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Boram (T-ARA) Hospitalized For Acute Gastritis

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo Malaysia – Syahida Kamarudin

Photo Credit: Yahoo Malaysia

Posted: Saturday June 9, 2012 @10:07 p.m. PST



Recently, it was revealed that T-ARA’s Bo-ram have been hospitalised in Japan for acute gastritis.

According to a report on T-araworld, on 6 June, Core Contents Media revealed that the singer was not able to attend the group activities on 5 June due to acute gastritis. T-ARA has just successfully completed their Thai concert and they will be flying to Japan next to carry out the rest of their scheduled activities there.

The label’s representative stated, “We took her to the hospital immediately and take an examination. She is now hospitalised and receiving treatment.”

The rep added, “She must’ve been nervous because there were more overseas activities lined up after their Thai concert. She must’ve had problems with something she ate while in Thailand, and combined with the stress she was under, it laid undue stress on her system.”

They also stated that T-ARA’s Japanese agency has taken Bo-ram out of all their line-ups for 6 June. However, a few hours later, the agency stated, “Bo-ram will not be attending the scheduled activities with the other members until 11 June or until her situation gets better. There are still no solid results on her hospital test but we will keep a close eye on her health.”

Boram Hospitalized For Acute Gastritis. Credit: Yahoo Malaysia


Ella Chen Stabbed In The Chest With A Pen

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Source & Story Credit: Xinmsn

Photo Credit: Xinmsn

Posted: Saturday June 9, 2012 @9:52 p.m. PST



S.H.E. member Ella Chen was stabbed in the chest with a pen by a “lunatic” while shopping in Paris alone.

Newly-married Ella is in Paris, accompanying her husband Alvin Lai who is on a business trip, after she completed the promotional activities for her new album in Taiwan.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ella was enjoying some alone time at a café in Paris and shared photos on her Facebook with her fans. The 30-year-old then revealed that she met with a “lunatic who stabbed me on my right chest with her pen after I refused to get interviewed or sign for something.” The singer also added that “the person drew on my left arm after stabbing me. It’s really too much!”

Fans flocked to Ella’s microblog to remind her to be careful and asked if she was hurt. The singer then posted a short entry, “Being alone, be careful!”

Upon returning to the hotel at night, the singer replied to her concerned fans, expressing that “I am fine, and is waiting for my husband Alvin Lai to have dinner after work.”

In other related news, Ella thrilled her fans in Paris when she agreed to have photographs taken with them. Fans who met her praised her for her good skin which made the singer very happy.

Ella thrilled her fans in Paris when she agreed to have photographs taken with them. Fans who met her praised her for her good skin which made the singer very happy. Story & Photo Credit: Xinmsn

Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh Turns 91, June 10th

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Source & Story: The London Standard – chrom.com

Photo Credit: usmagazine

Posted: Saturday June 9, 2012 @ 8:00 p.m PST

The Duke of Edinburgh will be spending his 91st birthday at home. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh waves as he leaves King Edward VII Hospital in central London after being treated for a bladder infection, Saturday, June 9, 2012.

The duke will celebrate his 91st birthday Sunday privately with members of the family. On Friday he enjoyed the company of grandsons the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry who paid a short, private visit to the hospital. According to, chrom.com


PRINCE PHILIP,DUKE OF EDINBURGH photo credit usmagazine

Brian Presley (Actor) Married And Melissa Stetten (Model) Red Eye Flight Together

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo – OMG! – Mike Krumblotz

Photo Credit: gawker.com

Posted: Saturday June 9, 2012 @7:18 p.m. PST



According to OMG! On a flight from Los Angeles to New York, the married actor sat next to a model named Melissa Stetten. The two struck up a conversation, but it wasn’t exactly private. Stetten, apparently amused by what she believed to be Presley’s attempts to hit on her, blogged about the encounter on Twitter.

Sample tweets include: “Brian is now talking about how he is an artist and believes everything happens for a re-son, like how we’re brought together on this flight.” Another sample: “Brian asked what I do for a living. I said model. He said ‘Oh I love meeting other arists like myself.'”

Maybe he was flirting, maybe not. Presley responded to Stetten’s tweets by saying he was just trying to be nice. On Facebook he wrote, “I love that I took a red eye flight to NY, had a 10 minute friendly conversation with the person sitting next to me, had some food, and went to sleep! I learned today this person has been tweeting about me drinking beer in the airplane bathroom, and trying to commit adultery with her on the airplane. Really absurd and quite funny.”

Worth noting — Stetten alleges Presley was under the influence of alcohol on the plane. However, Presley contends he is sober. On Facebook, he wrote, “None of what this person said happened is true… I guess in today’s age you have to be careful who you say hello too. Sobriety, God, & My Family are the most important things in my life!”

