Octomom – Nadya Suleman On Welfare $2,000 Month

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Posted: Saturday March 31, 2012 @ 6:30 p.m PST


Nadya Suleman - Octomom Photo Credit Google - bittenandbound.com



According to TMZ,    Octomom is doing what she swore she would never do — go on welfare … TMZ has learned.
The mother of 14 is getting $2,000 a month from the State of California. The money is deposited directly into a special debit card account (see above).


The card can ONLY be used for food — and it’s closely monitored by the State to make sure the cardholder isn’t making illegal purchases — i.e., buying a bike at Costco.
It’s a cruel twist, for a woman who vowed in 2010 — a year after giving birth to octuplets — she would NEVER go on welfare, saying she refused to become “a self-fulfilling prophecy” by accepting government assistance.
Octo qualified for the card because her income is less than $119,000 a year … and a family of 15 that makes less than that amount is entitled to welfare benefits.
In case you’re wondering, the $119,000 figure is based on an average of just under $8,000 for each member of the household. The more kids, the more you can make and still receive welfare.
We’re told the cash-strapped mom has taken her children out of private school, except for her one son who has autism, saving her $4,000 a month. And as we first reported, she’s even posing topless to make ends meet. But it just wasn’t enough.
It’s a sad story, but one we saw coming from a mile away.

Tony Cox 54, (Actor – Bad Santa – Willow) Happy Birthday March 31

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Happy Birthday to my brother actor Tony Cox who turns sweet 54 today.  I gave him a call to wish him a Happy Birthday….

Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers) Met Allene Wynn 105, Years Young Super Fan

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According to NBA,  Kobe Bryant met with his super fan Allene Wynn 105 years young.


Kobe Bryant Met Allene Wynn 105 Years Young. Photo Credit NBA


Beast (B2ST) Embodies The Heat & Passion For Shin Ramen (Video)

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Source & Story Credit: Korea JoongAng Daily

Media Credit:Photo Beast (B2ST) Facebook / Video (11shinramen)

Posted: Saturday March 31, 2012 @ 12:31 a.m.  PST



K-pop act Beast has become the new face of Nongshim’s iconic line of spicy instant noodles, Shin Ramen. Nongshim Japan said on March 30 that the band was picked to represent the brand just in time for the launch of Shin Ramen Black available in bowls, which was launched in coincide with the company’s 10th anniversary in Japan.


“We believe that the band’s daring attitude as a leading K-pop group embodies the heat and passion encapsulated in our ramen,” said a spokesperson for Nongshim Japan.

The band will star in two TV advertisements; one for the original version of Shin Ramen and one for Shin Ramen Black, which the company claimed to have nutritional value equivalent to a bowl of Korean-style beef soup at the time of launch .


The band recorded a song “Red & Black” to be used for the commercials and in the red version, the band exudes a strong K-pop flavor with a powerful dance performance. Meanwhile in the commercial for the prestigious black version, the band assumes a bold persona as the video was shot in monotone accompanied by rock and roll beats.


The commercials are set to air in Japan as well as being available from the ramen company’s Website from April 2.

Beast (B2ST).


Ricky Martin Hanging Out With Friends Jon Secada and Marc Anthony #Evita (Photo)

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Ricky Martin tweeted on Friday March 30, 2012 a photo of singer Jon Secada, himself, and singer Marc Anthony came to support Martin in Evita in New York: RT  @JonSecada: Hanging out w good friends @MarcAnthony in NYC. (Awesome u guys came 2the show!Abrazos) #Evita.

Singers Jon Secada, Ricky Martin, and Marc Anthony. Photo Credit: Ricky Martin

Yunho and Changmin (TVXQ) Intrigued With Missha (Photo & Video)

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Media Credit: Ningin – YouTube

Posted: Friday March 30,2012 @10:35 p.m. PST




Back in late February, Missha had TVXQ fans drooling with the duo’s commercial film teaser for a new fragrance for women called L’eau De Missha. The full CF has finally been released, so get ready to feast your eyes on some sexy men in suits.



In the CF, both Yunho and Changmin become enchanted by a woman at a bar and party respectively. When they try to approach her, however, she vanishes and leaves on the fragrance bottle on the table.

Check out the sexy CF below!


Yurizan Beltran & Nikki Delano Porn Actresses (Las Actrices Porno) Guest On El Gordo y La Flaca “Porn Parody” (Video)

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Media Credit:  Photo ( my.opera.com) (cltampa) / Video (univisionentertain) (YouTube MRPABLOESCOBAR)

Posted: Friday March 30, 2012 @8:20 p.m. PST


As surely as you heard, and was released the porn parody of “El Gordo y la Flaca”, where not only are there adult film actors pretending to be Raulito de Molina and Lili Estefan, but also celebrities such as Shakira and Ricky Martin …

Con motivo de este proyecto, en ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ presentaron a dos de las actrices latinas que forman parte de esta parodia XXX, quienes les contaron todo sobre sus candentes escenas a los conductores frente al jacuzzi.


As a result of this project, “El Gordo y la Flaca ‘had two of Latina actresses are part of this XXX parody, who told them all about their hot scenes drivers against jacuzzi.

Yurizan Beltran Is A Porn Actress.
Nikki Delano Is A Porn Actress.