Jessica Jung (Girls’ Generation) Plastic Surgery Or Wild Romance On Why Her Face Looks Different (Photos)

Blogged & Additional By: La Tray

Source & Story Credit: Korea JoongAng Daily – Carla Sunwoo – Wikipedia

Photo Credit: fanpop – ningin -KBS

Posted: Thursday March 29, 2012 @6:50 p.m. PST



SM Entertainment has spoken out against escalating rumors that Jessica of Girls’ Generation recently went under the knife.

Yesterday, a shot of Jessica in Malaysia circulated online along with a comparison shot of the singer in her role on the KBS drama “Wild Romance.”

Netizens who examined the picture instantly started saying that the 22-year-old star looked remarkably different in the two shots.
In the screen capture of the drama, Jessica looks significantly slimmer than she does in the up-to-date picture, where her face appears rounder.

“Of course she hasn’t had any work done. She was just gaunt for a while because she was busy with the drama and jet-setting around the world,” a representative of SM Entertainment told Star News on Wednesday.

“After the drama, Jessica was able to put on weight due to her improved health.” Jessica starred in the drama that aired from Jan. 4 until Feb. 23.

Jessica Jung From Kpop Girl Group Girls' Generation aka SNSD After Photo Shot On KBS Drama Wild Romance.


Jessica Jung From Girls' Generation aka SNSD Before The KBS Drama "Wild Romance".
Jessica From Kpop Girl Group Girls' Generation Starred In The KBS Drama "Wild Romance". Looks Different In The Before And After Shots. Photo Credit: Korea JoongAng Daily.

Additional: Jung is best known as “Jessica from Girls’ Generation or SNSD” minus her last name . She was born in San Francisco, California and she is fluent in English and Korean. Girls’ Generation formed in 2007 under S.M. Entertainment and it’s nine members in this girl group.

As for as Jessica having plastic surgery, her role in the drama “Wild Romance” makes her look different from what fans are used to seeing which could be the reason why her face looks little different. Why did SM Entertainment speak on her behalf? Does Jessica appear different as if she’s had plastic surgery or is it her dramatic role?

5 thoughts on “Jessica Jung (Girls’ Generation) Plastic Surgery Or Wild Romance On Why Her Face Looks Different (Photos)

    1. You are never too late! If I see anything new I will for sure post it. I hope she has something out soon because, December 31, 2015 I will not be blogging or re-blogging. I will be moving on to Writing, Directing and producing ..

      De De

  1. wowww jessica is so cool and pretty BTW im one of your fans sica my name is keisha its great to meet your so popular…….i love you SNSD i know all of your members its YOONA,JESSICA,TIFFANY,YURI,TAEYEON,SOOYOUNG,SUNNY,HYOHYUN,SEOHYUN

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