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Will Adam Lambert Sing Happy Birthday To Lady GaGa?

Today March 28th is Lady GaGa’s birthday I wonder if Adam Lambert will give her a call to wish her a Happy Birthday?  Better yet,  He might take her out to dinner,   Adam truly love her music and is a big fan of GaGa.  I know Adam bought GaGa a nice gift!

Happy Birthday Lady GaGa You Are Awesome! Keep Up The Good Work

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Show Aretha Franklin Your Love

My Interview With Musician Robert Watson

Interview By: De De Tillman

Idea By: La Tray


I am so EXCITED!  I have been granted an interview with Musician Robert Watson, what an honor this is.

Here Is The Interview:

Hi Robert,  I want to thank you so much for granting this interview with me,  I know you are a busy man so,  let’s get the interview started so your fans will know what to expect.
De De: When did you first have an interest in music?
Robert: I’ve been interested in music ever since I was a kid.
De De: Do you play and instruments? 
Robert: I play guitar, bass, and keyboards.

 De De: How many songs do you have out?

Robert: I have three releases out right now available on iTunes. “Balance,” “Music To My Ears,” and “The Eclectic Music Man.”

 De De: Which one is your favorite? 

Robert: My favorite song of my own is called “Dagmar’s Song.” I met her in high school. I was thinking about our friendship that lasted for years. We saw each other at our 20th high school reunion. That song is very special to me. I love all of the songs that I wrote so far.

 De De: Who inspired you in music? 
Robert: Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Harris, Robin Trower, Isaac Hayes, Donny Hathaway, Jerry Garcia, and Miles Davis.

 De De: Will you be performing in public?
Robert: I’m not sure about performing in public right now. However, I would love to write music for independent films.

 De De: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would it be?

 Robert: Lenny Kravitz, Chely Wright, Mike Phillips, Darius Rucker, and Jimi Hazel from 24-7 Spyz.

Thank you for this interview Robert and please keep me updated on your work, as a matter of fact I have a couple of films in progress, I will talk to you about working with you.

As you can see, the interview went extremely well so, please check out and buy Robert Watson Music




De De Tillman /Actress /Scriptwriter / Celebrity Blogger

Interview Idea: By La Tray

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Reese Witherspoon Unties The Knot

Reese Witherspoon recently married Agent Jim  Toth in HER estate,  they started dating in January, 2010,  Toth popped the question December, 2010 now married March 26, 2011.   What’s wrong with this picture?  Jumping too fast,  It’s not enough time to build a relationship so,  I hate to say it however the next breaking news will read  “Reese Witherspoon Unties The Knot”. MOST  HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGES  DO NOT LAST.   You can count on your fingers how many that do last.

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Prince Harry Getting Married

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Topic: Prince Harry – Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry of Wales will marry long time off and on, on an off  African born  girlfriend Chelsy Yvonne Davy born October 13, 1985 in Bulawayo, Zimbawe,  She was born on my birthday, October 13th.  Chelsy is a Libra.

Chelsy’s father has the same name as Prince Harry (Charles)  Queen Elizabeth favored Fergie and did not like Princess Diana, on the other hand, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh adored Princess Diana, word has it Queen loves Prince William soon to be wife Katie, does this mean Chelsy will be Prince Phillp’s favorite?    No date has been set at the moment.