Tracy Reed (Car Wash Actress-Mona) Where Is She Now? (Videos)

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Posted: Saturday January 21, 2012 @ 8:04 am PST

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Actress Tracy Reed was born October 28, 1949 in Fort Benning, Georgia. Leading lady Tracy Reed received her first major professional break when she was hired as one of the ensemble players for the 1969 TV anthology Love, American Style.

This led to Reed’s being cast as Corey Bratter in the all-black, weekly-series version of Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park (1970). Two decades later, she co-starred as Charlotte Anderson in Knot’s Landing (1990-91).

In between her series assignments, Tracy Reed appeared in several theatrical and made-for-TV movies; she owns the dubious distinction of having played opposite both Bill Cosby (in 1978’s Top Secret) and O.J. Simpson (in 1983’s Cocaine and Blue Eyes). Tracy Reed should not be confused with the British actress of the same name. According to Bing.



48 thoughts on “Tracy Reed (Car Wash Actress-Mona) Where Is She Now? (Videos)

  1. Tracey was amazing on Car wash love the video to go with it..

    One of the best figures I’ve ever seen . but the good thing after being on here she’s a lovely person not often the 2 go together .

      1. Hi Tracy, your mom was my 2nd grade teacher at 66th Street School. I got a chance to visit her moms home along with 4 other young girls at the time. When me visiting we met you dad and 2 brothers of wich I braided ones hair also a sister. You have a great family of which I know your mother is proud of if she is still with us. Tracy I am sorry we didn’t get to meet you but having your mom as a teacher back surely molded my life in a way to remember and support your family and friendsbecause in the end that’s these are the ones who who will celebrate you and your accomplishments, so I celebrate my Teacher Mrs. Reed through you what a beautiful, intelligent, great woman you are. Thank You 🌹for sharing her as she shared you with the world.
        I hope to hear that you revived this message 🙏🏾🦋🎶✝️♥️🌹

        Remembering Mrs. Reed

  2. Ok Tracy Reed you owe it to yourself and your daughter to come back to television and the movies. Don’t leave money on the table. It’s not a actress now or before who can do it better. You MUST take a stand for showing the new generation how it’s done. EVERYONE is missing your onscreen person. PLEASE MAKE YOUR RETURN. YOU AND KIM BASSINGER SOUTHERN BEAUTY BELLES

      1. If you find Tracy, could you have her contact me. I went by Tiffany Powell at UCLA and was the freshman homecoming princess that year. We were friends then, but lost track of each other. Would love to hear from her. I’m Tonia Izu now and on Facebook. THANKS!!!

      2. Yes, she is VERY down to earth and the nicest person ever! I think we met because people were saying that we looked a lot alike. We had a great time at UCLA. We often ate lunch with Mike Warren, the basketball player who became an actor. Would also love to get in contact with him. We also had lunch with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, whose name was Lew Alcindor at that time. We often said UCLA stood for University of California of Lew Alcindor! It was really fun having lunch with the basketball players. They had the best sense of humor. “Those were the days, my friend!”

      3. Hi Tonia, I did make the call to our Union and Tracy is on “Inactive Status” Since 1991 about 26 Years now. I will not give up looking for her. I want her back in the Industry. She’s only 67 years young

      1. Tracy Reed is 67 now, there aren’t any roles for black women her age, but it would be cool to see her out there again.

      2. Tracy could work in movies and, she could create her own work. I have many projects I’m working on and will be out soon. If Tracy wanted to act again, I would hire her in a heart beat..

        De De

  3. I just saw the movie Trouble Man a movie from the 70’S the end had Tracy Reed play a very small part as a Police Woman, When I saw her I knew I had remembered her but not her name until the creditsI would love to know what she is doing now I remember her in Love American Style and Car wash those years were the happiest for me.

