Tyler Perry Tweets “Live” About Terrance Williams & Felipe Santos (Jan. 29)

Blogged By: De De Tillman

Blog Source: Tyler Perry

Photo Credit: gotchamovies.com

Posted: Sunday January 29, 2012 @ 10:40 am PST

Topic: Tyler Perry


Acccording to a tweet from Tyler Perry, “Tonight, I’ll tweet live & respond to comments on the Terrance Williams & Felipe Santos disappearance. The show airs 6pm EST on @ DiscoveryID

4 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Tweets “Live” About Terrance Williams & Felipe Santos (Jan. 29)

  1. Does anyone know if the DNA on that recovered body ever came back? They spoke about it at the end. I bet this deputy killed many more people who were either illegal, or had backgrounds where he felt no one would report missing. Also people who he felt if anyone probed they would assume they were in hiding due to records etc. I don’t know. I just dont get how no one cares that this guy is on the street.

  2. This show ENRAGED me. How the heck does the FBI not even arrest this guy? I dont get it. The detective is an idiot too. He says we have no motive or evidence Wow. INFURIATING.

  3. A few years ago my uncle became missing after a high speed chase in Mississippi. We have yet not heard anything from him out the police since. We had done a police station search for him and there has not been any answers from them regarding this. I have not given up and I want. Can you give me any other suggestions.

    1. Hi Cassandra, I am so sorry to hear this, I know Mississippi all too well, be there done that. Have you taken this to the FBI? I pray you get answers and find your uncle.

      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

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