one would think Lindsay would be too tired to do anything but sleep….  She is a sweet child just in need of real friends,  real family love and tons of prayers…

Her Mother and Father need take an extended vacation from Lindsay and let the child breathe….  Lindsay need to relax,  talk to someone like Oprah or Whoopi Goldberg who could find out what’s wrong,  what she’s looking for, what’s working and not working in her life…  Most of all Lindsay need to get back to Acting and try her hands at writing, directing etc…

.As soon as I finish a few projects I will see if I can get in touch with her and possibly work with her and try to save her life.

We are in the same union so,  it should not be too hard wish her all the luck in the world.

I really feel sorry for her,  she is crying out for help so,  Let’s pray she get the help she need before she becomes another Hollywood Statistic….

Wishing and Praying for Lindsay Lohan…


Singer Ebony Evans Heart Of Gold

Singer Ebony Evans is my Myspace friend and I don’t know any words in the dictionary to describe her,  we are talking Beauty, Talented. GORGEOUS, down to earth, caring, thoughtful and true to her fans… I want everyone to support Ebony on whatever project she’s working on….  Some stars when you first meet them or just come into contact with them will make you feel welcome as if they have known you for a long time and that’s rare, however, Ebony falls into that category…

At the moment she’s my Myspace friend, all that is going to change I am going to adopt her so she will become my Myspace Neice….lol

I am working on some short films, sitcom, a movie and other projects and hopefully Ebony and I will get together so she can work with me but, Shhhhhhhhh don’t tell her I want to work with her she does not know it yet… lol lol

Here is a link to her page and once again SUPPORT EBONY EVANS… She  is a real gem…. Get her musi,c all of it and remember you heard it here from Ebony’s future Myspace Aunt… lol

De De Tillman Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger

Carmelo Anthony Sister Michelle Has Died

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Posted: December 24, 2010 @ 5:51 pm PST

Topic: Carmelo Anthony

This is going to be a sad Christmas for the  Anthony family, NBA star Carmelo Anthony has lost his sister Michelle Tuesday, she was only 32 years of age and leave behind 4 children.   Please give Carmelo and his family your love, support and sympathy.

Is Paris Hilton Becoming A Mama? Who Is Da Da?

It’s old news that Paris Hilton is showing a bump in her stomach however, she has not said anything about it, I guess it’s another case of “Mariah” I wonder if Paris is jealous of Nicole’s boogie? Hmmmm… lol If there’s something brewing in the overn I sure do hope the little one will be nicer than her mother… By now you should know I do not talk “Grapevine” I talk what I know… Paris walked into the family hotel, turned her head and did not speak to not one person, She and then BFF Nicole was there as well… Once they were in the room things really got ugly, How do I know? I was there! No grapevines here…. If it’s true about the bump just maybe this is what she needs to slow down, look at how it helped Nicole… Now, here is the question…:” Who is Da Da? lol lol

De De Tillman / Hot Off The Libra Scale

George Lopez For Mayor Of Los Angeles?


I met Actor/Comedian George Lopez when I was working on the set of ER,  George came over to our set to say “hello” and wished us good luck with acting.  I have to vote for him… lol   Let’s see what happens in 8 years…  George Lopez Mayor of Los Angeles….  Hmmmmm,  Nice ring to it…. lol

De De Tillman Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger
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Happy Birthday BernNadette Stanis

Today is December 22nd 2010 and guess what?   Actress Bern Nadette Stanis (thelma from good times)  is celebrating her birthday today…  I had the honor of meeting BernNadette, and to this day she remembers me also, she is my Myspace friend… BernNadette is an Author as well….

Big shout out to such a wonderful, friendly,  beautiful, talented woman who is very kind to her fans…. Please support her work….

Happy Birthday BernNadette

De De Tillman

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Toys Toys Toys Needed In San Francisco


Hello again!  This blog is a plea for toys in San Francisco.  If you are just joining me here,   I have been blogging Macy’s firing Santa Claus aka Santa John Toomey in San Francisco…   Santa John is so happy to be working at Lefty O’Doul’s… All Santa is asking for Christmas is for toys to be donated to Lefty O’Doul’s and to his favorite charity which is the San Francisco annual Toys Drive….

