Rihanna Blast MTV News Canada Without Reading!

Written By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman
Source: Rihanna Twitter – MTV News Canada Twitter

Posted:Friday June 24,2011 @ 1:01 pm PST

SAN FRANCISCO – Singer Rihanna jumped to conclusion and blast MTV News Canada after reading a tweet from them, apparently, she did not click on the link they provided in their tweet. The accusation DID NOT come from MTV News Canada, if Rihanna had taken time out to READ she would have known they were asking a question and was wondering ” Was it a hoax, did someone hack her account.”

Some of Chris Brown fans are wondering if Rihanna drove Chris into the 2009 rage,  It’s no excuse for him to put his hands on her,  also it’s not right if Rihanna provoked him.  The man thing for him to have done was drive her to a safe place and tell her to get out of his car.   Only the 2 of them know exactly what happened, however,  Rihanna’s tweet shows she does not pay attention to details.  MTV News Canada was simply going by posts it was nothing MTV released about Rihanna.


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