Taylor Swift Is Not A Singer..

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Posted:Thursday May 5, 2011 @ 11:15am

It truly amaze me how some people of today can get into a recording studio, can’t sing and make millions. Taylor Swift is prime example of someone being a recording artist and not a singer.  I have listen to a couple of her songs and I just don’t get it!  What do people hear in her songs?  Swift is a country artist without bringing country.  Carrie Underwood could not handle no other music style on American Idol except country.

I am not an Underwood fan however she can sing country and she brings it!   Knowing American Idol and how they do not know talent if it bite them in their azz,  Taylor Swift would have won American Idol.

Kanye West was wrong for ruining her moment and his opinion Beyonce should have won however in my opinion I have to agree,  Beyonce cannot sing and neither can Swift but,  Beyonce is a half percent better than Swift.  Talented country singers are LeAnn Rhimes, Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and Dolly Parton just to name a few WITH TALENT.   Beyonce has looks but can’t sing so as Taylor Swift,  they remind me of an episode of The Partridge Family called “Dora Dora Dora”,   Dora was all looks and no talent…

Check out the video:


18 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Is Not A Singer..

  1. Dede,
    You are so right. That Partridge Family video proves that people used to have to be musical to be called a singer. Not anymore. Taylor attracts pop fans who only care about the fact that her words are about them. They think she is nice and pretty so that is all that matters. She cannot sing on pitch and cannot carry a tune when she sings live. I think they have begun using auto tune when she sings live because of all the Internet talk about her not being able to sing. She basically talk sings and cannot reproduce a melody that she hears. That is why she botches the national anthem and
    Silent Night etc. So glad to hear someone else say that Beyonce can’t sing either. I have to plug my ears. The best female country singer of all time was Patsy Cline. My daughter is a professional singer and if, just once, she sang as bad as T.S., she’d never get another job. She sings all genres, harmony etc. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Karen, Thank you so much for taking out time to visit my blog and you are so right about the talent of today. The artists without talent makes up with studio equipment, beauty and a great personality. If you ever want me to do a blog on your daughter please let me know and pleaset tell her congratulations on being a talented singer.I went into acting and left the singing to my cousin Aretha Franklin lol

      Big Hug and Thanks For Being Here And Please Come Back
      De De Tillman

      1. De De,
        Wow, the GREAT Aretha Franklin is your cousin!!!! I had not had a chance to come back here since posting before. Thanks for your offer for a blog about my daughter. She is currently a lead singer and vocal captain on a new cruise ship in the Mediterranean. She is classically trained and sings everything from country to Italian arias, which she did once in an Italian cathedral a capella when asked by the tour guide. She has toured Europe as a soloist and done lots of musicals on stage. This is a show she did last summer, singing a lead part and playing the 6 string electric violin. .http://www2.broadwayworld.com/viewcolumnpics.cfm?colid=162393&photoid=170676 She has also done several Patsy Cline shows and everything inbetween, even Lucy in Charlie Brown and Maria AND Mother Abbess 🙂 in Sound of Music.


      2. Hey Karen! How are you sweetie Aretha and my Mom live in Michigan lol I am in Caliofrnia…lol Aretha and my mother are 1’st cousins, she is my second cousin…. It would be an honor to do a blog on your daugther.

        Big Big Hug
        Luv Ya
        De De Tillman
        Celebrity Blogger

      3. I am born and raised Michigan so love Motown music and Aretha. (….and Bob Seger and Nugent, hehe..). I lived in Detroit for a while. Sara probably would love the publicity in a blog. She is engaged to a gifted pianist so we are blessed with lots of music in our family. I will ask her what she thinks.
        Thanks and hugs to you too!

  2. Well, music depends on individual’s preference. I’ll pick Taylor Swift any day over any mainstream artists today. I prefer indie, folk and old music but T.S. is an exception.
    I’ve been to many concerts (indie/mainstream) and I must say T.S. concert is on my Top 5 ever. The girl is really talented (sing, perform, write the melody& lyrics of songs, play different instruments)… yes she sings live without any autotune or playbacks. And what sold me is she has a “heart”. She’s sincere and genuinely loves her fans. I guess that’s what trully is lacking to many artists today.

    and I mean if don’t have a very-powerful-diva-like-voice it doesn’t mean they can’t sing. there’s many different kinds of voice, ya know.

