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CEO Steve Jobs Resigns From Apple (Video)

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Posted: Wednesday August 24, 2011 @4:29pm PST

Topic: Steve Jobs Resigns As CEO Of Apple

According to APPLE, CEO Steve Jobs has resigned and has stated he can no longer handle the position.  Apple’s chief operating officer, Tim Cook, has been named CEO.  Jobs is the master-mind behind APPLE’s INC devices which includes the ipad, iphone and much more.

I remember working with Steve Jobs many years ago, the place was packed, people came from all over the world to see and hear what Jobs was promoting.

APPLE  may take a plunge without Jobs. However, Jobs will stay on as Apple’s Chairman according to CNN.

Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler Ends Relationship (Photo Link)

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Posted: Wednesday August 24, 2011 @ 4:00 pm PST

Topic: Sara Gilbert – Allison Adler

Actress – Producer Sara Gilbert and girlfriend Allison Adler has decided to end their 10 year relationship according to “People.”  Gilbert played “Tomboy” Darlene Conner on the hit television show “Roseanne.”  Sara Gilbert sister is actress Melissa Gilbert. 

The couple have two children and no reason was given for the breakup.  This is so sad, I hope they seek counseling before calling it quits for good.

Sara Gilbert co-host and executive producer of CBS talk show “The Talk”.

Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler Photo Link:http://www.zimbio.com/Allison+Adler/articles/LsMzg5IcsVx/Allison+Adler+Sara+Gilbert+Partner

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Will Smith & Jada Pinkett: Separation-Divorce- (Dislikes Links) Video

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Video Credit: YouTube (CelebTV)

Posted: Wednesday August 24, 2011 @ 2:45 pm PST

Topic: Will Smith – Jada Pinkett Smith – Marc Anthony

Rumors are flying everywhere whether or not Will Smith and Jada are separated.  First it was rumored that the couple had separated then it was added that Pinkett Smith was having an affair with singer Marc Anthony.  Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are apart and maybe headed to divorce court, could Jada be the cause of it?

People are asking if Pinkett  Smith was involved with Smith while he was married to his first wife Sheree and was Pinkett-Smith involved with the late Rapper Tupac Shakur. I remember Tisha Campbell -Martin connected Pinkett to Smith. Smith  was married to Sheree and was seeing Pinkett at the same time,  Smith and Sheree were having marital problems.

According to “Starcasm.net, the story also alleges that Jada was having an affair with Hawthorne co-star Marc Anthony. TMZ contacted Jada Pinkett Smith’s rep, Karynne Tencer, who had one of the most enigmatic responses in the history of public relations, “What? In Touch said that? I know nothing about this … Lord. I’m going back to bed.”

Usually when rumors start about Hollywood Breakups it’s usually true, it might not be confirmed by the couples right away, however, it happens.  Stars are forever on covers of magazine saying “We are going to be together forever, Our love is here to stay” and etc… RIGHT!


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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted in Malibu:http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20522289,00.html

Nancy Reagan Falls: Caught By Senator Marco Rubio (Video)

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Blog Source: Yahoo – KCAL  CBS affiliate in Los Angeles – YouTube

Video Credit: YouTube rightface1 – http://www.RightFace.us

Posted: Wednesday August 24, 2011 @ 12:45 pm PST

Topic: Nancy Reagan – Marco Rudio

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, 90, and Marco Rubio were walking down the aisle at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California during an event when Mrs. Reagan fell, and was caught Republican senator Marco Rudio from Florida.