Lady GaGa Song “Americano”_Against Arizona Law (Video)

Blogged By: Celebrity Blogger – De De Tillman

Blog Source: Yahoo – CNN – AP

Video Credit – YouTube – chrisdirector23

Posted: Sunday May 8, 2011 @ 1:05 pm PST

Updated: Sunday October 30, 2011 @ 7:30 pm PST

Topic: Lady Ga Ga

Lady GaGa is against the Arizona Immigration Law and has written a song called “Americano”


5 thoughts on “Lady GaGa Song “Americano”_Against Arizona Law (Video)

  1. Lady Gaga is no cookie cutter plastic pop star in the likes that mainstream is so used to seeing. Her image is edgy and the music on this album is heavy brilliant innovative pop with dark lyrics and powerful messages. Wether at a party or a club, one can’t ignore how fast dance floors fill when Gaga’s songs come on, but the thing that I love the most about these powerful…

  2. I want to add: The State of Arizona is one of a few that is trying desperately to resolve the influx of illegal immigrants. Many of which have criminal records before crossing the border and continue their criminal activities in the US. Something should be done to stop this illegal immigration soon. I won’t touch of the political ramifications of this nor will I mention the damage already done by some illegal immigrants.

    1. Hey Sharon! You may add as much as you like as often as you wish, This is your home… I was watching the show called “Cops” and one of the episode has these 2 women that got attacked by illegal immigrates, as a matter of fact this one guy raped a woman in Arizona… What some people here are saying about the Arizona Law is that government should worry about the decline of California and let Arizona set the own rules

      I cannot remember ths show I was watching a few years back but, this Mayor is a small town back east had a lot of Illegal Mexicans there so, what he did was, stopped people from renting to them, stop hiring them and stop shopping at their stores. This one lady was crying because no one was shopping at her store so, they all packed up and moved from that city. When I find out I will let you know.. As a matter of fact the Mayor said, If his small time was over loaded by illegal Mexicans he could only imagine what the big cities are like

  3. De De:
    I am sure I will ruffle some ppl feathers on this site but I am not a fan of LGG. She is constantly doing things to get herself in the press pretending to care about different cultures and causes. But what has she actually done to change anything. Yelling at a gay rights rally is one thing but actually doing something is another. She doesn’t support her fellow celebrites in any way, shape, or form. Ex: Adam has consistantly given her support via twitter and other blogs but has she done anything to support him? NO..when was the last time we read anything where she stands up for individuals. I beliieve she is out for herself and that is her only real cause.

    1. Hey Sharon! How are you sweetie? You are not going to fuffle feathers here because, I did ask how does everyone feel and you gave your honest opinion! Please don’t worry how others feel, a lot of folks like GaGa and a don’t lol Thank you so much for being here and being my friend… Where is Beverly? lol

      Love and Hugs
      De De

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