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Analia Bouter’s Newborn Baby Girl Found Alive After 12 Hours In Morgue (Video)

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Source & Story Credit: Fox News Latino –Based on reporting by EFE and Newscore

Video Credit:  / (TVPublicaArgentina)

Posted: Wednesday April 11, 2012 @ 5:15 p.m. PST


A newborn baby declared dead by doctors in northern Argentina was found alive  in a morgue 12 hours later by the infant’s mother, who insisted on opening the  child’s coffin to say goodbye.


Analia Bouter said she was sedated at the time her daughter was born three  months premature at Perrando de Resistenccia Hospital in Chaco last Tuesday  morning and was told by doctors that the child was stillborn.


We went to the morgue, and they showed us the casket nailed closed.  My husband managed to open the drawer, where we found her wrapped in a white  sheet and saw her tiny hand touch her face.

– Analia Bouter, Infant’s Mother


When Bouter and her husband visited the hospital morgue later that day, they  had to pry open the baby’s casket to say farewell — and they spotted their tiny  daughter breathing and stretching, DiarioChaco.com reported.


Bouter said, “We went to the morgue, and they showed us the casket nailed  closed. My husband managed to open the drawer, where we found her wrapped in a  white sheet and saw her tiny hand touch her face.”


The shocked mother said she heard her baby cry, and “I fell to my knees.”


“He used a lever and opened the coffin. Suddenly, I heard a whine. (The baby)  was covered (and there was a lot of) frost,” the mother said.


Bouter likened the baby to a “bottle of ice” after being kept in the  refrigerated morgue for 12 hours. The infant remained in the hospital Wednesday  but was described as being in good health.


Bouter said she thought she was hallucinating when her daughter moved, and  doctors have told her that “nobody knows how she could have survived 12 hours in  a refrigerated room,” according to her interview with Todo Noticias  television.


The couple originally intended to call their fifth child Liliana Abigail but  have since changed her name to Luz Milagros, which means “Miracle Light.”


“This is more of a miracle. In my family we are believers, and now our faith  in God is much bigger, “the girl’s father, Fabian Veron, 31, said.


The news hit hard for the couple already going through tough times. The  husband, Fabian Veron, 31, had lost his job at a maintenance company, which was  the only household income for their four other boys, according to Clarin, an Argentinean newspaper.


Rafael Sabatinelli, the deputy health secretary of Chaco Province, described  the situation as “unfortunate” and confirmed that the medical staff involved  were suspended while authorities investigated the incident.


“Each member of the personnel who were involved in the matter has  responsibilities. So, they will have to pay accordingly for this,” said  Sabatinelli in remarks cited by Diario Norte newspaper on its Web site.


“We’re awaiting the results of the corresponding reports so that the matter  may be clarified,” he added.






Axl Rose Declines Induction & Reunion With Guns N Roses Hall Of Fame

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Source & Story Credit: AP

Photo Credit: karaoke4free.com

Posted: Wednesday April 11, 2012 @ 3:17 p.m PST


According to Associated Press,  There’ll be no Guns N’ Roses reunion at this weekend’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Axl Rose says he won’t attend and is declining his induction into the hall.

The seminal band is to be inducted in Cleveland on Saturday. There was some hope that the original unit would reunite. It disbanded in acrimony in the 1990s.

But in a letter to the hall released Wednesday, Rose said he won’t be at the ceremony and would “respectfully decline” induction.

He said he has no intention of reuniting with his former bandmates. He also said he did not want to be inducted “in absentia.”



Guns N' Roses Photo Credit: karaoke4free.com

Chris Noth (CBS The Good Wife) Married Former Employee Tara Wilson

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Soirce & Story Credit: Us Weekly – Zach Johnsn

Photo Credit: starazzo.com

Posted: Wednesday April 11, 2012 @ 2:40 p.m  PST


Chris Noth has some “Big” news to share.

The Sex and the City actor, 57, married his fiancee Tara  Wilson on April 6 in Maui, Hawaii, his rep confirms to Us Weekly. The couple — engaged since 2009 and together  since 2002 — are parents to son Orion Christopher, 4.


During the ceremony, Noth wore a double-breasted dark suit, while Wilson  chose a simple white gown and embroidered veil.


Noth met Wilson, 30, when she worked at The Cutting Room, his New York City  bar. He currently stars on CBS’ The Good Wife and recently wrapped  production on the movie Lovelace, costarring AmandaSeyfried, James Franco, Wes Bentley, Peter Sarsgaard  and his old Sex and the City flame, SarahJessica Parker.


Chris Noth and Tara Wilson.Photo Credit starazzo



George Zimmerman Charged With Second-Degree Murder In The Death Of Trayvon Martin (Video)

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Source & Story Credit: CNN

Video Credit: CBCTheNational

Posted: Wednesday April 11, 2012 @ 11:57 a.m. PST



George Zimmerman will be criminally charged in the death of Trayvon Martin.


George Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder in the case of Trayvon Martin.