Michael Jackson’s Former Bodyguard Matt Fiddes “Blanket Jackson Is My Son”

Blogged By: De De Tillman

Source & Story Credit: CNN – Fuse – David Shapiro

Photo Credit: msdramatv.com

Posted: Friday May 4, 2012 @ 10:25 a.m PST



According to Fuse,  Matt Fiddes, Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard/a current martial arts master, has stepped forward to claim that Michael Jackson’s 10-year-old son Blanket is actually his own son, and he’s willing to undergo a DNA test to prove it.


According to Globe via AOL,  Fiddes, who is already a father of three children of undisputed provenance, claims that he’s just trying to secure visitation rights to see the boy, saying, “I want to see Blanket more than anything. All I want is access.” Only Michael Jackson’s name appears on Blanket’s birth certificate and Jackson always maintained that he fathered Blanket with a surrogate.


Fiddes, however, said that he’d donated his sperm to Michael Jackson in 2001 because Jackson wanted an “athletic” child. He’s also said that his own mother had noticed a striking resemblance between Fiddes and Blanket, which is kind of impossible not to notice.


Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine currently has custody of Blanket because Blanket’s mother is, well, unknown. This is really sad, right? This kid doesn’t know who his mother is, and now it’s disputed who his father is, and the woman that he’s living with may not even be his grandmother!


MATT FIDDES Photo Credit msdramatv

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