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Dancing With The Stars…Kirstie Kissed Maks

Did you watch ” Dancing With The Stars?”  What a great night it was,  Kirstie planted a big juicy kiss on Maksim Chmerkovskiy A.K.A. Maks lol.  Sugar Ray was trying so hard however the judges were not too happy with his performance,  Cheryl Burke was great with her partner,  all and all it was an okay night.  They will get better as time goes on.  So far, who is your favorite star?  Who are you voting for?   Please CLICK THE  REPLY BUTTON AND LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR ME

De De Tillman

All My Children Jesse And Angie Own TV Show

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Posted: Thursay March 31, 2011 @ 10:54 am PST

Updated: Sunday October 23, 2011 @ 7:30 pm PST

Topic: Debbie Morgan – Darnell Williams

Jesse and Angie Hubbard (Darnell Williams, Debbie Morgan) Of All My Children is the first Black Couple on Daytime Television that has expanded for so many years,  it is so sad that the networks are talking cancellation.   I would love to see Actor Darnell Williams (jesse) and Actress Debbie Morgan (angie)  with their own television show,  if AMC is no longer on the air,  black people will not have a couple they can look admire.

I know the show is built around Actress Susan Lucci and I have to admit I love Susan Lucci (erica kane).  We watched Jesse and Angie as teenagers on the show,   we were there when she got pregnant had a baby son,  go to medical school,  got married,  lost her husband, thought he was dead,  raised her son by herself to become and outstanding doctor.

Williams and Morgan should be picked and have a show built just for them,  they both can bring comedy or drama,   It’s nothing the 2 of them can’t handle. You can see the love in their eyes.  They are a strong black couple.

X Factor Puts Red Flag On American Idol

By: De De Tillman /Actress/Scriptwriter/Celebrity Blogger

HOLLYWOOD_  Simon Cowell new show X Factor puts RED FLAG on American Idol.  Cowell received many boos on American Idol and you either hate him or love him. The Brits are known for being upfront, honest, direct and not 2-faced like Americans.  Many disappointed American Idol fans will be watching X Factor which means American Idol may get canceled.  So many American Idol fans were deeply hurt when their favorite Idol did not win, great talents such as Adam Lambert,  Melinda Doolittle, Elliott Yamin, Mandisa and others,  Lambert did not get the title because he is gay,  Doolittle did not win because she does not look like Halle Berry or Beyonce,  Yamin lost because he’s Jewish, Mandisa did not make it because her dress size was not a 2. Yamin and Mandisa have marketable sound but not marketable looks.  American Idol should announce that they are looking for LOOKS not TALENT.  Hopefully, The X Factor will be fair in judging and voting. I’m sure the X Factor will be a lot harder for the contestants to compete for the grand prize of 5 million dollars.  The viewer will probably enjoy the wide age range of the X Factor.  I am not a Paula Abdul fan due to the fact what she did to my buddy however,  she does bring in the ratings.  Welcome X Factor,  American Idol will be evicted!

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