D’urville Martin 2/11/39 – 5/28/84 Actor- Director (Videos Links)

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Actor / Director D’urville Martin

This is a © Copyright Photo Permission Granted To Me By The Martin Family Estate.

Actor / Director/ D’urville Martin  B:February 11, 1939  D: May 28, 1984

Actor/ Director D’urville Martin was born February 11, 1939 in New York.  I have the extreme honor of knowing Mr. Martin,  he was one of those entertainers who recognized a fan and was very appreciative.  When I met him the first thing he said “Thank You For Being My Fan”, I invited Mr. Martin to speak in one of my college classes and he was all to happy to do so, my classmates were in shock when Mr. Martin walked in the classroom.

Prior to that Mr. Martin invited me and my father to the movie premiere of the movie he directed called “Dolemite” .  A lot of The Jeffersons fans may not know it but,  Mr. Martin was the first  Lionel Jefferson on “All In The Family”.  He opened the doors for black actors in the 70’s. He was in major film productions which includes Rosemary’s Baby, Black Like Me, and Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.

Mr. Martin was a sweet, talented man who cared about his family and fans.  Had Mr. Martin lived he would have been 72 years young, he’s been gone for 27 years yet his memory will live forever in Hollywood,  he died much too young at the tender age of 45.  Gone Too Soon.  I’m sure Mr. Martin would have won an Academy Award for directing films. Thank you Mr. Martin for helping young black actors enter the door of Hollywood which still remains tightly closed, however, he gave that door a nice kick. Most of all I have to thank him for acknowledging his fans and was all to happy to give an autograph!   Mr. Martin deserves to be honored with a star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Hollywood along with being honored at the NAACP Image Awards for his accomplishments and so that his fans, friends, and most of all his family can witness the joy of his hard work.   He left behind a beautiful wife Mrs. Lillian Martin, a sweet loving daughter Kala Alisa Martin and a handsome son Jacques D’urville Martin who Mr. Martin told me Jacques was named after his god father Actor Raymond St. Jacques.



Video By:Larrybiglarry Part 1-3

D’urville Martin “All In The Family” Part 1:


PART 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iQX-KJUt_I&feature=related

PART 3:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbWBoGCbkQY&feature=related





Photo Credit: Permission From The Martin Family Estate: Do Not Use Or Copy This Story For monetary Compensation!  All Request Much Be Forwarded  To The Martin Family Estate.  This Blog Is To Say Thank You To A Brilliant Actor Who Cared About His Fans And His Career. No Money Is To Be Made On This Blog. To contact

{The D’urville Martin Estate Contact Information} kalaalisamartin@yahoo.com


4 thoughts on “D’urville Martin 2/11/39 – 5/28/84 Actor- Director (Videos Links)

    1. You are so welcome Robert, It was a hard blog to do because I knew him and he was so down to earth, he did not act like an Actor, he was more like Uncle D’urville… He has such a sweet family. I meet his children when they were little and they are so adorable. Mr. Martin’s daughter Kala is an angel, His wife is so sweet. He has a son and I have not seen or spoken to him since he was a little boy…. lol Down To Earth Family..

      De De

  1. You know so many iconic people. Girl, you sure get around. What did he die of? This indeed is a sad story. BTW, the new picture suits you much better than the old one. I like it. SEXYMOMA! haha

    1. LMAO! Hi Room 147 You are so sweet and funn! lol Thank you for the compliment on my new Photo! I met Mr. Martin a long time ago and he was an Angel.. The news reported he died of a Heart Attack. I would love to see his story on E! True Hollywood with the Martin Family speaking. I am in touch with his sweet daughter Kala. Kala is sweet just like Mr. Martin and her Mother Mrs Lillian Martin. if he had been living today, I know I would have been calling him “Uncle D’urville” He was so nice.

      Thanks again Room 147
      De De Tillman

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