Yoo Ah-in (유아인) To Model For “The Class.” Men’s Clothes

Blogged By: De De Tillman

Source: Koreaboo

Media Credit:Koreaboo /Korea Star Daily

Posted: Sunday January 20, 2013 @ 2:55 a.m PST


Yoo Ah-in (Hangul: 유아인; Hanja: 劉亞仁; born Uhm Hong-shik on October 6, 1986) is a South Korean actor who is well known for his role as Moon Jae-Shin.  According to, Wikipedia.

Actor Yoo Ah-in was selected as the endorsement model for the men’s clothing brand “The Class.”

“The Class” said  Yoo Ah-in was chosen as the endorsement model was because of his multi-faceted image. Cold yet charismatic and clean yet rebellious,

The brand also released an image of Yoo Ah-in sporting one of their suits. Wearing a navy blue suit and brown leather shoes, Yoo Ah-in gives off a cool, chic look.

Aside from endorsing “The Class,” Yoo Ah-in is also currently filming for the movie “Tin Can.”

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