Robert Watson Music Climbing The Charts (Interview & Links)

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Posted: Wedsnesday April 6, 2011 @ 5:55 pm PST

Updated: Sunday November 27, 2011 @ 1:50 pm PST

Topic: Robert Watson

Robert Watson

OMG!  I am so thrilled to be able to interview you again Robert!  Your fans have been asking me about you so what’s been going on since our last interview?  I see your music is climbing the charts.

De De: What is the title of your song that’s climbing the chart?

Robert: She Went To Be With The Angels In Heaven

De De: How excited are you to be on “Reverbnation” Music Chart?

Robert: I’m very excited to be on the “Reverbnation” music chart.

De De :Where can your fans purchase your music?

Robert: My fans can purchase my music on iTunes as well as the “Reverb Store” on Reverbnation.

De De: Do you have a music video? if not,  will you be working on one?

Robert: Probably one of these days.

De De: The ladies want to know if you are single?

Robert: Yes, I am single.

Robert!  Once again Thank You so much for this second interview,  I have more questions however,  I know you have a tight schedule and maybe in the future you will grant me another interview,  I would love it and I know your fans will as well..  Thank you and good luck with the music charts and the sale of your album… It’s been a pleasure…

Robert Watson Reverbnation Link:

Robert Watson iTunes Link:

7 thoughts on “Robert Watson Music Climbing The Charts (Interview & Links)

  1. I’ve been listening to my music again online. I’m feeling a great relief that people are really loving my music. I had a small fan base before I found out about your blog page. I am very glad with your help. It is like the grassroots movement. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace.


    P.S. Cosmic energy is in full effect.

    1. Hi Robert! I am so glad people are learning about your music and as a matter of fact, I just learned something new about your music and I am going to share it with your fans later on today, I want to have the correct facts…lol I have your music on my BP homepage and I love it because, it’s very soothing, relaxing… I have a suprise for you later on tonight, You will see it and thank you for sharing your work with me…. You are the first one I interviewed…

      Loveand Hugs
      A HUGE FAN
      De De

  2. You’re very welcome, De De. You are a very classy interviewer. I appreciate that very much. Peace.

    Hugs & Kisses

    1. Hi Robert! I have to admit I was nervous however, I had to realize how sweet you are and, you made me feel comfortable, I want to thank you for that…. Thanks for the interview you are such a wonderful man and EXTREMELY talented….

      Big Hug and Thanks
      De De Tillman

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