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Dan Peek From The Band “America” Found Dead

Blogged By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Blog Source: Rolling Stone Music

Posted: Thursday July 28, 2011 @11:15 pm PST

Video Credit: YouTube –  America “A Horse With No Name”

Topic: Dan Peek – The Band “America”

Dan Peek from the band “America” body was found in bed by his wife Catherine.  The Peek’s home is in Farmington Missouri.  One of the band’s hit songs is “A Horse with No Name,”  The  cause of death is not known.  Peek was 60.

The old saying is “They Go In 3’s” First was sweet angel Amy Winehouse found in bed dead, now Dan Peek the same,  found in bed dead.  Sadly, who will be number 3 found in bed dead?


Chloe Lattanzi Graphic Music Video (Warning! Gun Drugs Blood)

Blogged By: Celebrity Blogger De De Tillman

Blog Source: MSNBC – MSN – TODAY Entertainment – Marianne Garvey (Eonline) – YouTube

Video Credit: YouTube – (Play With Me)

Posted: Thursday July 28, 2011 @ 9:50 pm PST

Topic: Chloe Lattanzi – Olivia Newton-John

WARNING!   This song / video is called  “Play With Me”  is not for everyone,  it’s extremely graphic material.  Anyone dealing with depression, rejection etc… should not watch this video,  it’s  for entertainment purposes.

Chloe Lattanzi is the daughter of music legend Olivia Newton-John.  Lattanzi music is very dark and gothic.  This video contains a gun, blood and drugs.