The Supremes Florence Ballard Babies Are Forgotten (Links)

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My Beginning, Middle and End Is Just A Rough Draft Of The Life And Death Of the Late Beautiful Florence Glenda Ballard-Chapman.  Her Entire Story Can Be Read Via Links At The  End Of  The Page.  

Florence Glenda Ballard  (June 30, 1943 – February 22, 1976)

Florence Ballard was Born Florence Glenda Ballard to Jessie and Lurlee Ballard on June 30, 1943  in Detroit, Michigan.   Years later Ballard’s family moved to the  then-newly developed Brewster-Douglass housing projects by the time Ballard was fifteen.  Florence met Mary Wilson first and later Mary introduced Diana Ross to Florence.

Florence, Mary, Diana and Betty became The Primettes and later and then Betty was no longer with the group and later it was Florence,  Mary and Diana as The Supremes.  Florence Ballard came up with the name “The Supremes” and when things went from bad to worst,  Diana had Florence removed from the group and Florence was not able to use the name “Supremes” because, Berry Gordy somehow became the owner of that name.

Florence Ballard later married Motown’s chauffeur Thomas Chapman,  they had 3 little girls, the marriage was on and off,  Ballard at the end was on welfare and home was foreclosed.


1. Florence Ballard Was Born

2. Florence Became The Supreme (group she named)

3. Diana Ross Had Florence Removed From Her Own Group

4. Diana Ross Had Affair With Berry Gordy And Had A Daughter{}

5. Florence Lost Her Home, Applied For Welfare.

6. Florence Ballard Died Leaving 3 Daughters Behind




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33 thoughts on “The Supremes Florence Ballard Babies Are Forgotten (Links)

  1. People should understand how hard it is to get a job sometimes. who would think that flo would’ve been on welfare. these ladies are denied what’s rightfully theirs. something should be done. they should not just walk on and forget. berry gordy needs to be confronted. He’s wrong, wrong, wrong. flo had everything to do with the groups success. she worked hard as everybody else and was cute and charming. they need to keep pushing. keep pushing and find a way to make money either through interviews a book a memoir or something.

  2. I have been a Florence Ballard and Supremes fan since the early 80’s Florence and Mary Wilson were always my favorite group members I have everything they ever released on album cd videos of their performances photo albums of pictures news stories I have Mary Wilson autograph from her first book Dreamgirl I got for my 19th birthday in 1986 and i also got Supreme Faith The Lost Supreme about Florence Ballard All That Glittered About The Supremes by Tony Turner Forever Faithful story of Florence Ballard and The Supremes by Randall Wilson and The True Story of Florence Ballard by her sister Maxine Ballard who was a friend of mine since November 17, 2007 we also stayed in contact by phone and we visited often when I first met her she brought a copy of her book to me which I paid her for I knew her till her passing on December 13, 2013 starting in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 on June 30th which was Florence’s birthday Maxine and I would go out to the cemetery to visit her grave I did have the privilege of meeting Florence Ballard’s daughters Lisa Nicole and Michele at Maxine’s gravesite service I did see and meet Michele one other time before I care very much about her and my late friend Maxine and all of Florence’s and Maxine’s family

  3. It was my understanding that Berry Gordy and Diana Ross set up a fund for Florences girls.I LOVED the supremes and though Mary and Flo had pleasant voices it was a natural progression that Diana be moved to the lead or they would have ended up sounding like every other doo-wop group of the time.I thought the group’s sound changed after Flo left and my family never bought another album after she left.Together as a group they had a beautiful harmony and listen to the pre 1968 albums to this day.I felt horrible after hearing of Flo’s passing but it is also my understanding that she was getting her life back together and had received a pay out from Berry and a settlement from the lawyer that had stolen her settlement from Motown.Flo had bought a cute tudor style house, a new cadillac and was even in touch wth Diana.Flo has stated herself that she was very angry with Berry but it was her own fault that she had been dismissed.I have seen one of Flo’s girls being interviewd on some show and she was beautiful and poised and only stated that her mother and Diana grew up together like sisters and that they loved each other but “disagreed”.I really don’t understand this blog and who are you?!….you state you have never met her daughters but know where they live?!.Who are you to be asking money for complete strangers.I have never….ever seen or heard of these women complaining or requesting monies on their mother’s behalf.As far as i have heard they are good and hard working women with families.Just as a footnote my favorite Supreme song is “You keep me hanging on”….Diana and Flo are singing their hearts out and sound wonderful together one backing the other up perfectly.It was my understanding that Hol/Doz/Hol wanted Flo singing lead with Diana as it was an intense hard rocking…soulful beat and Diana and Flo are clearly competing with each other but the results are simply glorious!!!.Michael

