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Flavor Flav 19-Year-Old Daughter “Dazayna” In Jail

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Blog Source: TMZ

Posted: Sunday January 29, 2012 @ 11:40 am PST

Topic: Flavor Flav – Dazayna

According to TMZ, Cops were called to the Las Vegas home of Flavor Flav  this morning after a family spat turned violent — Dazayna, one of his Flav’s daughters was arrested.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Flav’s 19-year-old daughter Dazayna got into an argument with one his step-sons, which eventually became physical.

Flav tried to break it up and got hit by his daughter for his troubles. It’s unclear whether it was on purpose or by accident.

Police found evidence of domestic violence. Dazayna was eventually taken in for misdemeanor battery.

Dazayna is still in custody and will go before a judge tomorrow morning.

Tyler Perry Tweets “Live” About Terrance Williams & Felipe Santos (Jan. 29)

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Posted: Sunday January 29, 2012 @ 10:40 am PST

Topic: Tyler Perry


Acccording to a tweet from Tyler Perry, “Tonight, I’ll tweet live & respond to comments on the Terrance Williams & Felipe Santos disappearance. The show airs 6pm EST on @ DiscoveryID

Jennifer Love Hewitt Shops For Sex Toys

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Posted: Sunday January 29, 2012 @9:05 am PST

Topic: Jennifer Love Hewitt


According to New York Post,  Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted shopping for toys at the Hustler store 8920 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. Hewitt was shopping alone.

Hewitt had a few pairs of thongs and was perusing the ‘toys’ section before making a purchase.” Hewitt may have been doing research for her new role in the Lifetime series “The Client List,” in which she plays a Texas mom turned-prostitute.

Eun Jung (T-ara) Suffers Another Injury (Photo)

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Blog Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

Photo Credit: Korea JoongAng Daily

Posted: Sunday January 29, 2012 @ 1:45 pm PST

Topic: Eun Jung (T-ara)

Link: T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung Was Sent To The Hospital

T-ara’s Eun Jung suffered another injury, this time she injured her left knee when she was on her way home from dance practice, somehow, she slipped and fell in the slippery snowy road.

The previous injury was a sprained ankle which was for the second time.

The singer’s agency said she “ruptured the supporting structures in her knee-cap” and that she received treatment at the hospital where “she underwent a joint aspiration procedure.” Furthermore, she went back to get her knee checked out on January 25, 2012.

The estimated time for recovery is about six weeks according to the doctors.

The singer’s schedule will be rearranged depending on her recovery.

It seems that Eun Jung is having the worst luck of trying to stay healthy which has caused the group to postpone K-POP Power & Beauty held in San Francisco. Although, there are media reports that said the group had performance visa issues which allows them to perform in the U.S. Either way, fans may not get a chance to see a live performance. Fans and the media must wait and see what happens with T-ara.

Eun Jung From The K-Pop Girl Group T-ara

Hebe Tien & Ella Chen (S.H.E) Film Commercial Ad “Where’s Selina Jen? (Photos)

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Blog Source: Xin /Chinese Pop Culture

Video Credit: YouTube (lamp166)

Photo Credit: Xin / Asianbite

Posted: Sunday January 29, 2012 @ 12:01 am PST

Topic: Hebe Tien – Ella Chen – Selina Jen – S.H.E

Link: Ella Chen(S.H.E Member) and Alvin Lai “Finally Getting Married” (Photo)

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E members Hebe Tien and Ella Chen filmed a commercial ad for a Chinese clothing label without Selina Jen. The question is where’s Selina?

Why wasn’t she filmed as well? Will she be photographed later? Is she in a separate photograph?

According to Xin, fans were not pleased to see only two members Tien and Chen in the photo shoot, they said the ad wasn’t perfect without Jen.

The group’s company HIM International haven’t announced that Jen will be in a separate ad.

The group have been working on individual projects but there was a set back when Jen suffered an on-set accident and was severely scarred from third-degree burns on  October 22, 2010 while working on the TV series, I Have a Date With Spring, in Shanghai. Hopefully, they are back as three and are healthy. However, there’s no mentioning of an upcoming album.

S.H.E is one of the most successful and popular Chinese girl groups selling over $15 million within 12 albums and counting.

Hebe Tien and Ella Chen From Taiwanese Girl Group S.H.E
Selina Jen


Ella Chen(S.H.E Member) and Alvin Lai “Finally Getting Married” (Photo)

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Blog Source: Xin

Photo Credit: Xin – Ella Chen – Findwallpaper

Posted: Saturday January 28, 2012 @ 9:00 pm PST

Topic: Ella Chen – Alvin Lai

Link:Hebe Tien (S.H.E) “I’m The Only Unmarried One”

Taiwanese singer Ella Chen (S.H.E member) is getting married in May 5, 2012 to her Malaysian boyfriend Alvin Lai.

