Yoochun (JYJ) Dad’s Funeral: Where Was (TVXQ) Yunho & Changmin (TVXQ) ?

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Photo Credit: dkpopnews.net

Posted: Thursday March 15, 2012 @ 10:37 p.m. PST

Link: Yoochun (JYJ) Father’s Funeral Plus Jaejoong & Junsu Pallbearers (Photos & Video Link)

Where was TVXQ Yunho and Changmin at JYJ’s Yoochun father’s funeral? Is Yunho and Changmin on tour and under a mandatory contract which would prevent them from attending Yoochun’s father’s funeral? Did S.M. Entertainment company didn’t allow them to attend? Shouldn’t they have been pallbearer along with Junsu?

If they were there then where were they? Were they photographed or filmed?

If Yunho & Changmin were unable to attend, then have they made arrangements to spend time with Yoochun. Have Yunho and Changmin reached out to him by speaking to him personally not through management?

Yoochun was completely out of it, the pain and heartache was shown on his face and if Yunho and Changmin were available, this doesn’t look good for them?

Fans are hurting and crying over TVXQ the five original members and this only hurts more not seeing Yunho and Changmin at Yoochun’s highly publicized father’s funeral.

Yunho and Changmin seem to be avoiding getting Twitter accounts, for one thing, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are on there. JYJ is very easy to get in touch with. Yunho and Changmin were asked about getting Twitter accounts by Arab fans and Yunho replied “We will find other ways to connect with fans”.

If Yunho and Changmin have not contacted Yoochun, why haven’t they?

Recently,Changmin lost his grandmother, has Yoochun, Jaejoong, and Junsu contacted him for their condolences?

Fans know Yunho is hurt, they can’t help but to see the pain in his face and eyes,especially, when he hears the fans chanting “Kim Jaejoong’s” name.

Jaejoong has made efforts to reunite with Yunho, he tweeted out for Yunho to check his messages; however, Yunho said he didn’t receive the messages because they changed their numbers plus he ignored a lot of messages due to prank calls.

Also, Jaejoong said he took flight out right after a concert in Japan  to meet with Yunho that was arranged through a friend  but Yunho didn’t show up and Jaejoong said he didn’t have any sleep.

Hopefully, this unfortunate situation will bring them back together as five, at least get back on speaking terms.  This is going on the third year of no communication among Jaejoong, Yooochun, Junsu, Yunho, and Changmin is really nonsense. Life is too short.



Left to Right: TVXQ Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Yunho, and Changmin. Photo Credit: DKpopnews

16 thoughts on “Yoochun (JYJ) Dad’s Funeral: Where Was (TVXQ) Yunho & Changmin (TVXQ) ?

  1. Maybe its too late to give a coment, sorry.
    I knew this problem really complicated. time passed by, and I think, there was a good thing that Yunho and Changmin getting better and better, and JYJ’s too.
    I understand the reason of JYJ leave SM, but why did they leave Changmin and Yunho too? Until now,I have no deal about it.
    Are the 2 refused to go out, or the 3 never ask them to join them?
    someone help me,please..

  2. I would t say much, but I just felt the need to comment that Yunho and Changmin have good reason not to have a Twitter account. They struggle as it is with their privacy: why would they go and tweet about where they are and what they’re doing and make it worse? I’m sure Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu have the same problem (Yoochun deleted his account in the end and even Jaejoong did for a while because of the trouble it causes celebrities) but because they weren’t able to appear on TV, it was their best option for being somewhere the world can see.

    Also, I’ve noticed a lot of people commenting that SM must have forced Yunho and Changmin to change their phone numbers – I highly doubt that’s the case. I know SM would hold tight reigns, but Eunhyuk is in the same company yet has mentioned that he’s in touch with Junsu – even mentioned a date they had for a meal I think it was. I think that the reason their numbers changed was the simple fact that saesangs were hounding them. All five members have mentioned for years that they always have to change their phone numbers because of that. Listen to any radio/variety show that calls them and you can tell his guarded their voices are when they answer because they expect it to be stalkers. I know this doesn’t explain the situation of Jaejoong tweeting for Yunho to check for a message, but it’s just an overall comment

    Lastly – that bit you said about an arranged meeting where Yunho no-showed – where did you read that? Because I’ve NEVER heard or read about any such situation having happened.