  4. I’m sorry, but you are NOT a “journalist.” You’re not even a very good blogger. I loved Florence Ballard, just like I loved all the Supremes. In fact, I was very squeemish about the idea of Dreamgirls being made into a film, because I was concerned about the liberties they would take with the Supremes’ story. But one thing the film got right was the fact that the Supremes, as a group concept, belonged to Berry Gordy and Motown – including the name. Neither Florence, Mary nor Diana owned any part of the group. And Diana did not “put Florence out of her own group.” #1) It wasn’t Florence’s group, and #2) Berry Gordy, who “paid the costs to be the boss,” fired Florence because he needed stability and dependability and he was tired of her drinking and combative attitude. These old, rehashed rumors like your’s here actually damage the Supremes legacy. If you ever become interested in THE FACTS concerning this, why don’t you watch TVOne’s episode of Unsung about Florence. They were not afraid of the facts! I wish Florence’s daughters well. They are certainly old enough by now to have learned how to earn a living like everyone else.

  5. I just happen to come across this blog while working on a project. I have to ask, what are these women doing to help themselves? Do they have jobs and if not, why? Are they just willing to sit back and hope people will help them? Why now are they trying to recoup what they think is owed to them? To condemn Ms Ross without all of the facts is poor journalism. From what I read, the girls acknowledged they received the cash, now what they did with it is another story and maybe one someone should look into. Who are they to expect anything more than what they have earned? Apparently they need to get it together and learn to stand on their own. Maybe Ms. Ballard did come up with the groups name, but if she did not register it, it belongs to whoever did, I imagine Motown. Hopefully these women won’t waste their lives on the small hope that they can recoup the name and any residual income. Maybe they should talk to the attorney that brokered the exit from the Supremes, they did agree to a one time payout. I am a huge Supremes fan and the $10K each was a gift she (Ms. Ross) did not have to give.

  6. Hi, I love the music created by the Supremes, it was real music. I feel sad for what happened to Florence Ballard, it was another misfortune what happened to her, like other artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe. It was to bad that she did not fix this legally before everything fall apart. What I have learned here in United States if you do not protect yourself legally other people can take avenge of you.
    I move a few years ago to the United States from a poor country, I remember I have to walk long hours to school, share clothes, shoes and bedroom with my sister, sometimes we did not have food to eat. All of this was not an obstacle to achieve my dreams earn a degree. When I arrived to USA I had carrion of clothes and big dreams. Now I speak English, I became a citizen, I have a permanent job making 55K, a 2300 sq feet house. If I could make all of this possible being an immigrant, there is no reason why American cannot do it. You leave in a bad neighborhood leave it for a good one. The change is in every one of us.

    1. Congratulations on moving to the US, your willingness to learn English and everything you have done to have a good life. What you might not know is some Americans don’t have it that easy. Some people are refused jobs because they do not speak another language in here in their own country.

      It’s sad but The USA has Racist issues, Some Blacks can make it, some can’t. Veterans goes to war, come home and can’t find a job.

      People coming from other countries have better luck in the USA than natives. Congratulations again on your success and most of all thank you for the love you have for Florence Ballard

      Much Love
      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

  7. I love flo rence Ballard but the girls are now grown women they should have made every efford to not fall in the same pattern that happen to their mother I dont think they remeber much about their mother because they were littler girl when she past away
    Also they had many aunt and uncle who should had so to it that they made something of their life. They Aunt Maxine Ballard Jenkins wrote a tell all book (The true about Flo Ballard) Why didnt she share the profit with her neices In life u much make better choices. Also people have fogotten who really discoverd the supreme. It was Melton Jenkins who marred flo siter Maxine Ballard Jenkin. He died 1973.

