Caleb Moore (X Games) Has Died, Age 26

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Posted: Thursday, January 31 ,2013 @5:35 p.m PST



Caleb Moore (January 1, 1987 – January 31, 2013) was an American professional snowmobile racer and the first person to die as a result of injuries sustained during the X Games.

Moore was injured on January 24, 2013, during the Snowmobile Freestyle part of Winter X Games XVII which were held in Aspen, Colorado. He was attempting a backflip (a trick he had done several times before) when the skis on his snowmobile were snagged on the ground as he was about to land. As a result, Moore was flipped over the handlebars and landed on the ground. He was then hit by the snowmobile. His brother Colten also was injured on the same day, sustaining a separated pelvis.

Moore was able to leave the scene under his own strength and he was taken to a hospital to receive treatment for a concussion. Doctors later discovered bleeding around the heart, and he was diagnosed with a heart contusion. He was airlifted to St. Mary’s Hospital, where he underwent surgery. Later, it was announced by a family spokesman that he had developed a complication in his brain. His condition deteriorated and he died at the age of 26 on January 31, 2013.


Jaejoong’s Billboard Korea Interview Says Thank You In Different Languages

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Posted: Thursday January 31, 2013 @1:15 a.m. PST


Billboard Korea interview with singer /songwriter Jaejoong about his rock album “I”.

The interview is English subbed.


Kimberly McCarthy (Black Woman) Execution Halted In Texas

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Posted: Wednesday January 30, 2013 @12:07 p,m PST



The first woman scheduled to be executed in the U.S. since 2010 won a reprieve Tuesday, mere hours before she was scheduled to be taken to the Texas death chamber.

State District Judge Larry Mitchell, in Dallas, rescheduled Kimberly McCarthy’s punishment for April 3 so lawyers for the former nursing home therapist could have more time to pursue an appeal focused on whether her predominantly white jury was improperly selected on the basis of race. McCarthy is black.


U-Kiss (K-Pop) Returns To Music

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Source: Koreaboo

Posted: Wednesday January 30, 2013  @12:03 p.m PST


According to Koreaboo,  Male group U-Kiss, who have been active in Japan, will soon be returning to the local music scene.

U-Kiss will be making a comeback with a new album this April alongside composer Kim Hyungseok once again. Together, U-Kiss will undergo yet another transformation

According to an official on the 30th, “Alongside composers Kim Hyungseok and Ryan Jhun who have worked together with U-Kiss previously, the recording was finished. Last year, U-Kiss began their Japanese activities, and they will be simultaneously promoting in Korea and Japan.”

U-Kiss’s agency NH Media has made a business partnership with composer Kim Hyungseok, and as a result, the composer wrote “Doradora” for U-Kiss.

Guangzhou, China Massive Sinkhole Swallowed Buildings

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Posted: Tuesday January 29, 2013 @9:21 p.m PST


According to Shanghaiist, the sinkhole is about 3,230 square feet and plenty deep. A video shows a crowd milling about the sinkhole before it expanded, causing a building to crumble as if it were detonated.

Neighboring buildings were evacuated and streets were blocked by police. “Gas could be smelt from over 30 metres away, and deafening noises could be heard as the land continued to crack and sink,” the Shanghaiist reports.

Deiondra Sanders (Deion Sanders Daughter) To Join Bikini Basketball League

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Posted: Tuesday January 29, 2013 @ 8:47 p.m PST


Deiondra Sanders, daughter of Deion Sanders hopes that playing in the league will put her in prime-time position for her career and for being a “positive voice.” She will play for the Atlanta Peaches.

Sanders’ daughter also took a shot at the Lingerie Football League during the interview. As its name suggests, the LFL actually features women playing football in lingerie. She sees differences between the Bikini Basketball League and the Lingerie Football League beyond the wardrobe choices.


Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti Marriage Ends

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Posted: Tuesday January 29, 2013 @7:43 p.m PST

Ashley Judd 44,  and husband Dario Franchitti 39, has decided to separate.  “We have mutually decided to end our marriage. We’ll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always enjoyed,” the couple said via a statement to People Magazine.

“The point is, we’re always so quick to say, ‘That hurt my feelings,’ so how about being as quick to say, ‘I really appreciated it when you turned the TV down so we could hear each other.’ Dario and I do an appreciation every day,” Judd said, explaining that the point of the exercise was to ensure that “even when one is cross, to get some gratitude on board.”