  4. I have been wondering about her for years. ever since I saw her on car wash (I was 12), I just knew we would be seeing her alot after that. She’s so beautiful and carried herself very well, and she seems like she would be a very nice person and easy to work with. I waited year after year after year. …. and NEVER saw her on anything. Every time CAR WASH would come on I would think about her and still be waiting to see her, as well as a lot of the cast members. You know there are those movies where it seems like the cast is like family to each other, and you just have an interest in them after that particular movie or TV series is over, and you look forward to seeing them in their next project. just like I thought we would be seeing alot of BernNadette Stanis, Thelma, good times, after that series was over. We didn’t hear anything from her until she appeared on TV 1’s LIFE AFTER, which they have now named ‘UNSUNG HOLLYWOOD. It’s really disappointing and sad when we don’t get to see our favorite black actors doing great things year after year, mostly because there aren’t enough rolls or projects to go around. Or because of their previous work, they have been stereotyped and aren’t given the chance to prove that they’re not that shallow, and they have a lot more to offer and show the world if they’re just given the opportunity.

  5. I think that when talented film and television actor’s walk away from Hollywood. It leave’s a VOID in the industry. That’s one of the reason’s why “Reality Show’s” have been booming since 1999-2015. There are no genuine talent’s over 45 years of age just 20-30 something’s who don’t appeal to mature and older audience’s. Tracy Reed was a beautiful woman in her youthful day’s “1970’s-1980″s. Hollywood didn’t allow women of color in her day to have role’s. Like you see with actress Kerry Washington..Not only that she may have been married and did not want to play the “Casting couch ” role or marry a producer like the late Lena Horne did? This country still has a problem excepting female’s of color as “Sexy”,Glamorous” and “Ambitious”. I hope that she is living a well deserved retirement and has no regret’s from retiring.

  6. I attended high school with Tracy’s younger brother. I hope she and family are well. Tracy Reed & S. Mitchell, were great as husband and wife in the television show, Barefoot In The Park. It was unheard of at the time of this television show, for a black couple to be consistently loving and affectionate to one another. They were so nice to watch. And they were a great looking couple. Tracy Reed was selective in the roles she chose. She was a lady of grace. You never heard anything negative about her. I also would like to see Tracy Reed again on the small and big screen again soon.

  7. the Toledo tiger herself,remember all the marbnles she was diane of the Toledo tigers.she will always be a tiger she is GREEEATE.very beautiful lady wish she would return to showbiz

    1. I wish she would return to movies or TV. She is still a wonderful actress regardless how long she been away from acting when your gifted your GIFTED that’s Tracy Reed.

  8. Tracy Reed is a very good actress! I like her in both Carwash and A Piece of the Action. She’s also a very Black Woman.

  9. Ive always felt that Ms Reed was a wonderful Lady. She a Scorpio, just as I’m a Scorpio because found out her birthday is the 28th of October. Mines the 26th and if something that we want to stick with that’s on our minds, such as a goal of some sort we will stick to it. And don’t like any confusion that will keep us from that goal. My goal is to help my sister to raise her Autistic Son whom love very much, so that be to communicate with the outside world. That is my top goal. I wish that lady like Ms Reed. With beauty and character. Ive always had a crush on her and wish her well to you and family.

  10. I just loved her as a actress. TracyReed played excellent roles was blessed to work with very GREAT actors.

    1. Charles, I was at UCLA with Tracy and would like to get in touch with her. Could you tell her Tiffany Powell said Hello and would like to connect? Thanks!

    2. Hi Charles,

      I’m trying to get in contact with Tracy for a special we’re doing on Car Wash. Do you know how i can contact her?

  11. Car Wash was good but you all should check Tracey out in the 1986 movie “RUNNING SCARED” with the late Gregory Hines & Billy Crystal. As Jimmy Walker would say DYNOMITE!


      1. I REALLY really hope Tracy Reed is offered a GREAT part in these famous Directors Flims she personally know in her HEART that this it it THIS IS THE FLIM I WOULD LOVE TO SHOW MY CRAFT. Talent never leaves she is just as a GREAT ACTRESS as She was in the 70s.

  12. She just seemed to disappear from the public eye after the late 1980’s. I believe that Tracy Reed decided to give up acting for a quiet life. I wish I knew more. She was great in “Trouble Man,” “Car Wash,” “A Piece Of The Action,” “…All The Marbles,” and “Barefoot In The Park.”

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