  8. My heart breaks for Florence daughters & grandchildrens. Thank U De De I support
    you in ur effort to support Florence Daughters. smh @ the negative commets in
    here towards them. DeDe I would love to write them and encourage them..Do you
    have a email address on them…Please stay in touch I’m truly concern, They are
    in my prayers!!! God Bless U DeDe. Nay_Nay

    1. Hi Nay Nay Finally a nice comment on the girls, I spent a lot to time in Detroit but, I never had a chance to meet them.

      David Ruffin’s son is following me on Twitter, I will ask him if he knows how to get in touch with tehem. I know the area where they live in Detroit…

      I will keep you updated and thank you again so much for the sweet comment. I know Florence is smiling down on you for this..

      Love and Hugs

      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

  9. Listen, we know life can suck but the reality is that Florence Ballard’s daughters, just like anyone else, should get themselves together. I saw a video about them and their lives in that little home close to Hitsville (Motown). They didn’t even have clear pictures of their mother on the walls, but did have pictures that they cherished. It just seems like out of all of Florence’s siblings and relatives, the girls should be more informed about their mother and even have more memorabilia even. I also think they should fight against these ‘DreamGirl’ type plays and movies that make all that money without input from people who REALLY knew Florence. I knew her and loved her but to me, there was probably a lot of blame going around at Motown at the time. She did a lot for Motown by even founding the group but maybe Florence could not deal with change. I saw the show Unsung too and a cousin of hers and Mary Wilson enlightened me. Berry wasn’t so much a genius for as Eddie Kendricks said “It doesn’t take a genius to take money from children” which Berry did. As for Florence, nice as she was, she should have kicked more ass and stood up for herself but some people cannot do that. Forget Diana and all the blame. I want Flo’s daughters to do better. Florence wouldn’t want to see them this way.

    1. I totally agree, we have heard so many stories about barry and yes he was a damn good hustler and con-artist, those singers in the 60’s were young and naieve about the music business, they were trusting and believed barry would do right by them you can’t knock them for that, their parents believed barry as well, barry robbed all of them young stars back then except the ones who knew as much as he did such as smokey, stevie. diana came out on top because she was in between the sheets, It makes no sense that all of those young people died broke after all the money they made for barry gordy. Barry did not do right by Florence but he could have at least gave those children a trust fund for all their mother’s hard work, it’s so sad.

  10. Florence Ballard was a grand lady. Full of talent and a strong, powerful voice. However, we can not totally blame Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, or Motown for Flo’s demise. Part of the blame lies with Flo as well. I love Flo. She was my favourite Supreme, but as far as the truth goes…..NONE OF US WILL EVER KNOW THE REAL STORY! Never! So, get over it. Flo left the Supremes over 45 years ago. The Supremes broke up over 35 years ago. All that remains are their records and a grand history of being “America’s Number One Sweethearts of Song”! As for Flo’s daughters, as one commenter commented……they were all under 10 years of age when they lost their mother. What happend after that we’ll never know. What we do know is that the life they live now, such as it is, is of no one’s doing except their own. Diana Ross left each of the three girls a college fund. The girls themselves admitted they each recieved $10,000 from Diana. What did the girls do with this money? Back then that was quite a chunk of money. All they had to say about it was that “it’s all gone”. Gone? Gone where? Did they use it for college? Or did they blow it. If they’re living in poverty it’s their own fault. And, if they are living on food stamps, they are living off of yours and mine paychecks, and I’M TIRED OF SUPPORTING LAZY DO NOTHING FOR THEMSELVES PEOPLE, including the Chapman sisters. I bet they voted for Obama! The pity party for these three sorry women needs to end! If they need help they only need to look in the mirror and stop expecting Mary Wilson, or anyone else to feed them and clothe them. They need to get jobs and stop whining. And, they need to stop robbing the tax payers who’s money pays for the food stamps they recieve. I don’t mind helping people who are down on their luck; but, I take offense to people who think the world owes them something just because they were born, or are the children of fallen stars. I don’t feel sorrry for Michele, Nicole, or Lisa. They’re grown women who need someone to shake them up and tell them to their faces: “Get your lives together”!
    End of story!