    1. Hi,
      It was Jaejoong’s interview in his own words. He said he took a flight out of Japan to meet him but he didn’t show up.

      If I locate the article,I will put it in this blog.

      I do believe they are in contact now that’s the good news.

      Thanks for replying.

      La Tray

      1. I hapo it’s not too late to comment ^^
        it’s just that u said “I do believe they are in contact now that’s the good news.” and i wanted to know, how can u be that sure ?!
        i mean, yeah we all hope so, but u seem pretty sure about it
        if u know anything please tell us T.T

    2. I agree with the above. Also a late comment – but anyways. Many K-pop celebrities are going through hell because of the stalker fans and hosts asking stupid questions. Still they perform to let us enjoy their skills. I am so sorry to see them get hurt in all the ways there are. Let them live their lives and let them travel safely to get to the places to entertain and share their music, song and dance with us. There are the places where they are public; on stage, in front of the camera, fan-meetings, on the screen or when they are representing themselves or the company they work for… BUT when the work is done, let them be at peace and let them be able to reload for yet another big event. We don’t own them, we enjoy what they share with us. Their hearts are so big – they take all the hurt just to do what they love – singing, dancing, performing, acting, connecting with people around the world. Show some respect and don’t do them down by speculating and creating headlines over things that only serve the purpose of hurting in any way. Lift them up and be the fuel to let them keep up the good work.

  3. Just found this post: I miss DBSK as a five member group, but I love the current duo and actor Yoochun. I pity all five for losing friendships they spent a big portion of their adolescence & young adulthood building. And yes I believe JaeChunSu & HoMin don’t have a relationship at the moment; that they haven’t been in contact since around their final dinner in late 2009/ early 2010. I also don’t think it is irreparable based on how they still felt when it ended – whether tomorrow or ten years from now I could see them being well wishing acquaintances, at the very least. However, I can see in many ways how JaeChunSu have lost a bit of themselves after going through unexpected challenges & how HoMin have simultaneously become more guarded & more open in different areas. First it would have to be peaceful enough for them to meet up, then it would have to be worth it enough to be friends again rather than just letting go &looking back fondly, & then they would need to realize they are different men from before.

    Now it gets a bit dodgy with deaths of family members. It is clearly hard for all of them to freely ring each other even it they greatly wanted. People say Changmin’s grandmother died spring of 2011 or the same spring (2012) as Yoochun’s dad. Yet, there was less expectation from fans of the trio to reach out to him. Was it because the Shim family wasn’t hounded by the media like the Parks or because JYJ already faced a lot of persecution from the ent. world? From what I understand it wasn’t until recently that Yoochun had become close to his father again, so that right there is an important development that sadly HoMin may not have witnessed like JaeSu did. But we can’t know what any of them did in these cases.

    I’m relieved for JYJ, their fans, & DBSK fans (new and old) that the lawsuit is over. Hopefully it will mean fewer obstacles for JYJ & ease the tension in the k-pop fandom. Which would be great for both groups because, people are less likely to get into an act they feel is surrounded by drama, regardless of how talented they are or how catchy the music. I don’t think the finalization of the lawsuit makes a difference toward any scenario of the guys’ future on stage or off. That fate, whatever it may be, was stamped and sealed in 2009.

    P.S. Twitter is just not the best place for most people to be, especially an entertainer who values as much privacy as they can get.

