One Day With Your Favorite Celebrity: Who Would It Be?

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Posted: Sunday April 24, 2011 @12:45 pm PST

Updated: Monday November 14, 2011 @ 4:55 pm PST

Topic: Your Favorite Celebrity

If you could spend just ONE day with your favorite Celebrity who would it be? How would you spend your time with your favorite Star?



16 thoughts on “One Day With Your Favorite Celebrity: Who Would It Be?

  1. De De:
    Did you even have to ask? OMG Adam Lambert handsdown most gorgeous, sexy, articulate, kind, giving musically talented man I’ve ever seen or heard in my life. If I had just 1 day with him well I can’t put what’d like to do with him but you get the message. I would die a very happy woman. Sigh….

    1. LMAO Sharon! Girl, you are so FUNNY… lol He is all of that and a bag of chips as the old saying goes lol I know how you feel… lol

      Biig Big Big Hug
      De De

    1. Hey sweetie, Thanks for letting me know! and thanks for supporting our baby Adam… Have you had a chance to see Drake’s Mom new photos? They are up for grabbing…LMAO lol

      Big Big Hug and Love
      De De

      1. You mean from drakes Mom’s FB? I think I requested to friend her but i didnt get a response :/

  2. I would love to meet Adam Lambert, he’s my favorite singer, He’s so sweet, so cute, and his face :O HE IS PERFECT!,, ok! buy his voice who the hell hits those notes??? :O ADAM LAMBERT!!!,, he makes feel so happy! 😀 EVERYDAY!

  3. I would love to spend one day with Adam Lambert, because he’s such a beautiful soul and a real inspiration for me. He is the best artist i know. I listen to his amazingly music everyday. It always makes me feel good. Since I know him, I am a happier person. He changed my life for the positive. I adore him very much. I really hope to get the chance to meet my idol someday. It’s my biggest dream. Meeting him would be the best thing ever!

  4. I would love to spend with Adam his my favor singer of all times .great artist and actor just to spend some time with him i well be set for life .

  5. Spend the day with ADAM of course! It would be so cool to follow him on an ordinary day with som studiowork and then just hanging out an talk to him beacuse he has so many wise things to share and he has surtenly opened my eyes. Just have som thaifood and icecream and really talk. ( OMG!!!)

  6. adam lambert simply because he is real star nothing about him is fake!!!!!
    when u look at his face u can see what inside him…
    he is so talented guy he is perfect in what he do ,,, no one sing like him his voice can make all your dreams come true and u still set in your place !!!!
    i mean i liked stars before him but i didnt love any star but him…
    and like i always say he is perfect ….
    people might say iam crazy saying he is perfect because he is gay but all i can say is he is so Explicit not like other stars so that make him so fine ❤

  7. id die to meet mr ADAM LAMBERT. he has changed my life for the positive, most of my friends an family dont get it or understand it but they dont have to, he has been a big help in saving me from depression an i would love to have the chance to thank him for being the beautiful being he is an standing for what he believes in regardless what ppl say or think, i think thats a great attitude an thats what i needed to do an admiring someone like adam lambert so much gave me inner strength to do so an not care so much what others think an to be me, not mould myself to what other ppl want or what i think they want.

    1. Hi Trudy! If anytime you feel depressed just pop on a song by Adam and come chat with us here! We all love Adam and you will be surrounded by positive people…

      Luv and Hugs
      De De

  8. Without a doubt it would be with Adam Lambert. He is the most fasinating man to come around in forever. I would love to have a quiet meal with him and talk for hours. Oh and looking at his beautiful face the whole time wouldnt be so bad either!!

  9. I would LOVE to spend one day of my Life With Adam Lambert Because He is the Most Beautiful Human Being i have ever met. What would i do? Well i would love to only Share a nice long conversation while we drink a glass of wine, then go to a disco or a party to dance as much as the music sound, and then i would love to end the day Giving him a WARM hug and wishing him THE BEST of the good luck in his career and professional life!! 🙂

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