Tavia Yeung’s Boyfriend Him Law Leaves Her For Controlling & Jealousy

Blogged By: La Tray

Source – Story – Photo: XINMSN

Posted: Wednesday February 22,2012 @ 6:10 p.m. PST


Tavia Yeung’s boyfriend leaves town to avoid her

The Hong Kong actress’s controlling ways have reportedly cause a rift in their relationship

After TVB actress Tavia Yeung’s last relationship ended in 2007, the actress had been focused on her career until last year when she started dating 27-year-old actor Him Law.

However, Him was later accused of dating four girls at the same time. Worried that her beau might revert to his playboy ways, Tavia decided to “keep a close watch” on her boyfriend of one year.

“Him said that Tavia is very controlling. She would call him at least 10 times a day. If he’s not free to pick up the call, she would keep calling until he picked it up,” Him’s friend said.

It is believed that Him also complained that “Tavia would want me to look for her, even if she finishes her work late into the night”.

Him eventually sought helped from his management company, requesting to work overseas, so as to avoid Tavia. The actor was given a job to film a travelogue in Dubai and had only returned to Hong Kong recently.

“Before Him left [for Dubai], Tavia kept asking him if there were any girls travelling with him. Obviously Him said no, so that she would stop asking. Sometimes, Tavia controls too much. Any guy would think she’s a nuisance,” an insider commented.

Him Law and Tavia Yeung

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