All My Children Susan Lucci Speaks

According to Actress Susan Lucci (erica kane) has said,  All My Children,  has her schedule for the remaining of the year,  that’s a good thing however, I am in the industry as well and the networks can still cancel the show and the stars not know it,  the only thing is,  the stars will have to be paid if they have a contract and we all know Lucci has a hefty contract.   Let’s hope the show remains….

This is Susan Lucci’s Official Web Site

Photo Credit/ Photo Courtsey by: Google Images

De De Tillman

2 thoughts on “All My Children Susan Lucci Speaks

  1. Great blog, De De. Even though I’m glad that Susan Lucci spoke out. I’m still skeptical on what the outcome will be. Think about the soaps that have gone off the air a year ago like As The World Turns and Guiding Light. I have recently found out that the Soapnet channel will be going off the air, too. I do wish Susan and the other cast members the best. That’s all I have to say.

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