Remembering Kurt Cobain (Video)

Blogged By:  De De Tillman

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Video Credit: YouTube –  NirvanaVEVO –  Geffen Records

Video Credit Link: YouTube (nirvanainstrumental) Interview 1993

Posted: Tuesday April 5, 2011 @ 3:23 pm PST

Updated: Friday November 11, 2011 @6:15 pm PST

Topic: Kurt Cobain

Guitarist Kurt Cobain was born Kurt Donald Cobain February 20, 1967.     Cobain is was a member of the successful  band “Nirvana”  The band hit success with the song ” Smells Like Teen Spirit”  that was a huge success on MTV.   Cobain sadly passed away  April 5, 1994.

Cobain was 27 years young. He has been truly missed,  he is survived his daughter Frances Bean Cobain born in 1992. I wonder what would his career been like today?   Cobain was a HUGE fan of The Late Super Great John Lennon (beatles).



3 thoughts on “Remembering Kurt Cobain (Video)

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  2. Hi De De

    I have to say that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana changed the sound of rock & roll that is still influential today. I was sad to hear of his passing 17 years ago. While I wasn’t a fan of Nirvana, I appreciate the fact that they blew the “1980’s” pop metal nonsense out of the ball park.

    I do wish that Kurt would have found true happiness in his life.

    1. Well spoken Robert! For you not to be a fan, you have truly spoken highly on Kurt. I wish everyone would be just like you… Your music is climbing the charts!

      De De

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