Jaejoong Stars In First Historical Drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin”

Blogged By: La Tray

Source & Story By: Hancinema via KBS English:

Edited By: La Tray (Edited the stage name Hero To Jaejoong)

Photo Credit: dkpopnews.net via Yonhap News

Posted:Wdnesday February 22, 2012 @ 5:30 p.m PST

Jaejoong of the star Hallyu group JYJ will appear in the drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” The PR company 3HW said on February 21 that Jaejoong will challenge himself with his first appearance in the historical drama by playing a competitive military officer with strong self-esteem in the Joseon Dynasty named Kim Kyung Tak. He is a top military officer who was born into a family of master martial artists, and he holds single-hearted devotion to a woman whom he has loved from his childhood.

Star Song Seung-heon will appear as a protagonist in the “Time Slip Dr. Jin“, which is a fantasy melodrama in which a genius doctor from the 21st century comes to the Joseon Dynasty by time travel. The PR company said, “Jaejoong and Song Seung-heon will have a fateful confrontation in the drama”. The drama is targeting an air date of the first half of this year through a terrestrial channel.


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