Music Artist Robert Watson: Musical Visions, Vol. 1

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Posted: Saturday October 8, 2011 @4:02 pm PST

Topic: Musician Robert Watson


Musician Robert Watson would like everyone to know that “Musical Visions, Vol. 1” is a must listen. The CD has rock, soul, jazz, hippie jam band type of stuff, easy listening, etc. This one is a well-balanced CD. Every listener should check it out and buy it.

Watson said “Putting “Musical Visions, Vol. 1” was a labor of love for me. I enjoyed making this one. It the first one that I started using a brand new keyboard called the Nord Electro 3. The keyboard I used before was called Siel OR 400 which has more of a cheesy sound.

Watson went on to say “I used the Siel OR 400 on the opener of the album on a song called “Searching For Something.” I would really hope that my fans will check it out. I would also hope that they will come along with me on this musical journey of me.

Watson want to let everyone know that ” I’m a rock player. I don’t care if people call me a jazz musician, an r&b musician, a funk musician, or anything. I just play music. I let the guitar do the talking for me.

The album will be available October 18, 2011 on iTunes.

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