Ella Chen Fiancé Alvin Lai Injured His Foot With Ella and Selina (Photo)

Blogged By: La Tray

Source & Story Credit: Xinmsn

Photo Credit: Xinmsn – Alvin Lai

Posted: Thursday April 26, 2012@ 1:30 a.m. PST


The groom-to-be injured himself in a badminton game last Sunday and is nursing a swollen foot


S.H.E. member Ella Chen’s fiancé, Alvin Lai, recently exclaimed on his microblog that he is “a handicapped groom” when he injured his foot after a friendly badminton match with Ella and Selina ahead of the couple’s Taipei wedding banquet on May 5.



The trio played badminton together last Sunday and while Ella and Selina were resting, they heard Alvin let out a loud gasp. It turned out, the groom-to-be accidentally sprained his ankle and had to see a doctor immediately.



Apart from putting ice on his leg, Alvin also visited the Chinese physician for a tui na session, but the swelling in his foot did not subside.



On Tuesday, Alvin posted a photo of his swollen foot on his microblog and made light of the situation by calling himself a “handicapped groom”. Ella reposted the picture and cheekily reprimanded him for being “stupid” to injure himself prior to the wedding.



Ella’s father joined in their online conversation and jokingly chided her with his words: “You’re the more stupid one because you’re marrying a stupid person”.

Alvin Lai and Ella Chen.



Alvin Lai injured his foot during a badminton match and called himself "a handicapped groom". Photo Credit: Alvin Lai


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