  11. It’s too bad grown folks can’t write something that shows at least a little bit of literacy. What happened with Florence was very tragic. However, it was a very long time ago when her daughters were VERY young (all three younger than 10). There were two primary figures in Florence’s undoing and we all know who they are. Her daughters grew up and made choices that have had adversely affected their lives. They may not have had the advantages of lots of money, etc., but they chose to have babies and go on welfare. When there’s a will, there’s a way and they all took a ghetto approach and I have no sympathy for them. Things in a fair and moral sense should have been different for them but they knew early on what the real deal was and they chose to make public pitypots out of themselves. Michelle and Nicole are 43 years old and Lisa is coming up on 40 and I don’t believe any of the three are stupid. But at this late stage, quit sitting on your big ass waiting for what you think you should have gotten. Shoulda-woulda-coulda brings “Nothing But Heartaches.”

    1. Amen, and
      Amen! You took the words right out of my mouth! Flo’s three daughters are old enough to take care of themselves. I’m tired of hearing about their sad life. And, I hate pity parties. Get a life Michele, Nicole, and Lisa. I’m sorry about what happend to your mother. We all loved her. But, you are grown women now. You live the life you live by your OWN choices! Nobody owes you anything!

      1. ” I will personally come against any efforts you make to try and appease Flo’s daughters.” And who are you to tell us what we want to do? How are you going to stop us from helping out Florence’s daughters? You aren’t. As far as I’ve seen, all three of the daughters are married, have children and are working jobs. As for the money that was left in the trust funds, do you really think they would be stupid enough to blow through it all? No, of course they wouldn’t. Whatever happened to the money, nobody knows. So why don’t you get off your damn high “i have a job and that makes me better than everyone else and those who don’t are just lazy” horse, and come join us in the real world where Detroit is a poverty stricken city with very limited employment options. And don’t even think about coming back at me with any of this “well they should just move” bullshit. If you barely break even, how are you expected to just up and move?
        So, come at me with “oh you’re just a liberal, you know nothing.” “Oh you swear, you must be uneducated” I’ve heard it all before. It’s just rhetoric used by you right winger loons to try and back track.
        God, you right wingers are so fucking out of touch with reality it’s pathetic.

  12. Life brings many tragedies to people…we should not blame Diana Ross for the devastations of Florence Ballard’s life nor her children. Forgiveness is a powerful tool.

    1. Yes for giveness is a powerful tool; but diana took the spot light from someone who started it all an I feel it’s more than right that she gives back flo share to her children… Why are people making movies about flo an her girls are not receiving there share as a living dependent of flo?

      1. Hi Yolanda, You hit the nail on the head, You are so right! Florence was the one who named The Supremes and it was taken from her by Berry Gordy.

        Diana was the one ran to Berry on Florence and she had the galls to go to Flo’s funeral and was holding one of the girls.

        The people in Detroit almost had a riot when Diana showed up with HUGE hat on. I lived in Detroit off and on so, I know the area where her babies live.

        At one point her girls were on welfare and this makes no sense when Hollywood is making Millions off Florence name. The name Supremes should be given to her daugthers.

        Everyone know Diana was sleeping with Berry while he was married and she had Rmhonda by him.

        Thanks For Being Here and Please Spread Word
        Love and Hugs We Love You Florence

        De De Tillman

      2. I apologise for this late reply; but diana need her but kick but all good doe she lost everything in the end. an i for one do not feel sorry for her… Smokey had the nerves to bash flo name an make that bull comment that flo was not the lead singer of the group. remember when the movie dream girls came out an they interview smokey an he made the comment somebody need to apologise to berry; why was he so hustle an bitter about a movie if truth was not to it? You see a guilty person always tell on there selfs; an why would anybody need to apologise to berry? Everybody knows diana was the hoe of the group an she sleep with every new member that was sign to motown including young michael jackson… It’s sad an dishonor how flo kids were treated after her pasting, but like the old saying goes pay back is a mother!