In April 2012, a wedding banquet will be held at Ella’s hometown in Pingtung County in April according to Xin.

Chen expressed, “I’m finally getting married. I hope everyone would be able to meet their true love, cherish each other and love each other.”

Chen’s future husband replied, “I’ll give you eternal happiness, I love you.”

The couple have been dating for more than a year.

Chen will be the second member of the girl group S.H.E to get married, in October, Selina Jen married lawyer Richard Chang. The third member Hebe Tien hasn’t announced that she’s in a relationship but she has mentioned that she would like to be in a relationship. Tien does have a public admirer and the person is singer JJ Lin whose expressed that she’s his type but doesn’t know if he’s her type.JJ Lin Opened Up About His Love Life & Cosmetic Surgery (Photos) Including Hebe Tien

Although, the couple appear happy; however, a year of dating is not long enough to take a major step of getting married. They should let the relationship grow some more.

Alvin Lai and Ella Chen

Ella Chen and Wu Chun Are Fans Favorite Wishing They Were A Couple.

Kyuhun (Super Junior) and Hyo Min (T-ara) “We Got Married” (Photo)

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Blog Source: Korea JoongAng Daily /Carla Sunwoo

Photo Credit: Korea JoongAng Daily

Posted: Saturday January 28, 2012 @ 2:15 pm PST

Topic: Kyuhun – Hyo Min

Kyuhun from KPop group Super Junior and Hyo Min from girl group T-ara will join the Chinese version of the reality show “We Got Married”.

The show will consist of Korean and Chinese couples to be paired, one Korean with a Chinese person.

Korean star Kyuhun will be paired with Chinese actress Lou Yixiao and Hyo Min will be paired with Chinese star Fu Xinbo. The honeymoon will take place in Korea and China, Kyuhun and Lou will honeymoon in Korea while Hyo Min and Fu will honeymoon in China. Kyuhun and Hyo Min are one of the three couples that will be featured on the show.

Depending on the ratings, the show will be determined whether or not to do a full program of the show.

The pilot “We Got Married” will air on the new channel SMG network as a two-part Valentine’s Day special on February 13 and 14, 2012 in China that is according to MBC’s announcement.

Super Junior’s Kyuhun and T-ara’s Hyo Min

Rosie O’Donnell Girlfriend Michelle Rounds Trying To Get Pregnant

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Blog Source: HollywoodNews – Holly Sullivan

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Posted: Saturday January 28, 2012 @ 11:09 am PST

Topic: Rosie O’Donnell – Michelle Rounds


According to HollywoodNews, Rosie O’Donnell’s girlfriend is allegedly seeking help to by a fertilty doctor to get pregnant.  O’Donnell and Rounds wants to have a baby together stated UsMagazine.

I wish O’Donnell and Rounds the best of luck however, O’Donnell should take things just a little bit slower before bringing a baby into a new relationship.  O’Donnell is extremely busy and just may not have  enough time to devote to a family.  O’Donnell already has four children.

Michael Kors And Lance LePere In Love Over 21 Years

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Posted: Saturday January 28, 2012 @ 9:55 am


Topic: Michael Kors – Lance La Pere

According to CNN,  Fashion Designer and boyfriend Lance LePere are happy that same-sex couples can get married in their home state of New York. The couple met in 1990, when LePere joined Kors’s company as an intern.

“Over the years and the day-to-day process of dreaming together, things just naturally fell into place,” LePere has said of their relationship, according to Life and Style.

Congratulations to the couple for being together for so many years.



Nick Santino (Soap Actor) Commits Suicide After Puppy Euthanized

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Blog Source: New York Post – Josh Saul (Full Story Credit) TMZ

Photo Credit: New York Post

Posted: Saturday January 28, 2012 @ 8:34 am PST

Topic: Nick Santino


Soap Actor Nick Santino has committed suicide on his 47th birthday according to, New York Post. Brooklyn-born Santino whose TV credits include  “The Guiding Light” and “All My Children”

Santino adopted his dog Rocco from a shelter after being  raised in an orphanage and foster homes, he began to write about his pet on Facebook, writing, “I did not rescue Rocco, Rocco rescued me.”

