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Lance Armstrong Not Going To Fight To Keep All 7 Titles

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Source:Kron 4 / Wikipedia

Posted: Thursay August 23, 2012 @ 10:25 p.m PST


Lance Armstrong  40,  was born, Lance Edward Gunderson; September 18, 1971) .  According to, Kron 4 News Lance Armstrong is not to fight to keep his 7 titles.  Armstrong said, It’s too much on him and his family, he knows the truth, his family knows the truth and those who worked with him knows the truth.

Armstrong has been stripped from all 7 titles

Marcus Jordan 21, (Michael Jordan’s Son) Fined

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Source:Sports Illustrated

Posted: Thursday August 23, 2012 @1:44 p.m PST



According to Sports Illustrated,  Marcus Jordan 21,  Son of basketball legend Michael Jordan pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace during an argument with a woman outside a Nebraska hotel.

Marcus, also had been charged with obstructing a police officer, but that was dropped as part of a plea agreement.

Jordan is enrolled at Central Florida but no longer a member of the basketball team.  After the 2:11 a.m. disturbance, Jordan went to police headquarters to apologize for his behavior.

Taylor Swift Was Ask Twice To Leave A Kennedy Wedding

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Source: Hollywood News.Com

Posted: Thursday August 23, 2012 @11:52 p.m PST


Was she or, was she not invited?  Taylor Swift is spending  a lot time with Conor Kennedy, 18.   A Kennedy/Gifford wedding took place and it’s being reported that Swift was ask to leave twice according to, Hollywood News.

Hopefully Swift know baby Conor will not be allowed to gamble until he’s 21, 3 more years to go.