The “he said, she tweeted” incident has been picked up by several blogs, including Gawker and People magazine. True or not, the controversy has had a positive effect on Stetten’s Twitter following. She’s now up to more than 25,000 followers.


Brian Presley and Melissa Stetten. Photo Credit: gawker.com

Sonya Walger Joins The Cast Of “Admission”

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Source & Story Credit: Deadline Hollywood – Dominic Patten

Photo Credit: imdb

Posted: Saturday June 9, 2012 @ 6:35 pm PST


According to Deadline Hollywood,  Sonya Walger has joined the cast of Admission. The actress joins Tina Fey, Michael Sheen and Paul Rudd in the academia-based comedy.

Walger will play “Helen,” a professor at Princeton, where the film is set. Paul Weitz is directing.

Weitz and Kerry Kohansky are producing. Walger is a lead on USA Network’s recently debuted psychological police series Common Law.


SONYA WALGER photo credit imdb

Rev Creflo Dollar 50, Of World Changers Church In Altanta Arrested Allegedly Choked & Punched His Daughter Age 15

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Source & Story Credit: CNN

Photo Credit: CNN -diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com

Posted: Saturday June 9, 2012 @ 5:35 p.m PST


According to CNN,   Rev. Creflo Dollar gives his Wednesday night service at World Changers Church International, in College Park, Ga., in 2007. Creflo was arrested for allegedly choking his daughter.

 The 15-year-old daughter of megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar told authorities her father choked and punched her, and hit her with his shoe during an argument over whether she could go to a party, according to a police report.

Dollar’s 19-year-old daughter corroborated most of her sister’s story, but Dollar disputed it, telling a sheriff’s deputy he was trying to restrain her when she became disrespectful. When she began to hit back, he wrestled her to the floor and spanked her, according to the police report.

Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar is seen in his booking photo after his arrest for allegedly choking his daughter.
Dollar is one of the most prominent African-American preachers based around Atlanta. His World Changers Church International has 30,000 members in the Atlanta area, and the ministry has satellite churches across the U.S.

Dollar faces misdemeanor charges of simple battery and cruelty to children. He has been released from jail and his lawyer said he was expected to preach Sunday.

Dollar said in a statement Friday he loved his children and would never hurt them.

Around 1 a.m. Friday, his 15-year-old daughter called 911. She told a Fayette County sheriff’s deputy that she and her father argued when he said she couldn’t go to a party Saturday night, according to the report.

She went into the kitchen with her older sister. When her father asked why she was crying, she told him, “I do not want to talk right now,” the report said.

Her father charged at her, put his hands around her throat, began to punch her and started hitting her with his shoe, she told the deputy. The deputy noted a scratch on her neck.

Dollar told the deputy he wouldn’t let his daughter go to the party because of poor grades.

The deputy also interviewed Dollar’s 19-year-old daughter, who said her father grabbed the younger girl’s shoulders and slapped her in the face and choked her for about five seconds. She said her sister tried to break free, but did not fight back. When her father threw the 15-year-old on the floor, the older girl ran to get her mother.

The deputy also spoke to Dollar’s wife, Taffi, who said she did not see the fight.

After interviewing Dollar and the two girls, the deputy asked for written statements. The older daughter initially wrote a statement that contradicted what she had told the deputy and was more in line with what Dollar said.

When the deputy confronted her about the discrepancies, she told him it was because her parents were with her. Later, when separated from her parents, she wrote what she initially told him.

The 50-year-old Dollar leads the Creflo Dollar Ministries and is the pastor for World Changers Church International in the Atlanta suburb of College Park.

He and his wife, a co-pastor at the church, have five children, according to the church’s website.

REVEREND CREFLO DOLLAR photo credit diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com

Cher Takes Her Super Gorgeous Mom Georgia Holt 86, To Meet President Obama

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Source & Story Credit: Yahoo News – Wendy Geller

Photo Credit: Yahoo News – Cher’s Twitter

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According to Yahoo News, The photo of Cher, Mom was taken en route to meet President Obama–Cher took Mom along as her “date”–and it appears even he was impressed by Holt’s slender and youthful appearance.

“Told him mom’s 86,” Cher tweeted of the meeting. “He said ‘Georgia, tell me what u eat’ & smiled!”

Holt’s reaction to the President’s admiration? “Mom was all ‘OMG!'” Cher said.


Judge Judy On “GMA” Topic Community Property & Octomom Nadya Suleman (Video Link)

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Source: Yahoo – GMA – ABC

Video Credit: ABC

Posted: Saturday June 9, 2012 @12:01 a.m PST


Judge Judy was on GMA giving advice to people regarding community property and, Nadya Suleman aka The Octomom.