President Obama And The Economy

President  Obama is a celebrity in his own right,  I am a celebrity blogger and I do stay away from politics, however Mr. President is seen on TV more than the average Actor.   The is blog is a QUESTION blog,  who do you blame for the bad economy we are in?  Do you thing President Obama stand another chance at re-election?  Do you think he’s doing a good job?  If not, who do you think would do better?

Donald Trump said Sarah Palin would make a much better President than Mr. Obama.  What are your views?  How can we get back on the right track, stop losing our home, jobs etc?  


De De Tillman

4 thoughts on “President Obama And The Economy

  1. De De: first of all any president that came into office inherits the previous admn problems. G W Bush’s war on Irag caused such repercusions that this country may never recover from or at least it will take many years. I din’t vote for Obama but I will next election. If a Republican is elected we will be in more economic trouble than we are right now. No Trump, Romney nor Palin will make any difference. Palin is more than scary. She’s a self rightous homophobic with more issues than we can cover here. Obama needs another 4 years to make a real difference. Le’t’s not panic and give him more time. It’s only fair.

    1. Well Spoken Lovingadam and thank you for responding, I don’t do Politcal blogs but, I was just wondering how people feel about what’s going on and once again, I thank you so much… Now.. it’s time to get back to celebrity blogs and our baby Adam… lol

      De De

  2. Donald Trump needs to keep his mouth shut. He will never be the President of the United States, neither will Sarah Palin. The GOP doesn’t really want them to run for the job. THey would want Romney or GIngrich.

    A lot of the Tea Party folks want President Obama gone. So do the ones who have never voted for him and never would have to begin with. It looks like the blatant racism has been coming out from hiding. There are a lot of people who are showing their true colors.

    I do not wish the President Obama and his family any harm whatsoever. I wish him well on finishing his term. I don’t know if the public will re-elect him becasue they are very disappointed in him. Just saying.

    1. Hey Robert! I know what you are saying, Mr. President come into office with a heavy plate, I knew he was taking on a lot. A lot of people does not want him to suceed so, they are making him look like a faliure. I do wish him all the best and hopefully… We all can work together so see if we can help him any kind of way, I would love to see him and his family with 1 more term…. Donald Trump is a Rosie O need to get back at Donald…. lol

      De De

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