Xiao Zhen, Tawainese Actress, Moved With Parents, Separated From Plastic Surgeon Husband Li Jing Liang Whose Out With Other Women

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Source & Story Credit: Xinmsn

Photo Credit: Xinmsn

Posted: Saturday April 21, 2012 @10:35 p.m. PST



Taiwanese actress cum host Xiao Zhen, whose marriage with renowned plastic surgeon Li Jing Liang, is on the rocks confessed that the couple is already living separately. They have not discussed divorce for now, for the sake of their young daughter, Emma.



Li, who had been photographed many times by the Taiwanese media flirting with different girls, was once again seen with a female companion at a nightclub last month. This appeared to be the last straw for the actress when she expressed tearfully, “I don’t have the ability to hold onto this man anymore. I’ll choose to let go when the time comes.”



Looking frail after recovering from gastroenteritis, the 28-year-old attended a recording of Diamond Club yesterday, where she claimed that she had moved back to her parents’ home. Li would come to visit their daughter. To protect their young daughter, the couple had also agreed not to consider divorce for the time being. Xiao Zhen added, “We believe that being good friends instead would be the best solution for us.”



When asked if Xiao Zhen’s father, Taiwanese veteran host Hu Gua, had tried to solve the problems between the couple, Xiao Zhen replied, “My parents respect me and give me support for everything that I do. My father did not probe further.” She drew a clear line between her and Li, stating that she will not be bothered with the plastic surgeon’s scandals any further.


Li expressed that his problems with Xiao Zhen are complicated and to live separately is the best solution for them. He added, “I still meet with Xiao Zhen and have dinner. Our relationship is not as bad as what is reported.”

Xiao Zhen and Li Jing Liang. Photo Credit:Xinmsn

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