Here is the link to Lefty’s and a Fire Department in San Francisco near you….  Please donate a toy in honor of “Santa John Toomey 

Thanking You In Advance

De  De Tillman /Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger

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De De Tillman “Adopt A School Program”

Many children go to school hungry,  old clothes and no school supplies etc simply because their family cannot afford it… I have come up with a program called “De De Tillman, “Adopt A School program”  With this program I would love for everyone to adopt a school and donate school supplies,   it could be a school you attended,  your  children or a neighborhood school.  You  might have decided to give up smoking or drinking coffee for a day, if so, Please buy some pencils, paper etc and donate it to a school of your choice to the “De De Tillman, Adopt A School Program”  You will be helping a child get a good education… Remember the children of today is our future….

Thanking Everyone In Advance

De De Tillman Actress/Scriptwriter/New  Celebrity Blogger

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Macy’s New York (Shame Shame Shame)

Singer-Producer Autumn Tillman And Santa John Toomey

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Topic: Santa John Toomey – Macy’s New York

It is so sad what Macy’s did to Santa Claus aka Santa John Toomey,  firing him without saying a word to him,  the good news is,  Santa has a better job with Lefty O’Doul’s in San Francisco however,  they are still in need of Christmas Toys for the Children…

Also the San Francisco Annual Toys Drive is in need of toys….  If you are in San Francisco PLEASE PLEASE donate and new toy to either Lefty O’Doul’s  or any Fire Station in honors of Santa John aka John Toomey

Stop Shopping At Macy’s They fired Santa Claus, Shame Shame Shame On Macy’s….

RIP Santa John Toomey

Rueben Grundy “Ernest On Sitcom A Different World”

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Posted: Tuesday December 21, 2010 @9:33 a.m PST

Actor Rueben Grundy has been in movies, tv shows and several commercials.  He played “Ernest” on TV Sitcom (A Different World)     Grundy is my Nephew.

Rueben Grundy Bio:

Happy Birthday To Wilson Cruz December 27th

Of course you heard it here first from De De Tillman that cutie pie Actor Wilson Cruz will be celebrating his birthday Monday December 27th…  ” Ahhhh, he’s a Christmas baby” according to Actress La Tray.  I have to check my Libra scale to see if Wilson sent me an invitation to his birthday bash…lol    Wilson is a superb actor,  good looking,  outstanding personality with a super GOREGOUSSSSSSSSS smile…. He is HOT HOT HOT….


De De Tillman,  Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger

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Is Denise Richards Dating Nikki Sixx?

Is Denise Richards Dating Nixxi Sixx?
Hot Off The Libra Scale!
By: De De Tillman

Let’s see now! My Libra scalle just tipped over and this is what’s going on, are you ready for De De’s Soap Opera?

Here it goes!

1.Denise Richards was married to Charlie Sheen, Denise was a friend of Heather Locklear.

2.Heather was married to Richie Sambora.

3.Denise stabbed Heather in the back and slept with Ritchie.

4.Kat Von D was engaged to Obie.

5.Kat Von D Dumped Obie to be with Nikki Sixx.

6.Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx broke up and she start dating Jesse James.

7.Jesse James was married to Sandra Bullock, Jesse cheated on Sandra.

8.RE-SURFACE! DENISE….. What’s going on with Denise and Nikki? lol

This is what need to be done.

Denise should apologize to Heather and get rid of that annoying laugh she hides behind.

Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx should get tested!!!!

Jesse James should do himself a favor and get in Charlie Sheen’s car, they seem to go off cliffs…

Charlie Sheen! You have a wonderful show, Keep up the good work and STOP getting married….

Remember!  You heard it from De De Tillman, Actress/Scriptwriter/New Celebrity Blogger…..

See You Next Time With More News Hot Off The Libra Scale…..

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