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Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry Forever Voodoo (Video Lyrics)

Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert
Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry

Written By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Written By: Entertainer La Tray

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Topic: Adam Lambert – Drake LaBry

Adam Lambert song is about New Orleans  Voodoo and the Bayou. This song was not on the debut album however it was released overseas and heard in the states. His former boyfriend Drake LaBry is from New Orleans and the Bayou. If you know anything about Voodoo, you know the spell is not broken unless the hunter wants it broken and that hunter is Drake.

Drake knew Adam before American Idol. When they met Adam and Drake were probably in a relationship with other people.  They were probably just friends.

Drake was one of his biggest supporters when Adam competed for American Idol. The camera would always show Drake and his family in the audience. Later, as their relationship blossomed more, Drake moved to L.A. to be with Adam only for Adam to let this wonderful guy go. Drake  found employment in L.A. Poor Drake didn’t get a chance to go to any red carpet events with Adam.

One time Drake was home alone, sick, and cold with a broken heart. After the break up, he wasn’t going out, just working more than one job and some focus on his beautiful art projects. He was in a large city without family just some friends. It was his friends that helped him get out and go places.

In interviews, Adam said he was dating, he didn’t have a boyfriend/ relationship. Later, Drake became his boyfriend. In another interview Adam said that he didn’t know what he wanted. After that, news across the internet broke that Adam had split up with Drake. The report was that Adam was too busy for  Drake and now that Adam is working on his second album,  I guess history will repeat itself,  he is not going to have time for anyone else. He doesn’t look at other guys the same way he did with Drake.  Although Adam said he was only in love once, however, Drake is in Adam”s Heart,  Adam is Voodooed by Drake’s Love.  Adam described Drake as Drop Down Cajun Voodoo Dreamy. Adam could be afraid to be with Drake because his heart was broken with the guy he fell in love with before Drake. Even after Adam and Drake broke up, Adam was all over Drake. He couldn’t keep his eyes off him.  Adam doesn’t show happiness and that spark since the break-up. It’s not in Adam’s gorgeous eyes. Anyone who dates Adam now will be dating Adam Lambert The Mega Star not Adam Lambert The Person. Drake knew “Adam The Person”.


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Ebony Evans The Exclusive Interview

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Posted: Sunday  June 5, 2011 @1:20 pm PST
Updated: Wednesday November 9, 2011 @ 8:28 pm PST
I must be the luckiest Blogger in the world,  I have landed an interview with Singer Ebony Evans,  Ebony is so busy working on her new album and traveling yet she took out her valuable time to grant me an interview, the interview went extremely well and this is what Ebony had to say to her fans.
De De: How old were you when you first started singing?
Ebony: About 9 or 10 in church choirs, but didn’t pursue it until I was about 12 professionally.
De De: How did Star Search help your career?
Ebony: It helped me by allowing me opportunity’s to perform and open shows for major artist like SWV, Christopher Williams, Troop and other groups hot at the time, and gain stage presence and confidence. That allowed me to perform for the mayor of my home town at a young age, invited by to perform for the Atlanta Braves, and a few years later I was a feature soloist on a grammy nominated album with Georgia Mass Choir.
De De: Who inspired you in music?
Ebony :Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Patti Labelle, Teena Marie, just to name a few of my inspirations and blueprints.
De De: Ah!  My cousin Aretha Franklin, that is so sweet of you.  Did you write any songs on your upcoming album?
Ebony :Actually I do some writing, but thats not my thing. I love the challenge of interpreting a great song, and making it my own. Similiar to Ella Fitzgerald, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and many other inspirations in my life, never wrote their own songs, but they perfected the craft of interpretation. Thats my thing….but I am sure in the future I might pull out the pen and pad 🙂
De De: What can your fans look forward to?
Ebony: I do this all for the love, I went through years of recording deals that never went anywhere. So when I am record an album its about growth and bringing something to music that is lacking these days. Real content, real lyrics, real life stories, inspirational, and most importantly, real singing. I hope every album I do is an improvement towards my pursuit of excellence in my craft.
De De: Will you be touring? if so, where can your fans find your tour dates?
Ebony:  Yes I will, we had some spring dates in Japan, but due to the terrible tragedy there, it of coursed has been delayed. I pray for each and everyone affected by that tragedy. Europe is a strong base for me, and its the primary focus this summer, with full band and 25 cities. Then of course I will continue to perform here in the states, working on some openings with some great artist I admire, so I look forward to that.
De De: Are you working on a music video?
Ebony: I actually just completed two treatments for my current album, “Just Because Of You” and a ballad “Silent Running”.
De De: Did you help produce your album?
Ebony: Oh no, I leave that to the experts, I love to be in there when they are creating at times, but thats it 🙂
De De: Ebony, I have one final question, What do you think about your Auntie De De? lol lol
Ebony:  I think you are fabulous and its great to see a woman achieve her goals, writing screenplays, blogs, ect, you’re a ‘go’ getter, that’s what they world is missing today. Thanks for being a blueprint for women around the world to pursue their dreams.
De De: I want to thank you so much for being such a sweetheart to your fans and giving your fans an insight to your upcoming album.  Ebony, You are an Angel.  I look forward to your upcoming album, I will be the first on in line to purchase it because, You can sing!  You have such a lovely voice. It’s wonderful to hear you’ll be bringing back that classic soul sound in music. Radio and The Billboard Charts is waiting for you.
Note: Links for all my music is on my website/blog  www.ebonyevans.com
Lots of love, stay blessed!

Adam Lambert & Elvis Presley


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What do you think?  Does Adam Lambert look like Elvis?  Does Adam sound like Elvis?  What could it be?  Is it the eyes?  The Hair?   Adam is compared to the Late King Elvis Presley all the  time.

What Are The similarities Between Adam and Elvis?  Please Leave A Comment!   PLEASE TWEET AND RE-TWEET..THANKS

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Welcome Back Kotter Sweathog Reunion (Videos & Link)

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Posted: Thursday July 14, 2011 @ 2:06pm PST

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The 70’s hit show “Welcome Back Kotter recently had a reunion,  the cast members consist of  John Travolta,  Lawrence Hilton- Jacobs,  Marcia Strassman, Robert Hegyes, and Ellen Travolta.  I had the honor of meeting all the Sweathogs on the set of “Welcome Back Kotter” twice,

My acting class took a field trip there and I went a couple of times on my own so, I was able to talk to John Travolta and Lawerence Hilton- Jacohs,  during that time a woman name Rona Barrett was there talking to them as well..