Jaejoong’s Sister Tweets He’s Still Depressed, In Pain, Needs Fans Strength & Love

Blogged By: La Tray

Source: Twitter –   Kim Suk Jin

Photo Credit: Kim Suk Jin

Link: Jaejoong Collapsed, Crying, Helpless: Yunho (TVXQ) Jaejoong Needs You

Posted: Sunday March 18, 2012 @ 9:25  p.m PST



JYJ’S Jaejoong’s sister Kim Suk Jin tweeted on Monday March 19, 2012 (Seoul Korea’s time & day),however, for USA fans Sunday March 18, 2012.

Kim tweeted a heartwarming message about Jaejoong’s current state and the news on his condition is he’s still taking it really hard and asking his fans to please give him strength and support by sending him words of encouragement.

Jaejoong had taking the death of fellow JYJ member Yoochun’s father’s death hard and was unable to attend the funeral. He collapsed, received an IV treatment, and was sent home to recuperate.

To all Jaejoong fans, please flood his Twitter account with loving and encouraging words help him through this difficult time. Fans please help put many smiles on his face so he can bounce back to that funny person again.

Jaejoong,probably has multiple things going on, traveling in between Los Angeles  to do their  Chile and Peru concerts, saseasng / stalker fans incident, as far as fans know,  not communicating with the one person that always protected and loved him which is TVXQ’s Yunho along with receiving love from TVXQ’s Changmin. Who knows what else has Jaejoong depressed. He may have had a nervous breakdown. A lot things are probably on his mind. Poor Jaejoong! Where in the world is Yunho in his time of need?

In a past quote from Jaejoong (TVXQ’s days), “I think that Yunho and I met for a reason. With him in my life I feel more happy for some reason.” – Jaejoong

Calling out for all Jaejoong fans around the world, let him know how much he means to you and you’re there for him every step of the way.

NOTE: If you don’t tweet, you may leave messages here and they will be forwarded to Jaejoong’s sister and Jaejoong.

HERE’S JAEJOONG’S SISTER TWEET:여러분들이 재중이에게 힘을주세요.너무 힘들어하고 있어요


Jaejoong and his sister Kim Suk Jin. Photo Credit: Kim Suk Jin

9 thoughts on “Jaejoong’s Sister Tweets He’s Still Depressed, In Pain, Needs Fans Strength & Love

  1. It’s 2013 now, and reading this it really humbles a person. The fact that he has so many fans and close friends like Yunho and the friend from his past is admirable. It makes me really sad to see him go through hard times because I really look up to him as a person and as a singer, so I really pray that things stay good for him. I am comforted to know that fans will always lend Jaejoong courage when he is in a tough situation.

  2. Wow he looks exhausted in the picture! 😦 im sure all members have taken damage from this, jj wasnt that strong physically and taking in account his background being adopted. Im so proud of him. In reply to the sasaeng supporter who commented, please: u need to go see what sasaeng fans are. Please for the love of god do not call urself a fan if u dont know about sasaengs. Dont be ignorant. It is wrong to hit anyone. But who punished those who broke into their houses, stole their phones, tracked their phone calls…? So many thing i can think of. So dont live in ur own world and ruin it for the rest of the fans

  3. Jaejoong is a human just like everyone else. He gets stressed, depressed, frustrated, makes mistakes and so on, as we all do. Recently, he’s been suffering immensely. I don’t have a twitter myself, but here’s my message to him nonetheless:

    Jaejoong, wishing you the best of luck. I hope you quickly heal from the emotional and physical troubles you are having to endure right now. You are not alone! There are people who authentically care about you and are praying for you. 🙂

    – Best wishes,

    1. Hi Jenny! This is sweet and loving for Jaejoong, I’m going to tweet this message to him right now. With Twitter we only get 140 Characters lol So, I will cut corners to get it to him…

      Much Love & Thanks

      De De Tillman
      Celebrity Blogger

      1. Thank you! ^_^ And thank you for editing. Hehe.

        As for the punching incident, if you guys read about what these insane girls have done for nine years, you can understand why they’d snap like that. These girls need to be thrown in jail or mental institutions. In America, they’d could easily be sued for multiple things, stealing (on many levels), disturbing the peace, violence even sexual harassment! With that, plus his already crazy life, plus everything he’s been suffering, depression is a reaction that wouldn’t surprise anyone. Just wanted to get my two cents in on that.

      2. Hi Jenny, thank you for replying. Something needs to be done about those insane girls. Korea needs a law that protects celebrities and punish those who stalk them.

        Once again thanks
        La Tray

  4. I see Jaejoong smile so much and awesome things happening to him, tv shows, concerts, he has the freedom he looked for as an artist and since he’s just so extremely talented, evey sucess should be properly creditted as it is right now and not with the many conditions and trials he was put through before, BUT! if oppa is still depressed and I understand the death of Chun’s father had to be a low blow, but if he’s still aching about something, my heart tells me is the comfort of someone and that person is his other half, he must miss Yunho and Min so badly. I just wish for everybody’s sake, mine included cause I’m a selifsh OT5 forever, God reunites them. I don’t know which way, I already hope they’re talking and seeing each other, but give them the peace of mind from that sweet times when they’re 5 and 5 only.

    -About the sasaeng issue, I just won’t question the love he has for fans because of the attacks of those who are nothing but antifans, sasaengs are that. don’t believe me? the terrible deeds those victimizers do are all over the net, take a look. Jae did nothing but deffend himself-

  5. I lost absolute respect for Jaejoong. He hit and swore at his female fan. He didn’t hit her once, but several times. And he has hit several other fans before. Go on Google or YouTube to find out more.
    I’m just so depressed that of all people, it was Jaejoong who was hitting and swearing at his fans. I can understand if he punched once considering the frustration he goes through with the stalking and all, but he hit a person repeatedly… I mean, Demi Lovato realized that something was going wrong in her life when she hit the backstage dancer, and took responsibility for her actions. Now that is admirable. But Jaejoong has disappointed me. I don’t want to look up at a person who chose violence as an answer.
    Here’s the link:

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