But in 2010, his building at 1 Lincoln Plaza announced strict new dog regulations, including a ban on pit bulls. The ban didn’t apply to pit bulls already in the building, but friends and neighbors said Santino began to be harassed.

“People were complaining about his dog,” said neighbor Kevan Cleary, 63, an adjunct professor at Brooklyn Law School. “It was open season on him.”

Rocco couldn’t ride in the main elevators and wasn’t allowed to be left in the apartment alone for more than nine hours.

Santino was then threatened with a $250 fine for having a barking dog, neighbors said.

“The dog was not a barker, but somebody complained that the dog would bark,” Cleary said.

“He felt like he was in this battle because he was the only guy in the building with a pit-bull mix,” Cleary added.

Another neighbor, Lia Pettigrew, who runs a pet-care company, said, “Everybody knows that he had been harassed by the building management.”

The building’s management refused to comment yesterday.

After months of increasing anguish, Santino had the healthy dog put to sleep Tuesday.

Neighbors said a tearful Santino brought dog treats to the building’s doorman and said: “Give these to the other dogs. Rocco is no more.”

Dog owner James Steven Grant said Santino left two rawhide bones on his doorstep and earlier was seen tearfully giving away Rocco’s fluffy bed.

“Rocco was the sweetest dog in the world. Rocco wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Grant said.

A veterinarian told Santino that Rocco was becoming aggressive — and Santino blamed it on his own depression.

He spent Tuesday in agony over what he had done to Rocco.

“He was distraught and remorseful about putting down his best friend,” Cleary said.

The last phone call he made was to a former girlfriend at 2 a.m. Wednesday. Later that day, police found his body in his bedroom. He had overdosed on pills.

Rocco has been cremated, and friends said Santino’s remains will be, too, and they will be reunited.

“One way or another, their ashes will be together forever,” Sarnoff said.

This is so sad,  Santino should have moved where he and Rocco both would have been welcomed with open arms or, give maybe find a temporary home for Rocco.  It’s a heartbreaking story on his birthday.

UPDATE: ACCORDING TO TMZ: A member of the condo board that Nick Santino said pressured him to euthanize his pit-bull — a decision that drove him to suicide — says the condo board is NOT responsible for his death.

Board member Marilyn Fireman says she is sorry that Santino is dead, but says it has nothing to do with the building’s no-pet policy. She tells the NY Post, “You just assumed that [his suicide] was a result of a board’s decision.”

Fireman did concede Santino routinely complained about the building’s anti-dog policies.

Santino’s sister tells the paper the family is holding off on funeral arrangements until the dead dog’s ashes are brought home … saying, “They’ll be buried together.”

Santino had his beloved and healthy pit-bull Rocco put to sleep on Tuesday, Santino’s 47th birthday. A few hours later, he overdosed on pills.

RIP Nick and Rocco – De De Tillman


Sarah Jessica Parker To Replace Demi Moore

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Blog Source: Yahoo – US

Posted: Saturday January 28, 2012 @ 7:55 am PST

Topic: Sarah Jessica Parker – Demi Moore


According to US,  Sarah Jessica Parker will replace Demi Moore 49, in “Lovelace.” Parker will take over the role as “Gloria Steinem.” Actress Amanda Seyfried 26,  has continued working.  The movie is based on 70’s porn-star Linda Lovelace.  Actors Peter Sarsgaard and James Franco also stars.




Meisa Kuroki and Jin Akanishi Dating Or Not (Photos)

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Blog Source: Japan Today

Photo Credit: Japan Today / JPopAsia / Wikipedia / Meisa Kuroki Website

Posted: Saturday January 28, 2012 @ 12:01 am PST

Link: Meisa Kuroki Pregnant And Married To Jin Akanishi True or False

JPop singer Meisa Kuroki and singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi have been in the news that they are dating but Kuroki denied the rumour and said in a statement released by her talent agency, “We’re friends but he is not my boyfriend”. Also, Akanishi’s agency released a statement denying the boyfriend -girlfriend rumour that said “We are not going out.”

The rumour started when Kuroki and Akanishi were seen at Tokyo DisneySea on January 22, 2012; however, they were not by themselves, they were with a group of friends.

Although, Kuroki and Akanishi would look gorgeous together; however, if they did become a couple, their busy careers would break the two apart. So, it’s probably good that they are calling themselves “just friends”.

Kuroki is 23 will release her new album entitled “Unlocked” on February 15, 2012 and Akanishi is 27, a former singer for the Japanese group KAT-TUN and he will be releasing his debut solo album in March 2012 plus tour the United States.