    Well, that’s just me. LOL

    1. Hi T.Y I want to thank you for commenting and you are right! Taylor does seem to have heart and, there are many different voices, her voice is one I don’t like or listen too. I grew up listening to The Motown Sound and The British Invasion lol It’s also great to know she love her fans and she does have a lot of them…

      Thanks For Replying
      De De

    2. Are you kidding? Many well known lead singers of bands have been forced due to contracts to perform with TS. One in particular was so upset afterward that he went public to make it known just how terrible of a singer she is. In fact I think he described her singing as horrible or terrible. His name is Chris Robinson lead singer of the world renowned Black Crowes and he is an ICON. His band has performed live all over the world with the likes of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. They have sold well over 30 Million albums. TS sells to kids who haven’t got a clue what talent is or even care. That’s the difference. I have heard music artists refer to TS as the princess of autotune along with Ke$ha. My granddaughter once listened to her now can’t stand her. She’s 11. My point is this the girl is cute but has no talent. Just because someone sells a lot of albums for awhile doesn’t relate to their level of talent.

  3. Taylor Swift will not be around for the long haul. I will give you another female country singer who is better than her. Chely Wright. She had a song out back in the late 1990’s called “Single White Female.”

    What is called country now should be called crappy country pop? That’s the truth.

    1. Hey Robert! I have to look her up and By the way! I am working on something for you, I will get with you later about it…. Dang I love your music! You tunes are DEEP dang… lol

      Luv U Hugs
      De De

    2. I agree with you about Taylor Swift and that she won’t be around for the long haul. She cute, tall, & slim but lacks talent and ability to act like a grown up.

    3. You are right the country music of today is crapola. I remember listening to Patsy Cline, Reba McIntyre, Dolly Parton but in my opinion country music has changed so much I can’t bear to listen to the radio stations.

  4. De De:
    I can’t agree with you more about Taylor Swift, Beyonce and several more including Ke$ha (horrible). Even Chris Richardson (lead singer for Black Crowes) when he was paid to peform with her at a show. Afterward he went public in an interview just how bad she was as a singer. Beyonce sounds good in studio recordings due to autotuning and voice over. Otherwise, live she is not that good. But her label spends millions telling us how incredible she is. She’s got the beauty and figure & that’s what most like about her.
    Back to TS she appeals to very young girls due to her contrived image. My gd is 11 & now TS is her fav last year it was Miley. This is why TS sells so many records. Kids beg parents for itune cards and download her music constantly. They don’t care about talent.
    Real talent is a thing of the past esp in pop music. The real test is singing live. None of the above can do it. This is why Carrie is still in the limelight she has a strong voice & doesn’t need all the hype, autotune, voiceover.

    1. LMAO Oh Sharon! Girl you have me rollling on the floor! What happend was I as listening to songs to go into display and when Taylor was singing I thought someone was playing a joke on me, I said ” It’s not April fool’s day and It was not my birthday and they told me it was Taylor Swift.. lol Celine Dion can BLOW, that’s a voice for the Men, Adam Lambert can BLOWWWWWWWWWW lol I have a great ear for sounds that’s why Taylor and a whole lot more does not work for me…

      Beyonce made a mistake and called Tina Turner Queen Of Soul and pissed my cousin Aretha Franklin off LMAO I have never met Aretha however my mom has and they are first cousins. Beyonce also pissed off Etta James. Etta was okay with her for her work however Beyonce went to the White House singing her song and acting as if she was Etta James… LMAO Etta called Beyonce a “B” lol

      Luv U
      De De

      1. I can’t believe how dumb that was of Beyonce to call TT “Queen of Soul.” I love Tina but nooooooo that title belongs to Aretha and always will. My all time favorite soul song is “Respect” and no one can do it like Aretha. It takes real soul to do that one. BTW good for Etta. Did you see Beyonce’s latest movie flop? She held in her true persona til end & then let out her “Street talking” side. She also produced movie, used her own music and took on lead female role. Maybe that’s why it flopped. “smack my mouth .”

      2. Hey Sharon! I really don’t see what people hear in her music, I just don’t get it. lol Adam could take one of her songs, sing it and she will not know it…. LMAO lol

        De De

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