  4. Hello,
    if what Julie’s said is true SM Ent is really overdoing it because their messing with their, Yun Ho’s and Chang Min’s, private lives. Changing their mobile numbers, for instance, should be their own choice not SM Ent. That reminds when I first read about the lawsuit and in the Net their contract with SM Ent was called slavecontract. I wanted to believe that it was an exaggeration but if Mr Lee Soo Man and Mr Kim Young Min are really keeping then under such eagle eye someone should remind them that we are in 2012 not 1512. Anyway: if they don’t want them to contact JYJ it because they’re afraid of the outcome of it. Or why else would they act in such a way?

    1. Of course, I believe that is what SM and their manger are doing. Yunho wouldn’t be as heartless as to not wish Yoochun his condolences of his father’s death. It is made clear that maybe SM probably warned the tvxq member to not keep in contact with JYJ or else they’re gonna cancel their contract or something. Otherwise, Yunho wOuld have done everything to talk tO the other members. Think about it, they made sure Tvxq schedule does not clash wth JYJ schedules, if it does then they’ll make some excuse up and make them not show up. Btw your comment about the year we live in is really funny and true. The CEO is not fair and I’m sure the SM artists are lying to cover him up so they don’t kicked out too.

  5. Your article is correct and hope this tragedy ends up only strengthening their friendship.
    But I have a question: when Chang Min´s grandmother died did any of the three send him a sms or tried to speak to him?
    I know they couldn’t be in person with him but there’s always the Net and the cell phone’s, no?
    Any way I really don’t know the answer to the first question but if they were silent in that occasion it’s understandable if, at least, Chang Min does the same thing now.
    If they communicated with him Chang Min for sure will do the same thing.
    Maybe what will happen is that he will do it in such a discrete way that it will not go public.
    Anyway, Yoo Chun and Jae Joong really are going through a very painful phase and need their support.
    And lots of TLC

    P.S. Jun Su is being an angel in the middle of all this and it isn’t easy keeping so strong when two of his dearest friends are suffering and still keeping his own professional appointments.
    He just hasn’t time to himself these days. I hope he’s taking good care of himself.

    1. Thanks Paula,

      I hope Yunho and Changmin have contacted each other in private and let the fans know later that they are communicating since they are publuc figures and fans don’t have to worry anymore about their friendship. I guess all fans will have to wait, see, and hear.

      Thanks soooo much for the song tribute to them. It was so sweet of you to do that. You just showed them how much you care. 🙂

      Thanks again
      La Tray

      1. I believe Yunho and Changmin are not at fault for not contacting them because a problem has arised from another member. If you think about it, as leader of DBSK/TVXQ, Yunho would want to contact Yoochun and the other JYJ members, but since JYJ left SM, Yunho and Changmin have no choice but to change everything. Their phone number, accounts, etc- because SM does not want JYJ to be in contact with Yunho and Changmin. They have no choice but to change it and they might be heavily supervised by their manager, so that means Yunho can’t message any of the members or meet in person if he wants to send his condolences. As much as they want, the company won’t allow it. It will only cause problems for both DBSK and JYJ, if they keep in contact. Fans might think they are getting back together, but they don’t want to give fans false hope. So they’re only being cautious. Believe me I want dbsk as in DB5K back together so bad, but since the lawsuit against SM is still in progress- I don’t think JYJ will want to return after the unfair treatment. Or SM will want them back. Makes me sad, when i can’t get anymore YunJae moments T__T

      2. Hi Julie,This is such a sad story that needs to end happy. It makes sense that S.M. has so much control over Yunho and Changmin.

        Hopefully, after September 13, 2012 when JYJ and S.M. lawyers go to court and JYJ win their case against S.M.,they can resolve all issues.

        As far as S.M. goes,they should see that JYJ are very successful without them and they should want them back;however,JYJ are going to want a fair contract and treatment.

        This has dragged on far to long. Can’t wait for the day Jaejoong,Yunho,Changmin,Yoochun,and Junsu return as five.

        Thanks Julie for replying to this blog.
        La Tray

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