Jaejoong Accused Of Attacking and Cursing Out Fans (Audio)

Blogged By: La Tray

Source: Twitter

Media Credit: Photo (Dispatch) / Video (YouTube rkskekRJwu)

Posted: Tuesday March 6, 2012 @ 10:40 p.m. PST

Fans have posted on Twitter of a recent scandal on JYJ members, particularly Jaejoong who is accused of attacking and cursing out fans while being a member of TVXQ. How upsetting for someone to release something as negative as this. It looks quite suspicious (S.M.?)

JYJ’s Jaejoong, Yoochun,and Junsu are very successful, they have done well since their lawsuit against S.M. Entertainment.

Jaejoong has always seems so sweet and polite to fans.

If this so-called sound recording with Jaejoong’s voice saying these words, “You guys must have so much fun just following us around all day. Why do I have to live my life in hiding because of bitches like you?” Poor Jaejoong being followed by stalking fans everywhere he goes, stalking fans following him in taxis among other things, so he could have had a meltdown, breakdown, or whatever the case may be Jaejoong’s actions is understood.

Hopefully, Jaejoong will respond to this negative news. Yes he’s famous but he’s human. Sometimes, fame can be a nightmare for some celebrities just as it may be for Jaejoong. Hopefully, he can be strong and get through it.

Refused to believe Jaejoong and other members of JYJ (Junsu and Yoochun) being rude to their fans. It’s absurd news. There must be some explanation for this outburst. Hopefully, Changmin and especially Yunho will reach out to Jaejoong since he’s the biggest accuser.

It’s very interesting how Yunho and Changmin’s name were not mentioned which is one of many reasons why this story is ridiculous. Why wait after all this time to release the audio recording and who recorded it?

Yoochun and Jaejoong Photo Credit: Dispatch


STORY LINK:JYJ Member Slapping Fans, Hurling Obscenities

STORY LINK & JAEJOONG’S AUTOGRAPHJYJ’s Jaejoong gives an autograph while waiting at LAX Airport

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