      3. Hi Yolanda, When you have a chance read this,,318231,00.html This is about Berry’s second wife. Hazel and Berry Jr. is by Berry’s first wife “Thelma” Kerry is by his second wife. He has another daughter name Sherry/Sherrie however it’s spelled, there’s Rhonda who is by Diana and the list goes on and on.. He later married a Korean woman and she has a son by him..

        I use to live in Detroit and Diana is not liked there. You might find a few idiots that thinks she’s all that. Diana use to mess with Smokey as well. I met him during his promotion of “Smokey Robinson Soul Food In A Bowl” I took a picture with him and his best friend “Leon Issac Kennedy” he was once married to actress Jayne Kennedy.

        Diana is a real live doozie….

        Please add the blog to your facebook and if you tweet, Please join me on Twitter//

        De De

      4. Neither of you know the whole story or the true story. If truth be told, NOBODY but the parties invovled knows the whole truth. I will personally come against any efforts you make to try and appease Flo’s daughters. They are lazy loafs who think the world owes them something just because their mother was one of the original Supremes. If Flo knew how her daughters are living, she would be ashamed! She’d probably beat their butts and tell them to stop whining!

    2. I agree with you. Other powerful tools are the imagination when people need someone to blame and the rumor-mill in spreading “hatoration.”

    3. This comment is for jack, listen here, so what u got a job, i do to, but u can have a career just like florence’s children and grandchildren can have one also, the money is there, the government is begging minorities to get those grants but some black folk will not do what it takes to make their lives a little less of a struggle by going to school, they want shit handed to them, don’t want to sacrafice, well i will tell u this, THE HASSLE IS WORTH THE TASSLE ANY DAY, I GOT MINE!!!!! education is power and it’s the only way, if u don’t want to struggle and worry about how you’re going to eat, pay your bills when due and always having to ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL, unless you were born into money you will be struggling without education. this is not about what her children are doing, it’s about what is due to their mother and because barry railroaded florence, his ass needs to do right by her damn kids, i don’t give a damn if they 70 years old, their mother was robbed and fucked over by MOTOWN!!!!!!!. AND U QUIT MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF ABOUT THE CITY U LIVE IN AND THE LACK OF OPPORTUNTIES, GET YOUR ASS BACK IN SCHOOL!!!!!!

  13. This sad; so sad… I thought diana ross gave them the money after flo had past… Smh it’s ture what people say about diana, she is a theft an under handed; that’s why her music carrer fail flat bottom in the 80’s. My heart goes out to flo children an grand children. Smh diana sat on national television back in the early 80’s an said to everyone who was watching that she will honor flo’s death an help her off springs but instead she ran off with the money. Flo daugther’s needs a good attorney an claim what is theres. This is sad! What can I do to help!?

    1. Hi Yolanda OMG Thank you so much for being here and responding. I was said Diana gave the girls money each, NO ONE seems to know what happened to it. I have history in Detroit and I broke down and cried when I saw Florence daughers on tv living just blocks from the Motown building and not in a Mansion.

      Some say their father took Mr. Chapman took the money while others said it was no oney at all. I do know people booed Diana when she was at Florence funeral because, they blame her for going to Berry Gordy and had Florence removed from the group she named.

      I will see what we can do to help and thank you so much for caring We can start by TWEETING, Retweeting the blog, adding it to Facebook wall and I will continue tweeting The Ellen Show, Wendy Williams etc,,,,

      Big Big Hug
      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

    1. Thank you so much Colleen for leaving a comment on the beautiful and talented Florence Ballard. She studied opera when she was in school. A great voice. I hope one day someone will help her daughters financially. She will never be forgotten by her fans.

      De De Tillman

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