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JYJ Magazine + Members Express Their Feelings (Jaejoong Big Eyes 19 seconds)

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Posted: Thursday January 3, 2013 @1:34 a.m. PST



JYJ will be releasing their magazine on January 20, 2013 and they celebrate being together for 1000 days. Although,they have known each other nearly 12 years.





Jaejoong: Junsu-ya~, We’ve already known each other….for 12 years! When I want to hug you or kiss(bobo) you, please don’t avoid me~

YC: Jaejoongie-hyung…because of jaejoong-hyung and junsu, I can prepare myself and walk a long way till now…I’m very thankful.

Junsu-ya~Since the start of JYJ, I’m wondering I might be a disadvantage to you(joking lol) kekeke….I love you~I love you~

JS: Because of all of you guys, we can come a long way till now, I’m really thankful and I love you.

JJ: In these 100 days, it was really fun.

YC: Thank you very much, and I love you.

JS: Jaejoongie-hyung, I’m very shy about some skinships or affections that you did to me, but deep in my heart I’m actually very happy about it.

Yoochun-ah~I met you the last among out members, even that’s so, I think we understand each other without having to communicate, we’re closer than any other person, many thanks and…yoochun-ah, I love you~eunkyangkyang~



JJ to YC: Yuchon-ah, this is Jaejoongie hyung. 1000 days… seem so short.

JJ to JS: Hi Junsu-yah, this is Jaejoongie hyung. We’ve known each other for 12 years. Pls don’t avoid me if I want to hug or give you a kiss. h

YC to JJ: Jaejoongie hyung, because of Jaejoongie hyung and Junsu-yah, I was able to be where I am today.. Thank you.

YC to JS: Ever since we began as JYJ, I wonder if I am holding you back (joke). I love you. I love you.

JS to JJ: Jaejoongie hyung, even though I seem shy when you give me affection or touch me, secretly I’m very happy about it.

JS to YC: Yuchun-ah, even though I met you last, we can communicate w/out words. We’re closer than anyone else. Thank you and Yuchun-ah, I love you. haha