Jaejoong’s Sad And Lonely 2011 Christmas (Photos + Video Of TVXQ & JYJ)

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Photo Credit: Jaejoong

Video Credit: YouTube (jjshandy33) /YouTube (MikuJYJ) English Sub “Christmas Message”

Translation Credit: joejjangg Joe Jang Kim Twitter

Posted: Sunday December 25, 2011 (Christmas Day) 12:45 am PST

Topic: Jaejoong


Jaejoong tweeted on Sunday December 25, 2011 at KST that he was alone this Christmas year. He started off his tweet with 모두 따뜻한 크리스마스 보냈을까?  Is everyone having a warm Christmas? Then he shared several pictures one at a time with fans on how he was spending his Christmas.

The first picture Jaejoong shared was a very small tree with decorations sitting on a beautiful floor. The second picture showed  gorgeous furniture and that he was alone. The fourth picture was a skull in a frame on the wall and it was another sad tweet “우울함의 극치를 달리던 그때..해골이 날바라본다… ” (At that time when I was running through the height of depression..the skull was looking at me… ) Then the rest of his tweets and pictures showed his love for elephants faced to the TV as if they were watching a soccer game with him. However, Jaejoong was not in any of the pictures, he tweeted with a sense of humor  “난 이렇게 크리스마스를 보냈습니다..왜 저의모습만 보이지않냐구요..?츄리닝에 너덜한티셔츠..음..상상에 맡길게요~아무튼 메리크리스마스^^”  (This is how I spent Christmas…So why didn’t you guys see me..? I’m in training pants and a tattered shirt..umm..I’ll leave it to your imagination~ Anyhow, Merry Christmas^^)

Hopefully, Jaejoong will be reunited with Yunho and Changmin in 2012 along with Yoochun and Junsu so it can be a better Christmas for them all. Especially, since S.M. Entertainment was found guilty of keeping JYJ from performing on TV. Maybe there’s hope for TVXQ fans to see all five of them having fun again.

Poor Jaejoong alone, lonely, and depressed on Christmas. He needs Yunho and Changmin in his life again.

이번엔 트리가 고작 요거다 This time, there's only one tree..
그리고 혼자다 And I'm alone..
우울함의 극치를 달리던 그때..해골이 날바라본다... At that time when I was running through the height of depression..the skull was looking at me...
Eventually, the elephants became the spectators in my one man soccer game 결국 코끼리 관중에 혼자 축구게임

2 thoughts on “Jaejoong’s Sad And Lonely 2011 Christmas (Photos + Video Of TVXQ & JYJ)

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  2. Jaejoong misses all 5 guys being together, It’s a damn shame they are apart and they should work thing out and get back together, i’m certain Yunho is just as lonely. A petition need to start to get those 5 talented guys back together. SM Entertainment need to get their act together and come up with a decent contract.

    TVXQ – JYJ MUST RE-UNITE they belong together

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