Dr. Conrad Murray Team Claims Michael Jackson Killed Himself.

By: De De Tillman

Los Angeles, California


Doctor Conrad Murray has the D-mn audacity to say that The Late Great King Of Pop KILLED HIMSELF..  How in the H-LL could he fix his d-mn mouth to say such an ugly and untrue thing about Michael.  NO I was not there and neither was he.   Murray does not want the Jury to see certain photos.

The Medical Examiner said Jackson was healthy and the prosecutors want to prove that Jackson was in good health when he was Killed.  I had the honor of meeting Michael,  he was an angel then and still is.

Murray should NOT have given Jackson that Propofol.  Murray had his Wh-ore chasing A– on the telephone talking to some d-mn woman while Michael was falling into a permanent sleep.   Murray does not own the right to ask the courts not to show something.   I will be glad when they hang that B-stard out to dry.   I don’t give a d-mn what Michael wanted Murray to give him, it was up to Murray to say NO WAY…   All Murray had to do is order blood work from Jackson to see if there was a medical condition keeping Jackson from sleeping.   I am not a doctor however I would have been a better doctor than Murray.  I would have ordered Jackson to take time off to get some rest.  Jackson was a hard worker and was hard on himself  because he wanted work to be perfect for his fans whom he loved with all his heart.

I got an autograph from Michael for a friend of mine,  he was so sweet. Michael’s baby brother Randy is another sweetheart,  I met him as well, had a long talk with him,  as a matter of fact when Randy walked out of the door where I was, he walked back inside just to say good bye and shook my hand.

Murray has made all these babies,  does not pay child support, has a license to practice medicine and did the wrong thing by having a drug that’s used in a  HOSPITAL  ONLY.   CONRAD MURRAY BROKE THE LAW…



6 thoughts on “Dr. Conrad Murray Team Claims Michael Jackson Killed Himself.

  1. Maybe the prosecution will blame the death of Michael Jackson on Casey Anthony and will try to sue Casey for the expenses of this investigation too. No facts necessary in this case also, just fantasy-forensics. If they prosecute Conrad’s case like Casey’s case, an acquittal is expected.

    1. OMG! Robert! Thank you Thank you Thank you! lol You are so HOT and good looking, I can’t wait to do a follow interview with you… Dang you are sexy…. lol

      De De

  2. I’m sorry. I have to say that Michael Jackson was murdered. It doesn’t matter what Dr Conrad Murray’s team says. The fans of Michael Jackson know the truth.

    1. You are so right Robert! Which bring me to this, I would love to re-interview you soon, I know you are busy however, I do have a lot of questions to ask you that I did not get a chance too. Being an Entertainer, I want to get your view on how you would handle things…. Please let me know if I can get another interview with you…..

      Many Thanks and Hugs
      De De

    2. Conrad Murray was the dumb a– Idoit that hooked Michael up to that posion. Murray had his retarded a– on the phone whild Michael was dying. Murray killed Michael…

      De De

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