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Jaejoong’s Sister Tweets He’s Still Depressed, In Pain, Needs Fans Strength & Love

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Source: Twitter –   Kim Suk Jin

Photo Credit: Kim Suk Jin

Link: Jaejoong Collapsed, Crying, Helpless: Yunho (TVXQ) Jaejoong Needs You

Posted: Sunday March 18, 2012 @ 9:25  p.m PST



JYJ’S Jaejoong’s sister Kim Suk Jin tweeted on Monday March 19, 2012 (Seoul Korea’s time & day),however, for USA fans Sunday March 18, 2012.

Kim tweeted a heartwarming message about Jaejoong’s current state and the news on his condition is he’s still taking it really hard and asking his fans to please give him strength and support by sending him words of encouragement.

Jaejoong had taking the death of fellow JYJ member Yoochun’s father’s death hard and was unable to attend the funeral. He collapsed, received an IV treatment, and was sent home to recuperate.

To all Jaejoong fans, please flood his Twitter account with loving and encouraging words help him through this difficult time. Fans please help put many smiles on his face so he can bounce back to that funny person again.

Jaejoong,probably has multiple things going on, traveling in between Los Angeles  to do their  Chile and Peru concerts, saseasng / stalker fans incident, as far as fans know,  not communicating with the one person that always protected and loved him which is TVXQ’s Yunho along with receiving love from TVXQ’s Changmin. Who knows what else has Jaejoong depressed. He may have had a nervous breakdown. A lot things are probably on his mind. Poor Jaejoong! Where in the world is Yunho in his time of need?

In a past quote from Jaejoong (TVXQ’s days), “I think that Yunho and I met for a reason. With him in my life I feel more happy for some reason.” – Jaejoong

Calling out for all Jaejoong fans around the world, let him know how much he means to you and you’re there for him every step of the way.

NOTE: If you don’t tweet, you may leave messages here and they will be forwarded to Jaejoong’s sister and Jaejoong.

HERE’S JAEJOONG’S SISTER TWEET:여러분들이 재중이에게 힘을주세요.너무 힘들어하고 있어요


Jaejoong and his sister Kim Suk Jin. Photo Credit: Kim Suk Jin

Xiao Zhen’s Husband Li Jin Liang Cheated 13 Times & Unwilling To Let Him Go (Photo)

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Source & Story Credit: XINMSN

Photo Credit: (news.insing.com)

Posted: Sunday March 18, 2012 @ 3:30 p.m. PST



According to XINMSN, Taiwanese actress Xiao Zhen’s husband Li Jin Liang, a famous plastic surgeon in Taiwan, was caught cheating on his wife a total of 13 times. He had always claimed that he was merely socialising.

Last Thursday, the surgeon was once again photographed going to three different night clubs with a tattooed girl named Alison, a blonde and other friends. After the incident, Li defended himself, claiming that “those were just socialising activities that every Taiwanese man goes through”.

Although Li was spotted by the paparazzi many times, his father-in-law Taiwanese veteran host Hu Gua had continuously show his support, and Xiao Zhen would forgive her husband without qualms.

Yesterday, at the recording of Taiwanese variety show The Diamond Club, Xiao Zhen was on the verge of tears, when she said, “I don’t have the ability to keep this man by my side. I’ll choose to let go when the time comes.”

The media probed if the actress referred to getting a divorce. She hesitated before replying, “I’m still considering.”

Xiao Zhen expressed that she could no longer tolerate her husband’s ways and explanations, and had already discussed the issue with her father and he had given her his full support. She added that she had not sat down and talked to her husband, and would not consider a separation yet, because she is unwilling to let go of their eight-year relationship.

The actress said that she needed more time to think through her decisions because of her daughter.

The media asked if Li could save their marriage, should he vow not to make the same mistakes again.

Xiao Zhen coldly replied, “He can’t even promise the media [he wouldn’t do it again]. This is the boiling point. It’s difficult to fix something that’s broken.”

The media tried to contact Hu Gua yesterday, but to no avail. Li was also unreachable. In a previous TV interview, Li had hoped to have a good talk with Xiao Zhen after she calms down.

Zhen’s husband has cheated 13 times and keeps giving her lame excuses as to why he’s out with several women and going to night clubs. Zhen said she is thinking about her daughter but she should think about her heart and mind.