Abraham Ramos and Olivia Collins Mother & Son Dating (Photos)

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Blog Source: People en Español / Alma Latina /Terra

Photo Credit: People en Español via Mexico Agency

Posted: Thursday January 26, 2012 @ 12:25 pm PST

Topic: Abraham Ramos and Olivia Collins

Actors Abraham Ramos and Olivia Collins from the soap opera “Dos Hogares” who play mother and son on the show.

Collins made the announcement to a radio journalist Berman Shanika they he and his co-star were dating.

Collins described Ramos characteristics that she loved about him, “gentleman”, “manly, charming, loving, a wonderful man,”.

Ramos who is 37 and Collins is 54, said that he likes older women and that the difference in age is no barrier to love, so they’ve decided to share their lives and he went on to say  he was happy with her new partner: “She is an exceptional woman who leaves everyone shocked when it happens and retains the beauty that years ago captivated the fans of Mexican cinema, and above all, television is an icon of sensuality.

The couple revealed that the love had gone beyond the professional relationship.

 Ramos was in a relationship with Arlette Pacheco and she was the stepmother to Angélica Vale whose father is Raul Vale.

Abraham Ramos and Olivia Collins
Abraham Ramos and Former Girlfriend Actress Arlette Pacheco

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