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Jermaine Jackson (Videos)

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Jermaine Jackson Is Now Divorced From Halima and Is Dating a Young Model


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Jermaine Jackson is the fourth child of the Jackson siblings was born in Gary Indiana December 11, 1954.  Jackson started out with his brothers “The Jackson 5” and later married Berry Gordy’s daughter Hazel Gordy and they have 3 children together.

While married to Hazel, Jermaine had an affair with Margaret Maldonado and they have 2 children. Jackson’s brother Randy was married to a woman name Aliza and later divorced because of an allege affair he was having with  Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza  whom he has 2 children with.

Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza was married to another man while she dated Randy and later she had 2 children with Jermaine

Jackson is currently married to Halima Rashid whom Jermaine said she is also married to someone else as well.

Jackson went solo when the Jackson 5 left Motown and became The Jacksons. Michael Jackson was the lead singer and brother Jermaine was that nice second voice to come in. Jackson is a very talented singer, dancer, and songwriter.  Tito played Bass while Jermaine played lead guitar.

Some of the late pop star fans have claimed that Jermaine is nothing but a media whore trying to get financial compensation from Michael’s name. Jackson wanted Michael to be buried at “Neverland.”  After Micheal Jackson was embarrassed and humiliated in public Jackson was finished with Neverland and Jermaine should have known better to suggest such a thing.

In my opinion, Jermaine is a gifted artist who is capable of making his own money, his career is at a stand still while his personal life is a ball of confusion. It would be nice to turn on the radio and hear music from Jackson again.

Jermaine Jackson Is Also Known As Muhammed Abdul Aziz.

Jermaine Jackson On Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jermaine_Jackson

Beyoncé Sister Solange Knowles Rude Publicist

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Beyoncé sister Solange Knowles was a DJ  at the Lord & Taylor Fashion event.   Today’s co anchor Hoda Korb wanted to say hello to Knowles and ask her about the event.  Knowles publicist Charles Wade jumped and barked at Korb by saying “What do you want to talk to [Solange] about? She won’t answer questions about  Beyoncé.  Wade got back in Korb’s face and said “She won’t answer any questions  about Beyoncé … I need to know what questions you’ll ask.”

Korb politely replied, “No, thanks,” and sashayed over to talk to Ivanka Trump. Knowles is a nobody anytime her publicist think the only question to ask is about her sister Beyoncé.

Korb is from The Today Show where celebrities go on air to promote their work.  Knowles could have easily said she would be honored to talk to Korb.

Whenever Solange or  Beyoncé have a new project, I hope they are not invited to The Today Show.  Publicist Charles Wade was acting more like a bodyguard at a  groupie fest.  Wade would have loved me because  I would not have been in the vicinity of Knowles. In my opinion, Beyoncé and Solange are drop-dead gorgeous women with no talent.

I can sum up the Knowles family for Korb so that she will not have to deal with rudeness in the future:  Beyoncé was in a group and turned her back on them when she discovered wearing less clothes in was her ticket to fame.  Mama and Daddy Knowles signed papers for Solange to get married and have a baby when she was a  teenager instead of signing papers for her to go to college.

Daddy Knowles had an affair and now have a child by another woman. Beyoncé need to take a 2 year break, she’s made a name for herself,  it’s no need to pop up all over the place all the time,  just go away.

Tina Knowles look as if she takes one more bite of food she will pop out of her skin-tight clothes it’s okay to be plus-size,  I’m a full-figured woman as well however, she should not try to squeeze in a size 2 when she is nowhere close to that size.  Beyoncé is having a baby which usually take 9 months to arrive.

That’s The Story Of:  (The Knowles)