John Travolta’s Masseur Accuser John Truesdale 40, 250 Pounds

Blogged By: De De Tillman

Source & Story Credit: E!Online

Photo Credit: nydailynews

Posted: Saturday May 19, 2012 @ 3:15 p.m PST



According to E!Online, Travolta’s second masseur accuser will no longer be known simply as John Doe No. 2.

The New York Daily News unearthed the man’s identity recently, after its reporters tracked down the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta hotel employee in Georgia.

So, who was the mystery guy?

A 250-pound masseur and certified black belt named John Truesdale, who recently  lawyered up with Gloria Allred, according to the New York Daily News.

“I thought I was supposed to be anonymous,” Truesdale said as he posed for a photo near his Smyrna, Ga. home. “The paparazzi are here for me? I can’t believe it,” he continued, breaking out into laughter.


Aside from cracking a few jokes, the 40-year-old masseur kept mum about the situation at hand, declining to talk to reporters about his claims that Travolta stripped naked and humped a massage table in front of him, among other things, in a private hotel suite back in January.


“I can’t talk about [the case],” Truesdale said. “I’m not allowed to give any comment.”

Gloria Allred released a statement to People today regarding the former high school football player’s identity, saying, “I can confirm that we do represent Mr. Truesdale, and that we have great confidence in him. We are conferring with him regarding the next course of action in this matter. Neither our client nor our law firm have any other comment at this time.”

Allred also represents the first accuser, whose identity has not yet been released.

Truesdale had originally sued the Pulp Fiction star for $2 million for sexual battery on May 8, but withdrew the case Thursday.  According to E!Online.

*I met John Travolta twice on the set of “Welcome Back Kotter”  at the ABC Studio Hollywood. – De De Tillman

JOHN TRUESDALE photo credit nydailynews


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