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Posted: Monday March 26, 2012 @7:25 p.m. PST



TVXQ’S / JYJ’s Jaejoong sport his new barbie yellowish blond hair color that he put up for his new profile picture on Twitter which is causing a lot of buzz.

Although, he didn’t tweet a message to his followers; however, his new hair color speaks louder than words.

Also, he isn’t smiling in this photo which makes him look quite sad and depressed as if something is still bothering him. Still say, he needs Yunho.


With this pic i think he looks HOT with that hair.

Jaejoong hair is Yellow not Blonde

Jaejoong is blonde…LORD SOMEONE SAVE ME.

THE ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ONE: “Jaejoong looks like Barbie with his new hair and Yunho looks like Ken with his hair.”

Jaejoong sporting his new hair color. Photo Credit: Jaejoong