Meisa Kuroki
Jin Akanishi

Alex Da Silva “So You Think You Can Dance” Sent To Prison For Rape

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Blog Source: LA Times

Posted: Friday January 27, 2012 @ 3:52 pm PST

Photo Credit: Google – dailycontributor

Topic: Alex Da Silva



According to LA Times,  Alex Da Silva 43,  a choreographer on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” was sentenced Friday to 10 years in state prison for raping one woman and assaulting another.

Los Angeles Superior Judge Kathleen Kennedy handed down the sentence after denying a defense motion for a new trial for Alex Da Silva.

After he is out of prison, the dance instructor will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Kennedy told Da Silva that he clearly “does not respect women” and “believes he is entitled to do whatever he wants when he wants.”

A jury convicted Da Silva in September of raping a 22-year-old woman in 2002 and assaulting a 25-year-old woman in 2009 with intent to commit rape. The victims were either dancers or aspiring dancers who met him through his dance instruction classes.


Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 4 (Video)

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Video Credit: YouTube (LogoTV)

Posted: Friday January 27, 2012 @ 12:01 am PST

Topic: Rupaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 begins January 30, 2012 on Logo TV Monday nights 9 PM.

Season 1 winner BeBe, season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez, Season 3 winner Raja, and who will be Rupaul’s Drag Race winner for season 4?

Aretha Franklin Joins Twitter (Story & Info Link)

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Blog Souce: Detroit News – Susan Whitall

Posted: Thursday January 26, 2012 @ 9:25 pm PST

Topic: Aretha Franklin

Congratulations to Queen Of  Soul Aretha Franklin for joining “Twitter”


Drew Carey Engagement To Nicole Jaracz Is Off

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Blog Source: NBC 5 Chicago

Posted: Thursday January 26, 2012 @ 9:07 pm PST

Topic: Drew Carey – Nicole Jaracz

According to People, Drew Carey The 53-year-old “Price is Right” host and his fiancée of four years Nicole Jaracz, have ended their relationship.

“He and Nicole still have a great deal of love and affection for one another,” Carey’s rep told the magazine. “He will still be very involved with their son’s life.”

Carey credits  Jaracz’s 6-year-old son from an earlier relationship, Connor, as helping inspire him to shed 70 pounds, according to,  E! Online.

Bow Wow (Rapper) Talks About His Daughter Shai On MTV (Video Link)

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Blog Source: MTV

Posted: Thursday January 26, 2012 @ 5:00 pm PST

Topic: Bow Wow

Rapper Bow Wow was interviewed by Sway on MTV’s RapFix Live talking about fatherhood.

The rapper said he spends quality time with his daughter Shai and said “it’s the illiest feeling in the world”. There’s a song called “Boy or Girl” that’s about being a daddy which will be one of the tracks on his latest album “Underrated”.

Bow Wow is 24-year old.

Also, this video shows other music artists and their kids such as; T.I.’s son Doomani, Ja Rule, Nick Cannon, and among others.


Robert Hegyes (Juan Epstein,Welcome Back Kotter) Dead Age 60

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Blog Source: People /ABC

Posted: Thursday January 26, 2012 @4:36 pm PST

Video Credit: YouTube – scjdm5

Photo Credit: /ABC

Topic: Robert Hegyes

Robert Hegyes, best known as John Travolta’s fellow “Sweathog” Juan Epstein on the sitcom Welcome Back Kotter, has died. He was 60Hegyes died from an apparent heart attack after having chest pains, The Star-Ledger reports.
His brother tells the New Jersey paper the actor had suffered a heart attack in the last couple of years and was not well.Hegyes, who was born in New Jersey, played a wise-cracking Jewish Puerto Rican student with an infectious wide grin.
He co-starred in the classic comedy with a young Travolta, who played Vinnie Barbarino.
I had the honor of meeting Hegyes twice when I was in acting school in Hollywood. We were able to meet the entire staff. RIP – De De Tillman

Robert Hegyes Epstein Of Welcome Back Kotter Recent Photo

Shaun White (Gold Medalist) Has Twisted His Ankle

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Blog Source: Yahoo Sports – AP – Eddie Pells

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Posted: Thursday January 26, 2012 @ 4:05 pm PST

Topic: Shaun White


According to AP,  Shaun White  Olympic and Winter X Games champion has twisted his left ankle during practice but is expected to compete in both slopestyle and half pipe events later in the week.

White’s publicist says the 25-year-old star “tweaked” the ankle while landing on the half pipe during practice.

 The 11-time X Games gold medalist will be ready to go for slopestyle qualifying Friday.