Adam Rippon (Figure Skater) Named To 2012 World Championship Team

Blogged By: De De Tillman

Blog Source: Wikipedia –  Adam Rippon Official Site

Photo Credit:  Google –

Posted: Sunday January 29, 2012 @ 2:40  pm PST

Topic: Adam Rippon


Figure skater, Adam Rippon was born November 11, 1989  in  Scranton, Pennsylvania. He is the oldest of six children.  Rippon was born deaf but underwent surgery at Yale University when he was young which allows him to hear almost perfectly.

Rippon’s signature move is a triple lutz that he executes with both arms on his head, popularly called the “Rippon Lutz“. He is capable of performing the triple lutz-double toe loop-double loop combination with one hand over his head in all three jumps (popularly called the “‘Tano Lutz” after Brian Boitano, who invented the move). He is also one of the few men able to do a donut spin.  Rippon is a very handsome young man with a super bright future. According to Wikipedia.


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