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Cajun Sexy Drake LaBry

Drake LaBrys Art Work
Drake LaBry

Written By: La Tray

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On April 22nd, a talented and creative artist/interior designer from Louisiana was born, his name is Drake LaBry. He comes from a loving and supportive family. Not to mention has fans around the world that adore his charming personality, stunning good looks, and polished art/design work.

LaBry is a LSU graduate and has pursued a professional career in art and design. He has held art exhibits in the heart of Los Angeles and has sold his creations to enthusiastic art collectors.

Furthermore, LaBry is a skilled artist and designer that has the potential of being a television host of his own interior design show. An author of books displaying his art work. He could even be illustrated in magazines as a contributor. A judge on an interior designing show. Perhaps, his own interior design line/company. Maybe even make special appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, also a Louisiana native. He can easily be represented by a manager and talent agent. Whatever LaBry chooses to do with furthering his career into orbit, his fans will surely will follow.

In conclusion, Drake LaBry is “Cajun Sexy” just as his art and design work.

If you are interested in booking or representing Drake LaBry for Television, Media Work, Art/ Design Work, please contact him at the addresses below: 

Please visit Drake LaBry’s Official Website and click on contact www.drakelabryart.com for business inquiries.

Follow Drake LaBry on Twitter www.twitter.com/MrLaBryFYP

Friend Drake LaBry on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=23422859&hiq=drake&ref=search

Photo Credit/ Photo Courtesy: Drake LaBry (Facebook Pictures)